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Flower Power Quiz 💐

The Royal Mail has revealed the first set of special stamps featuring King Charles III's silhouette — and they celebrate the green-fingered monarch's love of horticulture.

Working closely with gardening writer Naomi Slade, the 10 stamps feature striking photographs of flowers grown in UK gardens. Each bloom — including the Sweet Pea, Iris, Lily, Sunflower, Tulip, Peony, Rose and Dahlia — is set against a white background alongside their common names. The new stamps have been described by The Royal Mail as a "significant milestone in British philatelic history" because they are the first change of silhouette since 1968.

Here is an associated 'Flower Power Picture Quiz', just for fun. The aim is to identify each flower and answer each associated question. After every few questions, there is a song link to YouTube, to give the opportunity for a singalong. To make the session even more multi-sensory, have some flowers from the garden on hand to smell, arrange or draw.

Have fun! Some feedback would be great.


Complete these well known phrases about flowers ...


To sow the SEEDS of something

To take ROOT

Nip it in the BUD


A shrinking VIOLET

A thorn in your SIDE

As fresh as a DAISY

To come out smelling of ROSES

To gild the LILY

Cut down the tall POPPIES

Common or garden VARIETY

Grasp the NETTLE

Lead someone up the garden PATH

Let the grass grow under your FEET

April showers bring May FLOWERS

In the flower of YOUTH

Rose-tinted SPECTACLES

Flower POWER


Flowers Of The Four Nations

Name these flowers of the four nations of the British Isles?

Read out this poem ...

Flowers which signify things

What do these flowers signify?

Are there any others?

Occasions on which you might need flowers

Name these occasions or uses for flowers.

Are there any others?

Complete this saying ...

"Roses are ***, Violets are ****, Honey is ***** and so are ***."

Edible flowers

Name these edible flowers, flower parts & seeds?

Other things flowers give us

Name these other things flowers give us?

Other edible herbs

The first is a herb used in salads

Next is a herb used in Italian cookery

The next is a wild pungent flower and leaf which can be used instead of bulbs in cooking

Then we have a herb commonly used in stuffing

The next herb is used to make many varieties of sweets (and a sauce to go with roast lamb)

Finally, this herb tastes of aniseed and is used to make the French liquor Pastis

Time for a singalong - YouTube link -

What are their full Christian names?

TV & movies associated with flowers

Name these flower related TV shows & movies?

Famous gardeners

Name these famous gardeners?

Spring, Summer, Autumn Or Winter

Name these flowers & say which season they flower in?

Time for another singalong - YouTube link -

In which country is Amsterdam?

Name the artists

Name the artists?

Which of these was valued on 'The Antiques Roadshow' as being worth £1m?

'The Floral Dance', Terry Wogan -

Which Cornwall town is this song associated with ('Flora Day' is 8th May there)?

Unusual flowers


​This flower is named after a bird?


​This flower colours differently according to soil acidity?


​A musical instrument is named after this flower?


​Kitchen gloves are named after this flower?


​A milk based product is named after this flower?


​A common or garden paint is named after this flower?


​Children tell the time with this flower?


A soft drink is made from it and another flower?


​Hold this under your chin and it can tell you if you like to eat something?


​This flower is often called 'The Butterfly Bush'?


​This flower flavours a chocolate bar?


​This flower provides us with a fabric?


​Children make chains with this flower?

Time for another singalong - YouTube link -

What do you call a bicycle built for two?

Extra bits & bobs

What are flowers which come back every year called?

What are flowers that last one year called?

What do the letters RHS, which come before the 'Chelsea Flower Show', stand for?

What is this green sponge, used for flower arranging, called?

What is a flower shop & worker called?

What group of people are associated with the 'Flower Power' movement?

What colour is the 'Golden Gate Bridge'?

What is the name of the nearby island prison?

Final songs

Time for another singalong - YouTube link -

Which animal is commonly called Buttercup?

Time for another singalong - YouTube link -

Which Dickens novel had a character called Tiny Tim?

Time for another singalong - YouTube link -

What was their other hit song, which was used to advertise 'Cadbury's Roses'?