The Beautiful Vale Of Glamorgan


We started the session by asking members;

- What is your favourite place in 'The Vale' and why?

- Have you a favourite bar or restaurant?

- Have you a favourite park or beach?

- How did you end up living in this neck of the woods?

Have members look at the 'Mind The Diff' Cardiff Underground Poster from and identify the nearest station to their home and other points of interest.

(HD copy for printing here - )

Also, ask members to identify the correct film names from this 'Taffywood Library'.

Both of the above pictures are on display in the 'Saint David's 2 Shopping Centre'.


1. Which two passenger craft sail from 'Penarth Pavilion Pier' every summer season?

2. What is the name of the lakes where you can go to feed the ducks in Penarth? (It used to be an old cement quarry and is now a 'Site of Special Scientific Interest')

3. What nickname does Dinas Powis have locally?

4. Which TV comedy series is filmed at Barry Island?

5. What are their character names?

6. Name the 4 beaches at Barry?

7. Barry Island has for the last few years been awarded a 'Blue Flag' for water quality, safety, information and facilities. It has improved so much that locals call it what?

8. Throughout the 60s and 70s, there was a 'Train Graveyard' near Barry Docks. What is there now?

9. Barry presents a super Fireworks Display each year, on or around which date?

(There is also an 'Isle Of Fire' celebration each July!)

10. Which year did 'Butlins' holiday camp on Barry Island close?

11. SONG. 'Mandy', Barry Manilow -

True or False. This song was originally written about a dog named 'Brandy'?

12. What nuclear power station can you see from 'Cold Knap', across the Bristol Channel?

13. What two islands can you see from the 'Captain's Wife' in Sully?

14. True or False. 'Sully Hospital' closed in 2001 partly to stop raw sewage entering the Bristol Channel?

15. After problems with subsidence and having to be re-built in part, the viaduct taking the railway line to the Western Vale opened in 1900. Which park does it cross?

16. Where is the most southerly tip of Wales?

17. What name is given to the Vale Of Glamorgan coastline and coastal path?

18. Where would you find a lighthouse and fog horn in 'The Vale'?