Communication: It's Good To Talk

Our theme for this week's virtual 'CST Friendship Group' was 'Communication', mainly because 26th June marks 'National Writing Day'.

We asked when was the last time anyone wrote a letter?

What about a postcard or birthday card?

What about an email or text message?

We moved on to ask if members had a favourite piece of writing - a book, short story or poem?

We asked members to come to the session with their favourite piece of writing to hand, so they could read some lines out should they wish.

After introductions and our discussion, we moved on to our picture and music quiz.

1. What telephone number would you call in an emergency?

What are the four main emergency services?

2. What number would you have called to reach the operator?

Does anyone remember having a party line?

3. What were the old black dialer telephones made out of?

Did anyone have one?

4. In a telephone box, when your money was running out, what would sound?

5. In a mobile phone, what card do you have to put inside to make a call?

6. Which UK city has a prefix dial code of 01633?

7. SONG. 'Hanging On The Telephone', by Blondie. Link here -

What was the name of the lead singer with Blondie?

8. Who invented the long distance radio in 1901?

9. Who invented the telephone in 1876?

10. Who invented the television in 1927?

11. What is the name of this camera, introduced in 1900 by Eastmann Kodak?

12. What is the name of this more modern camera?

13. What is the name of this screen which was played in-between programmes?

What game are they playing?

14. SONG. 'Radio Ga Ga', by Queen. Link here -

Who is pictured here and who is he married to?

15. Which bird helped advertise BT services?

16. What was JR Hartley advertising when he was searching for his book on fly fishing?

17. What emergency service did Petunia help advertise? ("Oo look, he's waving at us!")

18. Which man helped us safely cross the road?

19. What was the name of the cat in the child safety adverts?

20. What is this actresses name? She did the Beattie 'Ology' adverts.

21. SONG. 'Telephone Man', by Marie Wilson. Link here -

True or False. When HM Queen got her first mobile and William and Harry helped set it up they left this message as her answerphone greeting - "Hey wassup! This is Liz. Sorry I'm away from the throne. For a hotline to Philip, press one. For Charles, press two. And for the corgis, press three."?

22. What was the TV comedy series which had a giant cat climbing up the 'Post Office Tower'?

Name the three comedians in this photo?

23. Which TV sitcom had Hyacinth Bucket answer the phone with the catchphrase "The Bouquet residence, the lady of the house speaking"?

Which actress played her?

24. What was the name of this TV sitcom about a paper/stationary wholesale business called Wernham Hogg?

Who wrote and starred in it?

25. What was the name of the TV sitcom about Tom who gave up his job as a breakfast cereal advertiser to become self sufficient with his wife Barbara?

Name the actors in this photo?

26. What was the name of the TV sitcom about a man who was disillusioned with his job as a manager in 'Sunshine Deserts'?

Which actor played him?

He always imagined his mother-in-law as what animal?

27. What are the names of these two characters?

28. SONG. 'Please Mr Postman', by The Carpenters. Link here -

Why were some postboxes painted gold in 2012?

29. What are the first five letters on a typewriter keyboard?

30. What does the 'www' stand for in an Internet address?

31. Who is pictured here, launching the first iPhone in 2007?

32. What social media network has a small blue bird as its logo?

33. Which social media network did Mark Zuckerberg launch?

34. What does 'BSL' stand for?

Can anyone communicate using it?

35. SONG. 'Convoy', by CW McCall. Link here -

What radio did truckers use to communicate with 'handles'?

Who is pictured here, from the 1977 film 'Smokey And The Bandit'?

36. SONG. 'Return To Sender', by Elvis Presley. Link here -

What was the name of his ranch and who had a hit album of the same name in 1986?

37. SONG. 'Letter From America', by The Proclaimers. Link here -

How would you send a letter to America?

38. SONG. 'Whichita Lineman', by Glen Campbell. Link here -

What was the man in this songs job?

Which DJ had the closing bars of this song on his show every day?

39. SONG. 'Shaddupa Your Face', by Joe Dolce. Link here -

Make some gestures for members to interpret (some good old non-verbal communication).

PEACE, OKAY, SHH, HIGH FIVE & COME HERE (Add the Vulcan Salute for fun!)

40. FINAL SONG. 'Tie A Yellow Ribbon', by Dawn. Link here -

As the song plays, think of colours and symbols of charities and causes, e.g. red ribbon for HIV/AIDS?


1. 999

Police, Ambulance, Fire Service & Coastguard

2. 100

3. Bakelite

4. The Pips

5. SIM card

6. Newport

7. Debbie Harry

8. Guglielmo Marconi

9. Alexander Graham Bell

10. John Logi Baird

11. Box Brownie

12. Polaroid Instamatic

13. Testcard

Noughts and Crosses

14. Brian May / Anita Dobson

15. Buzby

16. Yellow Pages

17. HM Coastguard

18. Green Cross Code Man

19. Charlie

20. Maureen Lipman

21. True

22. 'The Goodies'

Tim Brooke-Taylor, Graham Garden & Bill Oddie

23. 'Keeping Up Appearances'

Patricia Routledge

24. 'The Office'

Ricky Gervais

25. 'The Good Life'

Richard Briers, Felicity Kendall, Paul Eddington & Penelope Keith

26. 'The Rise And Fall Of Reginald Perrin'

Leonard Rossiter


27. Postman Pat & Jess

28. Postboxes were painted gold in the towns where Olympic Games gold medal winners were from


30. World Wide Web

31. Steve Jobs

32. Twitter

33. Facebook

34. British Sign Language

35. Citizens Band Radio

Burt Reynolds

36. Graceland

Paul Simon

37. By Air Mail / Par Avion

38. He was a Linesman for the County, looking after telephone lines

'Steve Wright In The Afternoon'

39. Use alternative gestures as you wish

40. Yellow - Prisoners of war / hostages

Red ribbon - HIV/AIDS

Pink ribbon - Breast Cancer

Black arm band - Mourning

Daffodil - Marie Curie

Forget Me Not - Alzheimer's

Rainbow - Pride

Red Cross etc

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