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Sound Bingo 🎱

'Bingo' has had a bad press in elderly care settings in recent years, partly because numbers can be difficult to read when you have a cognitive impairment.

However, there is a way around this and that is to play 'Sound Bingo'.

There are a few sets you can buy, e.g. Kindermusik but this is aimed at children.

We preferred to make our own game up with a free 'Bingo Card Maker' - see

And using a Sounds App, such as '100s Of Buttons And Sound Effect's ...

What you can do then, is to choose your sounds for the game - 25 is about right. Then build your Bingo cards, as follows ...

The Bingo card builder allows you to enter emojis and words, so you can use either or both. It also allows you to say how many squares you want on your card. Again, we went for 25.

Then it will allow you to make a free PDF of 30 printable cards for your session, all arranged differently so as to make it a game of chance.

All you need then is some dabbers and prizes ....

There are some amusing sounds, so make sure to include some of those. Or you could make separate games for animals, transport, home and so on.


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