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👑 HRH Queen Elizabeth's 'Platinum Jubilee Year' 👑

“I may not be a lion, but I am lion's cub and I have a lion’s heart.” - Queen Elizabeth I

This CST activities page aims to help celebrate HRH Queen Elizabeth's 'Platinum Jubilee' year. The actual date of the anniversary of her accession to the throne is 6th February, but celebrations will take place over a Bank Holiday weekend from 2nd-5th June. (May Bank Holiday will move to Thursday 2nd June and an extra Bank Holiday day will mark the historic milestone on Friday 3rd June.)

The four day celebrations will feature an extensive programme of events that mix the best of British ceremonial splendour and pageantry with cutting edge artistic and technological displays. These will be interspersed with the traditional nationwide fanfare and celebrations.

You could also use this CST activities page to celebrate her actual birthday on 21st April 1926 (she is 96 this year, or her official birthday on 11th June 2022 (date varies).

Who will be celebrating the Queen's Jubilee, for example having a street party? Who will be keeping the new 50 pence piece, which comes out this year?


Begin the session by asking what members think of the Royal Family?

What are the good things about the monarchy?

- life of dedication and service, stability and continuation, political balance, public focus in troubled times, tourism

What about the negative things?

- wealth and property, scandals (they are just human, after all!), a life of sacrifice

Have members a favourite member of the Royal Family?

Have members collected any Royal memorabilia over the years? (Did everyone get this 'Prince Of Wales Investiture Mug' as a child?)


Has anyone visited Buckingham Palace, e.g. to attend a 'Royal Garden Party' or 'Queen's Awards Ceremony'?

What other Royal places or palaces have been visited?

Has anyone met a member of the Royal Family?

FACTOID. One addresses Her Majesty as 'Mam as in Spam' not 'Marm as in Smarm'?


Complete these phrases together ...

The Crown JEWELS


Roll out the red CARPET


Queen BEE

Pay a King's RANSOM

Battle ROYAL



The Royal WE

King of the WORLD ('Titanic' movie)

Build castles in the AIR

The emperor's new CLOTHES

On the porcelain THRONE

Prince and PAUPER

Princess and the PEA

Grand Old Duke Of YORK (How many men did he have?)


Crowning GLORY

Jewel in the CROWN

Until Kingdom COME


Make bunting and flags. (They'll come in handy later!)

NB There are loads of 'How to' guides on YouTube and templates to use on Google.


Round 1. People

1. What date was the 'Coronation Of Queen Elizabeth 11'?

Where was she holidaying when she heard of the death of her father, King George V1?

2. What was her husband's full name?

What nationality was he?

3. What date was Prince Charles's 'Investiture' as 'Prince Of Wales'?

Which Welsh castle did it take place in?

4. What date was Prince Charles's first marriage?

Who did he marry?

5. Who is Prince Charles's second wife?

Will she be Queen? (Should she be?)

6. Name Princess Anne's first and second husbands?

7. Name this Royal ex-couple?

8. Name this Royal couple?

9. Name this Royal family's members?

10. Which Royal couple recently 'left' the Royal family?


11. SONG BREAK. 'Dancing Queen', ABBA -

True or False. If (in younger years) at a function and 'Dancing Queen' came on, the Queen would always get up and dance to it?

Ask members to guess at what the Queen has to eat and drink each day?

@Indy100 said:

"The Queen meets with the head chef to the royal household twice a week, to decide what meals she fancies.

Breakfast: The Queen likes cereal, usually Special K, and fruit, or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon, according to a former chef.

Lunch: Former chef Owen Hodgson said he would often make the Queen mushrooms with a bit of Marmite, and crustless tuna sandwiches with thinly sliced cucumber and pepper.

Evening meals: She’ll often have an evening meal consisting of something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad.

To drink: The Queen likes a gin and Dubonnet with a slice of lemon and ice, and also likes wine and champagne with dinner."

Apparently, when on a long train or plane journey she enjoys something simple, like a Fray Bentos pie!

Round 2. Places

12. Name the Palace?

And the road that it sits at the end of?

13. Name the Castle?

What year was the Queen's "Annus Horribilis"?

14. Name the Royal residence?

Which English county is it in?

15. Name the Scottish Castle?

What breed are the Royal dogs?

16. Which flag flies when the Queen is at home?

17. Where does the Queen lay a wreath of poppies each year?

And on what date?

18. Name the occasion?

19. At which Royal event does the Queen's horse ride each year?

20. Name the boat?

VIDEO BREAK. 'Who Does One Think One Is?'

21. Have members watch this comedy clip and guess at who is playing the Queen?

Round 3. History

22. Which guards and birds protect the 'Tower of London'?

23. Name the treasure?

Which is the most valuable diamond and how much is it worth (nearest guess)?

24. Which King's remains were recently discovered in a car park excavation in Leicester?

25. Name the last Tudor monarch? (She died unmarried and childless in 1603)

Are the two related?

26. Name the Royal couple? (Still taken from a recent ITV dramatisation) (There is a museum named after them!)

27. Name the Royal couple who fictitiously visited 'Downton Abbey' in the recent movie? (It was around about 1927)

28. Name the former Royal couple? (He abdicated in 1936)

29. Name the Royal couple and the Prime Minister?

30. Name the six wives of Henry V111?

(The rhyme is below)

SONG BREAK. 'I'm Henry V111, I Am', Herman's Hermits -

(FACTOID. Said at the time to be "the fastest-selling song in history")

King Henry VIII,

To six wives he was wedded.

One died, one survived,

Two divorced, two beheaded.

Boleyn and Howard lost their heads,

Anne of Cleves he would not bed,

Jane Seymour gave him a son -

but died before the week was done,

Aragon he did divorce,

Which just left Katherine Parr, of course!

Round 4. Awards

31. On which two occasions does the Queen send cards for (if requested)?

32. What do these initials of the 'Queen's Honours' stand for?




- DBE (or KBE)

33. What money does the Queen hand out during Easter week?

34. Which Royal award do young people have to undertake an expedition for?

35. Which awards aim to 'transform the lives of young people', especially those suffering hardship such as homelessness and mental ill health?

36. Which games did Prince Harry launch in 2014?

37. Which environmental awards did Prince William and David Attenborough launch this year?

38. Name these 'Knights Of The British Empire'?

39. Name these 'Dames Of The British Empire'?

40. 'There Is Nothing Like A Dame', South Pacific -

One of the characters in the musical, who sings 'Bali Hai', is called 'Bloody Mary'. How would you make this cocktail?

Round 5. TV & Movies

41. Name the TV soap?

And the character?

42. Name the TV soap?

And the pub?

43. Name the TV sitcom?

Where did Jim and Barbara (Ricky Tomlinson and Sue Johnston) first share a house *TV soap)?

44. Name the TV comedy series?

And the actors?

45. Name the 1971 movie?

And the actor?

46. Name the 1989 movie?

And the actor?

47. Name the 1994 movie?

And the actor?

48. Name the 2010 movie?

And the actor?

49. Name the 2013 movie?

And the actress?

50. SONG. 'Getting To Know You', The King And I -

Name the actors?


FACTOID. Daniel Craig was rolling around on the floor with the Corgis at one point during the making of this film clip!

As James Bond 007 is 'defender of Queen and country', you might want to look at the 'James Bond Quiz' here -


Enjoy a 'Victoria sponge' together, with a cup of tea.

FACTOID. The Queen drinks Earl Grey, Assam or Darjeeling tea with a splash of milk and no sugar.

FACTOID. This piece of Charles & Diana's wedding cake sold recently at auction for £1,850.

(Anyone fancy eating it?)

I hope this quiz was a piece of cake!


FACTOID. Brain May played 'God Save The Queen' on his electric guitar as part of celebrations for the 2002 'Party At The Palace' in celebration of the Queen's Golden Jubilee. Here is his performance -

'Return To Sender', Elvis Presley -

FACTOID. Elvis ('The King Of Rock & Roll) never met the Queen. He turned down an invite 1962 invite (he sent it back!!)


You could read out the 'Queen's Letter To The Nation' and discuss it. What do members think about the Queen's wish that Camilla be known as 'Queen Consort'? Does it change anyone's view of the Queen? What impression does it leave you with?

You could buy a set of the new Royal Mail 'Queen's Platinum Jubilee Stamps' and buy some postcards. Members could then be supported to write messages of thanks, love and hope to their care partner and these could be put in the post so as to give a nice surprise in a few days time.

Right, it's time to get the flags out!

'Rule Britannia', Last Night Of The Proms -

Finally, please be upstanding for 'The National Anthem'


1. 2nd June 1953

'Treetops' Safari Lodge in Kenya

2. Philip Mountbatten

Greek, born in Corfu

3. 1st July 1969

Caernarfon Castle

4. Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer

29th July 1981

5. Camilla Parker-Bowles

No, she will take on the title 'Princess Consort'

6. Mark Phillips & Timothy Laurence

7. Prince Andrew & Sarah Ferguson

8. Prince Edward & Sophie Rhys-Jones

9. Prince William, Kate Middleton, George, Charlotte & Louis

10. Prince Harry & Meghan Markle

11. True. She enjoyed dancing to 'Dancing Queen' if at a function which involved dancing

12. 'Buckingham Palace'

'The Mall'

13. 'Windsor Castle'


14. 'Sandringham'


15. 'Balmoral'

Welsh Corgi

16. 'Royal Standard'

17. 'The Cenotaph'

11th November

18. 'Trooping Of The Colours'

19. 'Royal Ascot'

20. 'Royal Yacht Britannia'

21. Harry Enfield

22. Beefeaters & Ravens

23. 'The Crown Jewels'

The largest gem, the Cullinan I diamond, is found in the Sceptre with the Cross and is worth £400 million on its own

24. Richard 111

25. Elizabeth 1

The Queen is related to Elizabeth I via Henry VII's sister, Queen Margaret of Scotland

26. Queen Victoria & Prince Albert

27. King George V & Queen Mary

28. Edward & Wallace Simpson