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"All The Fun Of The Fair" 🎡

"Never underestimate the importance of having fun." Randy Pausch

This CST activities page has a theme of "All the fun of the fair". Now that summer is approaching and COVID-19 restrictions have been lifted, it seemed appropriate.

Many members will remember funfair visits and rides from their younger days. Some may have children or grandchildren who still like to have fun there.

Discuss the feelings and memories that people have about spending the day at the funfair. The excitement, the noise, the smells and how it feels coming off a big ride.

Discuss funfairs visited and favourite rides. The picture quiz will hopefully further promote reminiscence and discussion.


A barrel of LAUGHS

Footloose and fancy FREE

In full SWING

Full of the joys of SPRING

Happy go LUCKY

Have the time of your LIFE

Let your hair DOWN

Live the life of RILEY

Take things EASY

Chill OUT


Adrenalin RUSH

Hustle and BUSTLE

Blow away the COBWEBS

Life and soul of the PARTY

Time flies when you're having FUN

On cloud NINE

Happy as LARRY

On top of the WORLD

Seventh HEAVEN


ROUND 1. Name The Ride

Simply name the ride ...

Give bonus points for anyone who has been on one.











11. What is the name of the lead singer with 'Simply Red'?

NB Some members may have not had good experiences with funfair rides (nausea and so on). They may prefer to talk about side stalls and amusements.

ROUND 2. Name The Food

Simply name the food.

Give a bonus point if anyone has had any of these in the last year ...











SONG. 'Molly Malone', The Dubliners -

22. As you listen to this song, name as many shellfish as you can. A point for each.

ROUND 3. TV & Movie

23. Name the TV sitcom and the characters?

24. Name the TV sitcom and the two characters stood up?

25. Name the TV quiz show and the presenters?

26. Name the presenter?

27. Name the TV sitcom and the character?

28. Name the movie?

29. Name the movie?

30. Name the movie? And the characters?

31. Name the movie? And the two rival gangs?

32. Name the movie? And the actor?

33. Who is the lead singer of 'Madness'?

ROUND 4. Other Stuff

34. How much does it cost to rent one for the day on Blackpool beach?

35. How much does it cost to rent one for the day on Barry Island>

36. Name the act?

37. Think of a children's game to do with this animal?

38. Where are these lights?

39. Name the nearest pier to you?

40. Which county is 'Alton Towers' in?

41. In which European city would you find 'Disneyland'?

42. Name as many of these Disney characters as you can?

43. Name the four herbs?

44. Aside from visiting the funfair, what would your PERFECT DAY be?

45. Name some funfairs and theme parks?


46. Name as many of the different singers in this video as you can ...

Finally, you could take a funfair rollercoaster ride together ...

Finish with some refreshments and Fairground Organ music …

If time, here are some songs from the musical 'Carousel' ...

'You'll Never Walk Alone' -


Make and play a game of 'Bean Bag Toss' ...

Or you could play a game of 'Hoops' ...

1. Carousel

2. Bumpers

3. Ferris Wheel

4. Roller Coaster

5. Helter Skelter

6. Waltzer

7. Flying Swing

8. Ghost Train

9. Log Flume

10. Pirate Ship

11. Mick Hucknall

12. Candy Floss

13. Toffee Apple

14. Stick Of Rock (usually peppermint flavoured)

15. Popcorn

16. Hot Dog

17. Fish And Chips

18. Donuts

19. Slushy

20. 99

21. Whelks, Jellied Eels & Prawns

22. Cockles, Mussels, Oysters, Crab, Lobster, Langoustine etc

23. 'Hi Di Hi' / Gladys Pugh & Peggy (Ruth Madoc & Sue Pollard)

24. 'Happy Days' / Richie Cunningham and The Fonz (Ron Howard & Henry Winkler)

25. 'Wheel Of Fortune' / Nicky Campbell & Carol Smilie

26. 'Tipping Point' / Ben Sheppard

27. 'Gavin And Stacey' / Nessa (Ruth Jones)

28. 'Pinocchio'

29. 'Strangers On A Train'

30. 'Grease' / Sandy Olsson & Danny Zuko (Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta)

31. 'Quadrophenia' / Mods & Rockers

32. 'Big' / Tom Hanks

33. Suggs

34. £3

35. £19

36. 'Punch And Judy'

37. 'Pin The Tail On The Donkey'

38. Blackpool

39. *

40. Staffordshire

41. Paris

42. *

43. Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & Thyme


45. Alton Towers, Oakwood, Thorpe Park, Drayton Manor, Blackpool Leisure Beach etc


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