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Quarterly Report - 1st January - 31st March 2024

Here is a quick update for the first quarter of 2024, that is 1st January - 31st March, for 'Simon's Dementia Cognitive Stimulation Activities' blog.

It's been a busy few months for the blog, with the following new or updated CST activities pages added:

  • 'Welcoming The New Year 2024'

  • 'Gone But Not Forgotten 2023' (NEW)

  • 'Money Makes The World Go Round - 'Euro Day' 1st January'

  • 'Guess The Proverbs' (NEW)

  • 'Best Instrumental Hits Ever' (NEW)

  • 'Blue Monday - 2nd Monday of January'

  • 'Famous Addresses Quiz' (NEW)

  • 'The Great Pretender'

  • 'Australia Day - 26th January'

  • 'Movie Name Game' (NEW)

  • 'Big Garden Birdwatch - 26-28th January'

  • 'Idioms & Rhymes' (NEW)

  • 'Animal Similies' (NEW)

  • 'Celebrating The Far East During Chinese New Year 10th February'

  • 'Guess The Adverts' (NEW)

  • 'Radio Times TV Centenary Quiz' (NEW)

  • 'Weather - Celebrating 170 Years Of The Met Office' (NEW)

  • 'Valentine's Day - 14th February'

  • 'It Started With A Kiss' (NEW)

  • 'Name That Tune - Best Duets Ever' (NEW)

  • 'Celebrating The Arrival Of Spring'

  • 'Guess The Logo Quiz' (NEW)

  • 'World Horse Day - 1st March'

  • 'Wonderful Wales - St David's Day 1st March'

  • 'British Pie Week - 4-10th March' (NEW)

  • 'World Book Day - 7th March'

  • 'Celebrating Cornwall On St. Pirran's Day - 5th March'

  • 'International Women's Day - 8th March'

  • 'Mothering Sunday - 10th March'

  • 'Name That Tune - Place Names' (NEW)

  • 'Celebrating Ireland On St. Patrick's Day - 17th March

  • 'Somerset Day - 11th May & Devon Day - 4th June' (NEW)

  • 'International Day Of Happiness - 20th March'

  • 'Best Of British Comedy' (NEW)

  • 'International Day Of Colour And Light - 21st March'

  • 'Child Stars Quiz' (NEW)

  • 'World Poetry Day - 21st March' (NEW)

  • 'Happy Easter - Pasg Hapus'

  • 'Celebrating Spain On Paella Day - 27th March'

  • 'World Piano Day - 28th March'

  • 'Wear A Hat Day - 28th March'

Which were your favourites, which did you use with your CST groups and was there any feedback or suggestions for improvements?

Data for this period

310 site members (+9)

3,069 site sessions (+24% on last quarter)

1,417 unique visitors (+12% on last quarter) *

🐦 @donovan_si 689 (+34) followers

* includes 191 regular returning visitors

During this period, 13 members supported my work by buying me a cup of coffee at In total, over the last year or so, 143 donations to helping pay for web domain and package costs (plus YouTube & Spotify subscriptions have been received. Thank you very much!

I recently had this nice piece of feedback from Helen Hunt, a regular visitor ...

"Just to let you know, it is with great sadness that I am leaving the 'Sunshine Club'. After 10 years of running CST sessions, I need to be around for my family ... I take comfort knowing we have made a huge difference over the years and crucially we’ve also had so much fun. 'Sunshine Club' will continue but with someone else at the helm. I have given your details and told her what an amazing service you provide. So it just leaves me to say a huge ‘Thank You’ for all your fantastic resources and ideas. You really have been an essential, valuable and supportive member of the 'Sunshine Club'! If you’re ever in Dudley then I know the Club members would love to meet you over a cuppa! With all good wishes, Helen"

Best of luck Helen & I do hope we stay in touch x

Finally, here is the latest edition of the flier. It would be great if you could share this around.


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