Vive La France

Our virtual CST 'Cariad Dementia Cafe' yesterday focused on all things France and French, as 14th July was 'Bastille Day'.

Members came to the session wearing berets and carrying French flags, if they had one, and introducing themselves by saying something French. They also said what they most about France or French people, food and culture. "Ooo la la!"

We then moved on to the picture and music quiz. Here are the images, songs and questions we used.

Our virtual prize was a bottle of Champagne, invented of course by the monk Dom Perignon.


ROUND 1. Places

1. The French motto is 'Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite'. What is the English translation of these three words?

2. Here is a photo of Sarah Thomas from Colorado, who in 2019 swam the English Channel four times consecutively without a break. How wide is the English Channel at its narrowest point in the Strait of Dover?

3. Here is the 'Arc De Triumph', which can be found on Avenue Champs Elyses in Paris. Whose grave is underneath it?

4. Which annual arts event takes place in Cannes every May?

5. Which annual sporting event takes place in Monte Carlo, again in May?

6. Which UK landmark is twinned with Mont Saint Michel in Normandy?

7. SONG. Our first song was 'Non Je Ne Regrette Rien', sung by Edith Piaf - YouTube link here -

What was Edith Piaf's nickname?

ROUND 2. People

8. Emmanuel Macron, French President, married his teacher. He is aged 42 years old. How old is she (nearest guess!)

9. What is the name of this French TV chef? He has a hotel and restaurant in Oxfordshire called 'La Manoir Aux Quat Saisons'.

10. Fred Sirieix is Maitre D on which TV show?

11. David Ginola, ex French footballer, advertised which French hair product?

12. Gerard Depardieu starred in which 1990 film about a French man with a big nose?

13. How old is the 1950s and 60s actress and sex symbol Brigitte Bardot?

14. SONG. 'Je T'aime', sung by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg -

Who is this song about?

What does 'Je T'aime ... Moi Non Plus' mean?

ROUND 3. History

15. Which French saint was known as 'The Maid Of Orleans'?

16. Which French queen (the last one!) infamously said 'Let them eat cake' when told her subjects had no bread to eat?

17. Which battle does 'The Bayeux Tapestry' depict? And which English king here is shown with an arrow through his eye?

18. Which French saint is depicted in this stain glass window? She saw visions of 'The Immaculate Conception' ("Holy Mary, Mother Of God") in a grotto at Lourdes in 1858.

19. What were the names of 'The Three Musketeers' and their young protege?

20. What were 'The Hunchback Of Notre Dame' and his girlfriend's names?

21. SONG. 'I Dreamed A Dream', sung by Susan Boyle on 'Britain's Got Talent' in 2009 -

Which musical does this song come from?

Susan Boyle came second in the competition. Who came first?

ROUND 4. Interesting Facts

22. How tall was Napoleon Bonaparte?

23. When was the last guillotine execution in France?

24. What is the estimated value of 'The Mona Lisa'?

Who painted it, and where is it?

25. How many steps are there to the top of 'The Eiffel Tower'?

26. What is the highest point in France?

(Does anyone enjoy skiing holidays, or the 'Apres Ski'?)

27. Which Cardiffian won 'The Tour de France' in 2018?

What do the French call Wales?

28. SONG. 'Music Of The Night', sung by Michael Crawford and Sarah Brightman -

Which Andrew Lloyd-Webber musical is this song from?

Which TV comedy series did Michael Crawford feature in, wearing a French beret?


29. In the TV comedy series 'Allo Allo', what was the name of the bar owner and who played him?

What was the catchphrase of 'Michelle Of The Resistance'?

30. In 'Herges Adventures Of Tin Tin', what was the name of his dog?

31. In the TV drama series 'Robinson Crusoe', who was his one and only friend?

Who wrote the book, published in 1719?

32. Who are these characters and actors from the 'Pink Panther' films?

33. Which ex French footballer advertises beer on TV currently, and which beer is it?

34. Who wrote the book 'Around The World In Eighty Days', published in 1872?

35. SONG. 'She', sung by Charles Aznavour -

Who re-recorded this song for the a 1997 rom-com movie starring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant and what was the name of that movie?


36. 'As Time Goes By', sung by Dooley Wilson -

Complete these catchphrases from the 1942 movie?

- "Here's Looking At You, ***."

- "Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World, *** ***** **** ****." ...

- "We'll Always Have *****." ...

37. 'Thank Heavens For Little Girls', sung by Maurice Chevalier -

Which musical does this song come from?

38. 'Elephant Love Song Medley', from the 2001 movie 'Moulin Rouge' -

Who are the actors singing in this video?

39. 'The Can Can', composed by Jaques Offenbach -

What is the English translation of 'Moulin Rouge'?

40. 'Les Marseilles', French National Anthem -

When this last song plays, ask members to list as many French cheeses and wines as they can (a chance to ramp up their points).

BONUS SONG. 'All You Need Is Love', by The Beatles -

Included for a good old fashioned singalong. But also noting, the song starts with the opening bars of 'Les Marseilles'.


1. Freedom, Equality & Brotherhood

2. 21 miles. She actually swam 130 miles due to drift caused by the currents!

3. 'The Grave Of The Unknown Soldier'

4. 'The Cannes Film Festival'

5. 'The Monaco Grand Prix'

6. St Michaels Mount, near Penzance

7. 'The Little Sparrow'

8. Brigitte Macron is 67

9. Raymond Blanc

10. 'First Dates'

11. 'L'Oreal'

12. 'Cyrano De Bergerac'

13. 85

14. Brigitte Bardot

'I love you ... Me neither'

15. 'Joan Of Arc'

(She fought in 'The Hundred Years War' and was burnt at the stake aged 19.)

16. Marie Antoinette

(She was executed by guillotine in 1793 after 'The French Revolution'.)

17. 'The Battle Of Hastings' in 1066

King Harold

(The tapestry is over 70 metres long!)

18. 'Saint Bernadette' (Surname Soubirous)

19. Arthos, Aramis, Portos & D'Artagnon

(The novel 'The Three Musketeers' was written by Alexandre Dumas in 1844.)

20. Quasimodo & Esmerelda

(The book about the deformed bellringer was written by Victor Hugo in 1831.)

21. 'Les Miserables'

The dance group, 'Diversity'

22. Napoleon was 5ft 6ins - 5ft 7ins

(At autopsy he measured 5ft 2ins, but that was in French measurement which at the time was different to British measurement. Hence the fable about his diminutive stature stuck!)

23. 1977

24.'The Mona Lisa' was valued at $100m in 1962. In today's money that is $850m!

Leonardo Da Vinci, 'The Louvre'

25. 1,665 steps

26. 'Mont Blanc' (4,807m above sea level)

27. Geraint Thomas

'Paye De Galles'

28. 'Phantom Of The Opera'

'Some Mothers Do Av' 'Em' (Frank Spencer)

29. Rene Artoir was played by Gordon Kaye

"I shall say this only once!"

30. Snowy

31. Man Friday

Daniel Defoe

32. Inspector Clousseau (played by Peter Sellers) & Cato (played by Burt Kwouk)

33. Erica Canto advertises 'Kronenbourg' lager

34. Jules Verne

35. Elvis Costello

'Notting Hill'

36. "Here's Looking At You, KID."

- "Of All The Gin Joints In All The Towns In All The World, SHE WALKS INTO MINE." ...

- "We'll Always Have PARIS." ...

37. 'Gigi'

38. Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman

39. Red Windmill

40. Some cheeses and wines ...

Baby Bel





Fromage Frais

Port Salut


Saint Agur




Cabernet Sauvignon


Chenin Blanc

Cotes Du Rhone


Sauvignon Blanc

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