Summer Nights

This week's 'Cariad Dementia Cafe' Zoom session had a theme of 'Summer Nights'.

We asked members to attend in hippie dress if they could, or at least their summer t-shirts and hats.

We started by asking members what they like best about the summer?

Have they a favourite place or beach to visit?

Has anyone got a memorable summer holiday they wish to share with the group?

Is there anything which is not so great about it?

As usual, we had a series of pictures and questions for members, as well as some summer songs to sing along with.


1. What is the proper name for 'Midsummer's Day', which was on Saturday 20th June this year?

2. How many hours and minutes daylight are there on the longest day (nearest guess)?

3. Which vitamin does sunlight give us?

What mineral is also needed alongside it for bone health?

4. What group of people worship at Stonehenge on Midsummer's Day?

5. What is an outdoors swimming pool called?

(Has anyone ever taken a swim in one of them?)

6. What was the hottest ever temperature recorded in the UK, in Cambridge Botanical Gardens on 25th July 2019?

7. Our first song was 'Summer Holiday', sung by Cliff Richard.

Link here -

Where were they headed/where did they end up?

8. What was the name of his backing group?

9. Where was the TV sitcom 'Fawlty Towers' set?

10. Where was Manuel from?

11. What was the holiday camp in the TV sitcom 'Hi Di Hi' called?

12. What part did Ruth Madoc play?

13. What was the name of the hotel in the TV sitcom 'Benidorm'?

14. What was the name of the hairdresser?

15. Name this TV detective and actor from the TV crime drama 'Midsomer Murders'?

16. How many deaths have there been in or around Midsomer since the show started in 1997?

17. Name these four characters from the TV sitcom 'Last Of The Summer Wine'?

18. Who is this? She hosted the TV holiday show 'Wish You Were Here'?

19. Our next song was 'The Sun Has Got His Hat On', from the musical 'Me And My Girl' -

We asked members to name as many hats as they could whilst this song played. (A point for each listed.)

20. True or False. You should wee (or someone else should) on a jellyfish sting?

21. True or False. When a bee stings you, it dies? If a wasp stings you, it does not?

22. It is said that lighting never ....... ..... what?

23. St Swithin's Day is on 15th July. What happens if it rains on this day, according to legend?

24. What are the three star signs of summer?

(Does anyone follow their stars?)

25. True or False. Dock leaves take the sting out of nettle rash?

26. Our next song was 'The Floral Dance', sung by who? -

27. What type of dancers are pictured in this photo?

28. Which American state is called 'The Sunshine State'?

29. What is its capital city?

30. Which four summer sporting events take place every year in the UK (though not this one due to COVID-19)?

31. In which year did the British Summer Olympics take place?

32. Where was this summer's Games due to have taken place?

33. Name the five sports heroes in this photo?

34. What fruits should you put inside a 'Summer Pudding'?

35. What do you call a hot and dry period in the autumn?

36. What is the name of the farm in Pilton where 'Glastonbury Music Festival' takes place every two years?

(Has anyone ever been, or does anyone fancy going?)

37. Which city and district was the birthplace of the 'Hippie Movement'?

38. During the next song, list signs and symbols associated with hippies?

39. Our next song was 'San Fransisco', by Scott McKenzie -

Which fault causes the earthquakes in and around San Fransisco?

40. Our next song was 'Summer Nights', from the 1978 movie 'Grease' -

Name both the actors and the characters in this photo?

41. Our final song was 'Good Vibrations' by The Beach Boys -

List some other Beach Boys songs ...


1. Summer Solstice

2. 16 hours, 38 minutes

3. Vitamin D, Calcium

4. Druids

5. Lido

6. 38.7c

7. Greece

8. The Shadows

9. Torquay

10. Barcelona

11. Maplins

12. Gladys Pugh

13. Hotel Solana

14. Blow & Go

15. DS Tom Barnaby / John Nettles

16. 480

17. Foggy, Norah Batty, Compo & Clegg

18. Judith Chalmers

19. Some hats ...


Pork Pie


Baseball Cap






Wide Brim





Pill Box

Bobble Hat


Bear Skin


20. False. Urine can aggravate. Also, you smell of pee!

21. True. Most bees will die after stinging you. Most wasps will not

22. Lightning never strikes twice

23. If it rains on St Swithin's Day, it will rain for the next 40 days

24. Gemini, Cancer & Leo

25. True. But it is likely the effect of cooling rather than a chemical reaction

26. Terry Wogan

27. Morris Dancers

28. Florida

29. Tallahassee

30. Wimbledon, Royal Ascot, Lords Cricket & The British (Golf) Open

31. 2012

32. Tokyo

33. Nicola Adams, Greg Rutherford, Mo Farah, Chris Froome & Jessica Ennis-Hill

34. Raspberries, Strawberries, Redcurrants, Blackcurrants & Blackberries

35. Indian Summer

36. Worthy Farm

37. Haight Ashbury district, San Fransisco

38. Signs and symbols of the 'Hippie Movement' ...

Flower Power


CND logo

VW Campervans


Long Hair




Afghan Coat


Smiley Face

Tie Dye

Free Love

Recreational Drugs

39. San Andreas Fault

40. Olivia Newton-John / Sandy Olssen & John Travolta / Danny Zuko

41. Some other 'Beach Boys' songs ...

Surfin' USA

I Get Around

Help Me Rhonda

Barbara Ann

Sloop John B

God Only Knows

Good Vibrations

Then I Kissed Her

Heroes And Villains


Do It Again

I Can Hear Music



Lady Lynda


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