"Anyone For Tennis?" 🎾👟🏓

Here is a little something to help celebrate the start of 'Wimbledon 2021' on Monday June 28.

Begin by asking who likes to watch tennis?

Has anyone ever been to Wimbledon? What was it like, as a day out?

Who likes to play a game of tennis? Or have members enjoyed other sports and pastimes?

Which sports will you be watching this summer?

- 'Wimbledon'

- 'EUFA European Football Championship'

- 'Rugby Lions Tour'

- 'Tokyo Olympic Games'

or something else?

To get people in the mood, play the opening titles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-WlDZUqV6o


1. What year was the 'All England Lawn Tennis Club' founded?

2. What are the 6 scores in a game of tennis. Here are the initials ...

L -

F -

T -

F -

A -

D -

3. What is the name given to a tennis court judge?

4. What is a serve that cannot be hit or returned called?

5. Who sang to please the crowds when rain stopped play during 'Wimbledon 1996'?

6. What year was 'Hawk Eye' introduced?

7. What year was the retractable roof installed over 'Centre Court'?

8. Who is the main BBC presenter for 'Today At Wimbledon'?

Which TV quiz show does she host?

9. Which Royal presents the plate and cup to the winners at Wimbledon?

10. Which 4 major Tennis Championships make up 'The Grand Slam'?

11. SONG. 'The Wombling Song', The Wombles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6-WlDZUqV6o

What were 'The Wombles' concerned about?

12. Identify the player?

Which year did she win Wimbledon?

13. Identify the player?

What was her nationality?

14. Identify the player?

Which UK tennis player did she marry?

15. Identify the player?

Where did she defect to the USA from?

16. Identify the player?

Complete the phrase ... "You cannot .. .......!"

17. Identify the player?

What nationality was he?

18. Identify the player?

What nationality was he?

19. Identify the player?

What nationality was he?

20. Identify the player?

What nationality was he?

Rather controversially he climbed up to the VIP enclosure after winning the championship in 1987.

21. Identify this married couple?

22. SONG. 'You're Sixteen', Ringo Starr -


What three ingredients are there in a 'Peach Melba'?

23. Identify the player?

What was named after him?

24. Identify the player?

What do you reckon his net worth is?

25. Identify the player?

Is his net worth higher or lower than the chap above?

26. Identify the sisters?

27. Identify the player?

Where was he born and raised?

28. Identify the player?

What is his nationality?

29. Identify the player?

What two years did he win Wimbledon?

30. Which male player last won Wimbledon before that in 1936?

31. He also won 'Olympic Gold', but at which Games?

32. Tickets for the 'Men's Final' are like gold dust, or as 'rare as hen's teeth. How much do you reckon they would set you back (face value)?

33. SONG. 'Sunshine Of Your Love', Cream -


What has 'Cream' in common with tennis?

34. SONG. 'Strawberry Fields Forever', The Beatles -


What is the difference between a 'Cornish' and a 'Devon' cream tea?


1. 23rd July 1868

2. L - LOVE






3. Umpire

4. Ace

5. Cliff Richard

6. 2007

7. 2009

8. Sue Barker

'A Question Of Sport'

9. Prince Michael Duke Of Kent

10. French Open, Wimbledon, US Open, Australian Open

11. Recycling

12. Virginia Wade


13. Billy Jean King


14. Chris Evert

John Lloyd

15. Martina Navratilova

Czech Republic

16. John McEnroe


17. Jimmy Connors


18. Bjorn Borg


19. Boris Becker


20. Pat Cash


21. Steffi Graf & Andre Agassi

22. Peaches, Raspberry Sauce & Vanilla Ice Cream (Yum!)

23. Tim Henman

'Henman Hill'

24. Pete Sampras


25. Roger Federer

Higher - $900m (clothing line)

26. Venus & Serena Williams

27. Raphael Nadal


28. Novak Djokovic


29. Andy Murray

2013 & 2016

30. Fred Perry

31. London, 2014

32. £3,495

33. Singles & Doubles (Sorry!)

34. Devon - cream sits on top of the scone, then the jam on top of that

Cornish cream tea - jam as the first ingredient on the scone, followed by the cream (Is that clear?)

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