'National Writing Day' June 24

Our theme for this week's virtual 'CST Friendship Group' s focused around 'Communication', as June 24 marks 'National Writing Day'.

We asked when was the last time anyone wrote a letter?

What about a postcard or birthday card?

What about an email or text message?

How much is a first and second class stamp these days? (First class 76p, Second class 65p)

We moved on to ask if members had a favourite piece of writing - a book, short story or poem?

We asked members to come to the session with their favourite piece of writing to hand, so they could read some lines out should they wish (or we could read for them).


Next, we completed these phrases together, by way of a shout out ...

Talk something OVER

Touch BASE


Drop someone a LINE

Hot off the PRESS

Keep someone POSTED


Put somebody in the PICTURE


Like talking to a BRICK WALL

Straight from the horse’s MOUTH

Take something with a pinch of SALT

Beat around the BUSH

Beside the POINT

Bite your TONGUE

Bring someone up to SPEED

Bottom LINE

Call someone’s BLUFF

Clear the AIR

Get your wires CROSSED

Out of the LOOP


Keep something under your HAT

Pull somebody’s LEG

Get a word in EDGEWISE

Get something off your CHEST

Speak your MIND

To put it in a nut SHELL

Put your foot in your MOUTH


Stay in TOUCH


1. What telephone number would you call in an emergency?

What are the four main emergency services?

2. What number would you have called to reach the operator?

Does anyone remember having a party line?

3. What were the old black dialer telephones made out of?

Did anyone have one?

4. In a telephone box, when your money was running out, what would sound?

5. In a mobile phone, what card do you have to put inside to make a call?

6. Which UK city has a prefix dial code of 01633?

7. SONG. 'Hanging On The Telephone', by Blondie. Link here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWhkbDMISl8

What was the name of the lead singer with Blondie?

8. Who invented the long distance radio in 1901?

9. Who invented the telephone in 1876?

10. Who invented the television in 1927?

11. What is the name of this camera, introduced in 1900 by Eastmann Kodak?

12. What is the name of this more modern camera?

13. What is the name of this screen which was played in-between programmes?

What game are they playing?

14. SONG. 'Radio Ga Ga', by Queen. Link here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMYCOYjIKrE

Who is pictured here and who is he married to?