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International Day Of Human Space Flight 🚀 12th April

NB. The video 'Le Voyage Dans la Lun' ('A Trip to the Moon') by Georges Méliès (1902) is linked here, if you have enough time to play it. It is set against a lovely Genesis song called 'Mad Man Moon' -

This 'Science Fiction Quiz' could also be used as a supplement to the 'Sky At Night' CST activities page. Hope you like it. Please do let me know how it works in practice.

Begin by asking members whether they like the sci-fi genre of entertainment.

Does anyone have a favourite sci-fi book or movie?

Has anyone seen a UFO?

Who believes in alien civilisations?


Next, complete these well known phrases together ...

Space, the final - FRONTIER

May the force (May 4th) be - WITH YOU

Thunderbirds are - GO

Stars in your - EYES

Star crossed - LOVERS

Many moons - AGO

Reach for the - STARS

Live long and - PROSPER (can anyone make the Vulcan salute?)

Shooting - STAR

Lost in - SPACE

Over the - MOON

Unidentified Flying - OBJECT

Houston, we have a - PROBLEM

We have lift - OFF

The Eagle has - LANDED

"It's one small step for man, one giant leap for - MANKIND"

Round 1. TV Shows

​Name the TV series?

What was the name of the green monster?

How did they speak?

TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Name the family? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Who were the arch enemies? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Who created these puppet shows? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Name the mermaid?

TV outro -

Name the TV series?

What was Twiki's catchphrase?

TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Name the characters & the space ship? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Which planet was he from? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Name the island that 'Blue Peter' helped us make? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

What number was the answer to the “The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything”?

What was the name of the robot? TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

Name the two agents? Here are the opening titles -

Name as many of the 'Doctor Who' actors as you can (while the next song plays)?

Here are the opening titles -

SONG. 'Radio GaGa', Queen -

Name the band members?

Round 2. Superheroes

​Name the TV series?

Which city did they protect?

In this TV clip, who played 'Cat Woman'? -

​Name the 1978 movie & actor?

What was his earthly name?

Movie & music clip -

​Name the 2002 movie?

What was his earthly name?

TV intro-

Name this superhero?

Name his arch enemy?

Here's a clip of the song by 'Queen' -

​Name the TV series?

How did she change into her superhero outfit?

TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

What was his earthly name?

What made him green?

TV intro -

​Name the superhero and his friend?

Which TV channel did this programme launch in 1982?

TV intro -

​Name the superhero?

What was his job?

TV intro -

​Name the superhero?

Name his friend?

TV intro -

​Name the TV series?

What was his name?

How much would he be worth today?

TV intro -

ROUND 2. Movies

​Name the 1951 movie?

Name the robot?

​Name the 1953 movie?

Who wrote the book (and the one below)?

​Name the 1960 movie?

Name the futuristic species at odds with each other?

​Name the 1963 movie?

What was found to kill them at the end?

Who wrote the book?

​Name the 1965 movie, made from a TV series?

Name the enemy?

Name the actor?

​Name the 1968 movie?

Name these two actors?

The remains of which statue were on the beach at the end of the movie?

​Name the 1968 movie?

What was the name of the computer?

What was the theme music for this movie?

​Name the 1977 movie?

Who played the UFO obsessed father?

(Does anyone remember the 5 note tune?) -

​Name the 1977 movie?

Name these two characters and their spaceship?

Theme -

​Name this 1978 movie?

Name the actor?

​Name the 1979 movie?

Name this actor? (I bet it hurt!)

Who played the lead role in the movie?

​Name the 1979 movie?

Name the character and actor?

Who wrote the books?

​Name the 1980 movie?

Name the characters & what was their relationship?

​Name the 1982 movie?

What was the name of the little boy and who played him?

​Name the 1982 movie?

Name the actor?

​Name the 1985 movie? Name these two characters?

What car featured?

Here is the song from the movie -

​Name the 1993 movie?

Where was the dinosaur DNA retrieved from?

What was the name of this dinosaur?

​Name this 1995 Ron Howard movie, about a real space mission that went wrong? Which actors, pictured here, starred in it?

​Name this 1998 comet busting movie?

Who starred in it?

Here is the song from the movie -

​Name this 1999 movie?

Who starred in it?

What colour were the tablets?

​Name this 2009 movie?

T or F. It is the highest grossing movie of all time?

SONG. 'The Eve Of The War', Jeff Wayne -

Who played the part of the Narrator on the album?

Reminiscence ...

What were these sweets called?

What was this game called?

What were the sweets like?

How did you play the game?

Music Round

Final songs (ask members to choose) ...

Or, you could play this as a 'Name That Tune' round. Here is your playlist ...

(I've added 'Radio Gaga' 'Flash Gordon' and 'Forever Autumn' from above just in case you want a dedicated music round.)

Round 1

'The Clangers' / Soup Dragon / Swanee Whistle

'Lost In Space' / Robinsons

'Captain Scarlet' / The Mysterons

'Joe 90' / Gerry Anderson

'Stingray' / Aqua Marina

'Buck Rogers In The 25th Century' / "Bidee bidee bidee"

'Star Trek' / Spock, Cpt James T Kirk, Dr McCoy, Scotty, Lt Uhura, Chekov / 'Starship Enterprise'

'Mork And Mindy' / Ork

'Thunderbirds' / Tracy Island

'Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy' / 42 / Marvin the paranoid android

'The X Files' / Dana Scully & Fox Mulder

Round 2

'Batman And Robin' / Gotham City

'Superman' / Christopher Reeve / Clark Kent

'Spiderman' / Peter Parker

'Flash Gordon' / Ming The Merciless

'Wonderwoman' / She span around

'The Incredible Hulk' / Dr David Banner / Anger

'Superted' / Spotty Man / S4C

'Honk Kong Phooey' / Mild mannered janitor

'Dangermouse' / Penfold

'Six Million Dollar Man' / Steve Austin / $28bn

Round 3

'The Day The Earth Stood Still' / Gort

'War Of The Worlds' / H.G. Wells

'The Time Machine' / Eloi & Warlocks

'Day Of The Triffids' / Saltwater / John Wyndham

'Doctor Who And The Daleks' / Peter Cushing

'Planet Of The Apes' / Roddy McDowell & Charlton Heston / Statue Of Liberty

'2001 A Space Odyssey' / Hal

'Close Encounters Of The Third Kind' / Richard Dreyfuss

'Star Wars' / Chewbacca & Hans Solo / 'Millennium Falcon'

'Invasion Of The Body Snatchers' / Donald Sutherland

'Alien' / John Hurt / Sigourney Weaver

'Moonraker' / James Bond / Roger Moore / Ian Fleming

'The Empire Strikes Back' / Darth Vader & Luke Skywalker / Father & son

'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' / Elliott / Henry Thomas

'Bladerunner' / Harrison Ford

'Back To The Future' / Doc Brown & Marty McFly / DeLorean

'Jurassic Park' / From mosquito blood in amber / Tyrannosaurus Rex

'Apollo 13' / Bill Paxton, Kevin Bacon & Tom Hanks

'Armageddon' / Bruce Willis

'The Matrix' / Keanu Reeves / Red & blue

'Avatar' / Sort of true. It is the highest grossing movie of all time, but when figures are adjusted for inflation it is 'Gone With The Wind'

Richard Burton

Flying Saucers & Space Invaders


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