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"Me And My Shadow" - Pairs

This CST activities page is a 'filler', so to speak, as there are no significant calendar events this week. It comes in four distinct parts:

- Common phrases

- Picture quiz

- Music round

- Games.

Please let me know which elements work best, and if you have any other ideas for content.


Begin by asking members to complete the following 'go together' pairs:

Two of a - KIND

Like peas in a - POD

Partner in - CRIME

Hand and - GLOVE

Sugar and - SPICE (and all things nice)

Birds of a - FEATHER (flock together)

Thunder and - LIGHTNING

Pen and - PAPER

Bat and - BALL

Shirt and - TIE

Belt and - BRACES

Shoes and - SOCKS

R and - R (rest and recuperation)

Fish and - CHIPS

Curry and - RICE


Bacon and - EGGS

Bubble and - SQUEAK



Ham and - MUSTARD

Cheese and - ONION

Bread and - BUTTER

Strawberries and - CREAM

Apple pie and - CUSTARD


Sage and - ONION

Rosemary and - THYME


Gin and - TONIC


Mum and - DAD

Brother and - SISTER

Nephew and - NEICE

Aunty and - UNCLE

Adam and - EVE OR STEVE

Samson and - DELILAH

David and - GOLIATH

Jack and - JILL

(We said the nursery rhyme together here, as a long term memory recall exercise)

Jack and Jill

Went up the hill

To fetch a pail of water

Jack fell down

And broke his crown,

And Jill came tumbling after.

Up Jack got,

And home did trot

As fast as he could caper;

To old Dame Dob,

Who patched his nob

With vinegar and brown paper.


ROUND 1. Catchphrases

1. Name the brothers?

What was their catchphrase?

2. Name the pair?

What was their catchphrase?

3. Name the comedy duo?

What was the one on the right's catchphrase?

4. Name the comedy duo?

What was their catchphrase at the end of the show?

5. Name the comedy duo?

What was their catchphrase?

6. Name the TV sitcom?

What was the one on the right's catchphrase?

7. Name the TV sitcom?

What was the one on the left's catchphrase?

8. Name the TV comedy series?

What was the one on the right's catchphrase?

(Choose a song from below to play between rounds.)

ROUND 2. Comedy Duos

9. Name the comedy duo?

Can anyone name any of their 'Road To ...' movies?

10. Name the pair?

What was their big break?

11. Name the comedy duo?

What TV soap spoof is this photo from?

VIDEO BREAK - Time for a comedy sketch - (Go to 50 mins and start "Making Of Acorn Antiques' - End 59.41)

12. Name the comedy duo?

On their TV show, which bird was lowered from the ceiling?

13. Name the comedy duo?

Which other two comedians were in 'Not The 9 O'Clock News' with them?

14. Name the comedy duo?

What was their hit TV comedy series called?

15. Name the comedy duo?

Name their characters here?

16. Name the comedy duo?

Which two highly successful TV sitcoms did they each go on to star in, separately?

ROUND 3. Famously Loved Up

17. Name the couple?

And the characters they are playing here?

18. Name this couple?

Name her pop group and his football club?

19. Name this couple?

Which show did they host from 1988-2001?

20. Name this celebrity couple?

Who is interviewing them?

21. Name this celebrity couple?

Where was he born?

22. Name this celebrity couple?

T or F. They both won Wimbledon Championships?

23. Name this celebrity couple?

What is the chap on the left's real name?

24. Name this celebrity couple?

What are their sporting interests?


25. Name the pair?

What show did they first appear on together?

What was theirTop 10 single in 2013?

26. Name the dynamic duo?

Which city did they protect?

27. Name the detectives?

Where did they live?

28. Name the TV cop show?

Who was their informer?

Here is a link to the one on the left's 1976 hit single 'Don't Give Up On Us Baby' -

29. Name the criminals who came good?

What was the opening catchphrase?

30. Name the agents?

Name the TV sci-fi show?

31. Name the detectives?

In which city was the TV show set?

32. Name the pair?

And the TV show?

(Can anyone make the 'Vulcan Salute'?)

ROUND 5. Movies

33. Name the criminals?

And actors?

Who had a hit with the movie song 'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head'?

34. Name the criminals?

And actors?

in 1968 who had a hit with 'The Ballad Of ..... And .....'?

35. Name the characters?

Name the 1977 movie?

36. Name the 1991 movie?

And the actors?

What happened at the end of the movie?

37. Name the 1978 movie?

And the characters and actors?

Here's a link to 'Summer Nights' -

38. Name the 2001 movie?

And the characters and actors?

39. Name the 2001 movie?

And the characters and actors?

40. Name this composing duo?

And name some of their musicals?


(Lyric videos linked. Sing in pairs.)

Link to any other duet songs members can think of ...


Play a game of pairs with a pack of large playing cards.

Alternatively, play games in pairs - CHECKERS, DOMINOES or SNAP.


1. Chuckle Brothers - Barry and Paul Elliott

"To me, to you."

2. The Krankies - Ian and Jeanette


3. Laurel & Hardy - Stan & Ollie

"That's another fine mess you've gotten me into!"

4. 'The Two Ronnies' - Barker & Corbett

"And it's good night from me. And it's goodnight from him. Goodnight!"

5. 'Morecombe & Wise' (Eric & Ernie)

"What do you think of it so far?" "Rubbish!"

6. 'Only Fools And Horses'

"Rodney, you Plonker!"

7. 'Blackadder'

"I have a cunning plan!"

8. 'Little Britain'

"Yeah I know!" "I want that one!"

9. Bing Crosby & Bob Hope

  • Road to Singapore (1940)

  • Road to Zanzibar (1941)

  • Road to Morocco (1942)

  • Road to Utopia (1946)

  • Road to Rio (1947)

  • Road to Bali (1952)

  • The Road to Hong Kong (1962)

10. 'Little And Large' - Sid and Eddie

1971, 'Opportunity Knocks'

11. Julie Walters & Victoria Wood

'Acorn Antiques'

12. Viv Reeves & Bob Mortimer

"The dove from above"

13. Mel Smith & Griff Rhys Jones

Pamela Stephenson & Rowan Atkinson

14. Rick Mayala & Ade Edmonson

'The Young Ones'

15. Stephen Fry & Hugh Laurie

'Jeeves & Wooster'

16. Dawn French & Jennifer Saunders

'Vicar Of Dibley' & 'Absolutely Fabulous'

17. Richard Burton & Elizabeth Taylor

Mark Antony & Cleopatra

18. Victoria Adams & David Beckham

'The Spice Girls' & Man Utd

19. Richard Madeley & Judy Finnegan

'This Morning'

20. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

Oprah Winfrey

21. Michelle & Barack Obaba


22. Andre Agassi & Steffi Graf

True. He won in 1992. She won seven times from 1988-96

23. Elton John & David Furnish

Reginald Dwight

24. Mike Tindall & Zara Phillips

Rugby & Equestrian

25. Ant And Dec - McPartlin and Donnelly

1990, 'Byker Grove'

'Let's Get Ready To Rhumble'

26. 'Batman & Robin'

Gotham City

27. Sherlock Holmes & Doctor John Watson (Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman)

221B Baker Street

28. 'Starsky & Hutch' (David Soul & Michael Glaser)

Huggy Bear

29. 'Alias Smith And Jones' (Pete Duel and Ben Murphy)

Kid Curry: "There's one thing we gotta get, Heyes." Hannibal Heyes: "What's that?" Kid Curry: "Outta this business."

30. Dana Scully and Fox Mulder (Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny)

'The X-Files'

31. 'Cagney And Lacey' (Tyne Daley and Sharon Gless)

New York

32. Captain James T Kirk & Doctor Spock (William Shatner & Leonard Nimoy)

'Star Trek'

"Live long and prosper!"

33. Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid (Robert Redford and Paul Newman)

'Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head', BJ Thomas

34. Bonnie And Clyde (Fay Dunnaway and Warren Beatty)

Georgie Fame

35. C3P0 and R2D2

'Star Wars'

36. 'Thelma And Louise'

Susan Sarandon and Gina Davies

They drove the car off a cliff.

37. 'Grease'

Sandy Olsson & Danny Zuko. / Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta

38. 'Bridget Jones's Diary'

Mark Darcy & Bridget Jones

Colin Firth & Rene Zellweger

39. 'Lord Of The Rings: Fellowship Of The Ring'

Samwise Gamgee & Frodo Baggins

Sean Austin & Elijah Wood

40. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice

'Jesus Christ Superstar', 'Evita', 'Starlight Express', 'Joseph And His Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat', 'Evita', 'The Phantom Of The Opera', Starlight Express' & 'Cats'


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