World Oceans Day 🌎 8 June

"The ocean's power of regeneration is remarkable - if we just offer it the chance, We are in reach of a whole new relationship with the ocean, a wiser, more sustainable relationship. The choice lies with us."

David Attenborough


The theme for this weeks CST activities page is 'World Oceans Day', which is on 8th June.

"This year’s United Nations World Ocean Day theme is 'Life and Livelihoods'. Our oceans feed billions of people, cover over 70% of the planet and provide 80% of the world’s biodiversity. We need to conserve our wonderful marine resources for future generations."

"Let's come together for a big blue future!"

We started by asking members to say whether they like visiting the sea? Has anyone a favourite beach, either in the UK or overseas? Does anyone like to swim in the sea?

Has anyone been on an ocean cruise or a river trip? What about a ferry journey?

Encourage story telling and find images of places mentioned.

Thinking more about the beach, we listed things you might take or find there. Our lists included ...

- Bathers / Bikini & towel

- Sun hat & Sun cream

- Sunglasses

- Flip flops

- A jumper

- A picnic

- Sand & pebbles & seashells

- Deckchairs & wind breaks

- Donkey rides (thankfully mostly a thing of the past)

- Chip shops

- Ice cream parlours

- Seagulls & crabs

Maybe list some creatures you might find in the sea?


Next we completed the following idioms together ...

Between the devil and the DEEP BLUE SEA

Having a whale of a TIME

The coast is CLEAR

A drop in the OCEAN

Swim against the TIDE

Big fish in a small POND

Like a fish out of WATER

The world is your OYSTER

Keep something at BAY

Get your sea LEGS

An old sea DOG

Worse things happen at SEA


The tides have TURNED

Keep your head above WATER

A life on the ocean WAVE

Beach BUM


Like a beached WHALE

Swim against the TIDE

Bury your head in the SAND

Come out of your SHELL

Dip your toes in the WATER


We then moved on to our picture and music quiz. Our virtual prize this week was a stick of Blackpool rock.


1. What is the name of this flag, which you might see at the beach?

What does it mean?

2. What do the initials 'R.N.L.I' stand for?

3. What does this flag mean (there are usually two of them flying)?

4. How about this flag (again, there are usually two of them)?

5. What ships would you see this flag flying on and what is it called?

6. Which environmental charity had a ship with this symbol on it? (It was sunk by French foreign intelligence on 10th July 1985.) What was the ship called?

7. How about this flag? What is it called? On which ships would you have found it?

8. SONG. Here is our first song. It's 'What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor?', sung by Fisherman's Friends -

Which TV drama is set in Port Isaac, or as it is called in the show Port Wenn?

Who stars in it?

Here he is ...

9. AD BREAK. What was the advert - "Oo look Petunia, he's waving at us!" - advertising?


10. Who is this TV chef and where was his first restaurant?

11. What is the name of this TV presenter and what was the name of his natural history series about the oceans?

12. What is the name of this French explorer and what was the name of his ship?

13. What is the name of this TV presenter and which reality TV series did he first appear on (it is widely regarded as the first ever reality TV series)?

14. What are the names of this father and son and what was the name of their cookery show?

15. What is the name of this TV presenter and what type of holidays does she prefer?

16. What is the name of this TV presenter, who was on 'Strictly Come Dancing' and now is all at sea (cruising)? What is her other job?

17. SONG. 'Sailing', by Rod Stewart -

What is Rod Stewart an enthusiast of (his hobby)?

18. AD BREAK. What was the name of this bathroom bubblebath product?


19. What is the name of this 1956 film about a whale and who starred as Captain Ahab?

20. What is the name of this 1963 film about an explorer guided by the Gods, and which Roman God is holding the cliffs apart?

21. What is the name of this 1975 movie, and the actor and character ("We're gonna need a bigger boat!")?

22. What is the name of this 1989 film and who starred as the mermaid Madison?

23. What is the name of this 2000 film, starring Tom Hanks as the survivor of a plane crash and what was the name of his only friend (an inanimate object)?

24. What is the name of this actor and character from the 'Pirates Of The Caribbean' 2003 film?

25. What is the name of this 2012 movie about a boy lost at sea? Which big cat was he lost with?

26. SONG. 'The Beautiful Briny Sea' -

What 1971 film is this song from and which two actors are singing it?

27. AD BREAK. What box of chocolates is this chap advertising?


28. What is the name of this TV drama series about a castaway and who wrote the 1719 book?

29. What is the name of this TV drama series about an underwater swimming man and who starred in it?

30. What is the name of this TV drama series and who are the two actors pictured here who starred in it?

31. What is the name of this TV drama series and what is the name of the little person who said "Boss, the planes!"?

32. What is the name of this TV drama series and what was the name of the submarine?

33. What is the name of this TV drama series and the name of the actor?

34. What is the name of the smuggling pub on Bodmin Moor, about which Daphne Du Maurier wrote a novel in 1936?

35. SONG. 'Aquamarina' -

What TV puppet drama series did this song feature in?

Who created all of the puppet shows around this time, e.g. 'Joe 90'?

36. AD BREAK. What is the main filling of a 'Bounty' chocolate bar?


37. What is the name of this Cornish dish and what fish are used in making it?

38. What is the name of this expensive lobster dish and what alcoholic drink is the sauce made of?

39. What is the name of this dish and what fish is it made of?

40. What is the name of this rice dish and what country does it come from?

41. What is the name of this fish soup or broth dish and what country does it come from?

42. (Nearest guess) How much is an ounce (28g) of Beluga Caviar on Amazon?

43. What is this dish, best served cold? And which part of London is it associated with?

44. SINGALONG. 'Molly Malone', by The Dubliners -

Whilst listening to this song, name as many shellfish as you can. (A chance to beef up your points!)

45. AD BREAK. Who is this chap and what is he advertising (original advert)?

Our final question reminds us to keep our beaches clean ...

46. Which ex-footballer advertises this product? (This crisp bag, found on Treyarnon beach, is 50 years old!)

47. FINAL SONG. My Heart Will Go On', sung by Celine Dion -

Name the 1997 movie and the actors and characters pictured here?

Finish the session with some 'Beach Boys' songs ...

'Wouldn't It Be Nice' -

'Good Vibrations' -

'Surfin' USA' -

'God Only Knows' -


Collect and paint beach pebbles.

Make a collage with sand and shells.

Paint a seascape.


There is nothing nicer than sharing a fish supper with your group. Your nearest takeaway might deliver?


1. Blue Flag - a European award for beaches, based on cleanliness and safety.

2. Royal National Lifeboat Institution

3. Lifeguard on duty - Swim between flags

4. Lifeguard on duty - Surf between flags

5. White Ensign - Royal Navy ships

6. Greenpeace - 'Rainbow Warrior'

7. Jolly Roger - Pirate Ships

8. Doc Martin, played by Martin Clunes

9. 'Call The Coastguard'

10. Rick Stein - Padstow

11. David Attenborough - 'Blue Planet'

12. Jaques Cousteau - 'Calypso'

13. Ben Fogle - 'Castaway' (set on the island of Taransay)

14. Dick & James Strawbridge ' 'Hungry Sailors'

15. Jane McDonald - Cruising

16. Susan Calman - Comedian

17. Model railways

18. 'Matey'

19. 'Moby Dick' - Gregory Peck

20. 'Castaway' - Wilson (A basketball)

21. 'Splash' - Darrell Hannah

22. 'Jason And The Argonauts' - Neptune

23. Johnny Depp - Captain Jack Sparrow

24. 'Jaws' - Roy Schneider / Captain Brody

25. 'Life Of Pi' - Tiger

26. 'Bedknobs And Broomsticks' - David Tomlinson & Angela Lansbury

27. 'Milk Tray'

28. 'Robinson Crusoe' - Daniel Defoe

29. 'Man From Atlantis' - Patrick Duffy

30. 'Baywatch' - Pamela Anderson & David Hasselhoff

31. 'Fantasy Island' - Tattoo

32. 'Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea' - 'Seaview'

33. 'Poldark' - Aiden Quinn

34. 'Jamaica Inn'

35. 'Stingray' - Gerry Anderson

36. Coconut