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Statues Quiz

This is a straightforward 'Name The Statue' & 'Where Is It?' picture quiz. But you could make it more interactive and engaging if you managed to get hold of a world map for members to find the statue, or better still 'Google Earth' them.

As usual, I have added in some relevant questions and linked to some vaguely connected songs ...

In each round, ask members to discuss which is their favourite statue or sculpture?

Hope you like it. Please do let me know how it goes down.

Round 1. Famous Ancient Statues

Name these ancient statues & say where they are?

Which of them do you think is the oldest?

Which girl group had a hit with a cover of this song in 1986?

Round 2. Famous American Statues

Name the mountain where these statues are carved?

Name the four US presidents?

Name these statues & say where are they?

What makes the first one green?

In which country is this statue?

What did this man abolish in 1863?

What does it depict?

Which of the above statues does this song relate to?

Round 3. Classics

Name these world famous statues & say where you would find them?

In which country is the first?

Who created this character?

Which TTV presenter used to make this pose?

Name these two world famous statues & say where you would find them?

Which artist sculpted these two statues?

Name this fountain & where would you find it?

What happens if you throw one, two or three coins into it?

What was his nickname?

Round 4. World Famous London Statues

Name these statues & say where you would find them?

Who did he defeat at the 'Battle Of Waterloo' in 1805?

Who was she married to?

What was his nickname?

What was his nickname?

What was her nickname?

Who was he the Greek god of?

Name this statue & name the clock and tower?

Round 5. More Modern Statues & Sculptures

Name this sculpture & say where it is?

How wide is its wing span?

Name these statues & say where you would find them?

What do they pay homage to?

What disaster does it commemorate?

Where does this statue sit outside of?

Name these folk hero statues & say where they are?

What was their slogan or saying?

What was his slogan or saying?

What was the name of his sword?

Say this tongue-twister together "'She sells seashells on the seashore,The shells she sells are seashells, I'm sure. For if she sells seashells on the seashore, Then I'm sure she sells sea shore shells.

Round 6. Statues Dedicated To Famous Brits

Name these famous British people & say where their statues are?

What were they famous for?

Who is this a statue of & which docks was it thrown into due to the person's link to slavery?

Discuss the rights and wrongs of this?

Name these statues of comedians & say where they are?

What were they famous for?

What was their catchphrase?

Name these statues & say where they are?

In which club did they find fame?

Which entertainer designed and made this statue (clue. "Snap bang wallop what a picture..."

Name these statues & say where you would find them?

Name the two boys?

Who was this song originally written about & what was her real name?

Finally, discuss any statues I missed, or famous ones locally near your group.

Bonus Round - Cardiff & Vale Statues

See if members recognise these statues and can name and place them ...

Round 1

'Moai' / Easter Island - Approx 1,000 years old

'Great Sphinx' / Giza, Egypt - 4,500 years old

'Tutankhamun Death Mask' / Egyptian Museum, Cairo - 3,000 years old

'Terracotta Army' / Xi'an, Shaanxi, China - 2,200 years old

'Venus De Milo' / Louvre Museum, Paris - Approx 1,000 years old

'Elgin' or 'Parthenon Marbles' / British Museum, London - 2,500 years old


Round 2

'Mount Rushmore' / George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln & Theodore Roosevelt

'Statue of Liberty' / New York / It is made of copper

'Christ The Redeemer' / Rio De Janeiro / Brazil

'Abraham Lincoln' / Washington D.C. / Slavery

'Marine Corps War Memorial' / Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia / The capture of Iwo Jima (an island off Tokyo) in the Second World War

'Christ The Redeemer' overlooks Copacabana Beach

Round 3

'The Little Mermaid' / Copenhagen / Denmark

'Peter Pan' / Kensington Square, London / J.M. Barrie

Rodin's 'The Thinker' / Paris / Bruce Forsyth

'La Pieta', Michelangelo

'David', Michelangelo

'Fontana De Trevi', Rome / If you throw one coin: you will return to Rome. If you throw two coins: you will fall in love with an attractive Italian. If you throw three coins: you will marry the person that you met.

'Old Blue Eyes'

Round 4.

'Nelson's Column', Traflagar Square / Napoleon Bonaparte

'Queen Victoria Memorial', The Mall / Prince Albert

'Winston Churchill', Parliament Square / 'British Bulldog'

'William Shakespeare', Leicester Square / 'The Bard Of Avon'

'Florence Nightingale', Waterloo Place, Westminster / 'The Lady With The Lamp'

'Eros', Piccadilly Circus / Love & Sex

'Boudica' / 'Big Ben' & 'Elizabeth Tower'

Round 5.

'Angel Of The North' / Gateshead / 175ft

'The Kelpies' / Forth & Clyde Canal, Grangemouth /

'The Guardian' / Abertillery / 'Six Bells' Colliery Disaster 1960

'The Bull' / 'Bullring Shopping Centre' / Birmingham

'The Three Musketeers & D'Artagnan' / Condom, France / "All for one and one for all."

'Robin Hood' / Nottingham Castle / "Steal from the rich to give to the poor."

'King Arthur' / Tintagel Castle, Cornwall / Excalibur

Round 6.

'Margaret Thatcher' / 'Members Lobby', Houses of Parliament / First female British Prime Minister

'Aneurin Bevan' / Queen Street, Cardiff / Founded the NHS in 1948

'Emmeline Pankhurst' / St Peter's Square, Manchester / Leader of the 'Suffragette Movement'

'Edward Colston' / Bristol Docks

'Eric Morecambe' / Morecambe / 'Morecambe & Wise'

'Tommy Cooper' / Caerphilly Castle / Comedic Magician

'Victoria Wood' / Church Gardens, Bury / Comedian

"What do you think of it so far?" "Rubbish!"

'The Beatles' / Paul McCartney, John Lennon, Ringo Starr & George Harrison

'The Cavern', Liverpool

Tommy Steele / 'Half A Sixpence', 1967

'Diana, Princess Of Wales' / Kensington Palace, London

'Queen Elizabeth 11', 'York Minster'

Bonus Round.

'Billy The Sea', Victoria Park, Cardiff

'South African War Memorial', City Hall, Cardiff

'Mahatma Gandhi', Lloyd George Avenue, Cardiff Bay

'Wales War Memorial', Cathays Park, Cardiff

'Betty Campbell', Central Square, Cardiff

'Taff Trail Heritage Ring', Oval Basin, Cardiff Bay

'Epstein's Christ', Llandaff Cathedral

'People Like Us', Mermaid Quay, Cardiff Bay

'Ivor Novello', Roald Dahl Plas, Cardiff Bay

'The Face Of A Merchant Seaman Lost To The Sea', Harbour Drive, Cardiff Bay

'The Animal Wall', Cardiff Castle

'Mirrorball', A4232 Road Bridge, Cardiff Bay

'Captain Scott Memorial', Norwegian Church, Cardiff Bay

'Aneurin Bevan', Queen Street, Cardiff

'Nymph', St Fagan's Museum

'Standing Stone', Rhoose Point

'War Memorial', Cowbridge

'Japanese Bronze', Dyffryn Gardens

'Celtic Crosses', St. Illtud's Church, Llantwit Major

'Welcome To Barry Island'

'Dragon', St Donat's Castle

'David Davies', Barry Dock Offices

'Captain Scott Memorial', Roath Park, Cardiff


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