'St Swithun's Day' ☔️ 15 July

15th July is 'St Swithun's Day'. Read the saying above and ask members if they think there is any truth to it?

Take the opportunity to discuss the British weather and things associated with it. List as many as you can. Here's a few to start you off ...

- Sun: sunburn, loose clothes, slip slap slop (sun cream), sunglasses, hats, cold drinks, ice lollies

- Rain: wellies, Macs, jumping in puddles, rainbows, getting splashed by passing traffic

- Extremes: thunder and lightning, gales, floods, heatwaves

- Clouds: list some of them - stratus, cumulus, nimbus, cirrus etc

- Snow & ice: snowmen, frost, freezing rain, slush, blizzards, snowballs

- In between types of weather: mist, fog, drizzle, grey days

What are members' favourite weathers and seasons and why?

Maybe discuss climate change and how to reduce global temperatures.

After the music and picture quiz, you could get painting ...


Ask members to complete these weather related idioms together ...

It's raining cats and DOGS

As right as RAIN

It'll be a BREEZE

Be snowed UNDER

Break the ICE

Calm before the STORM


Come rain or SHINE

Every cloud has a silver LINING

Fair weather FRIEND

It never rains but it POURS

Steal your THUNDER

Storm in a TEACUP

Take a rain CHECK

Throw caution to the WIND

Feeling under the WEATHER

On cloud NINE

Before the quiz starts proper, ask members to name the 'Shipping Area' they are in? Here is a useful map to help with identification.

Does anyone listen to the 'Shipping Forecast' on Radio 4?

Is anyone familiar with the theme tune 'Sailing By'?

Here it is - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eWmT_PWh0r8


Round 1. Weather

'National Umbrella Day' is on 10th February

1. Name this couple taking cover from the rain?

2. Name the 7 colours in a rainbow?

3. Which mythical being, common in Irish folklore, can be found at the end of a rainbow?

4. Complete the rhyme?

"Doctor Foster went to **********

In a shower of ****

He stepped in a ******

Right up to his ******

And never **** ****** *****!"

Talking of puddles ...

Watch this Dawn French 'Vicar Of Dibley' "puddle sketch' together ...


There's also a funny sketch with children choosing the design for the replacement stained glass window, after a tree was blown down onto the church in a storm.


5. Does anyone remember the 'Great Storm' of 15th October 1987?

Who was it that said: "Earlier on today, apparently, a woman rang the BBC and said she heard there was a hurricane on the way; well, if you're watching, don't worry, there isn't!"

Has anyone ever suffered storm damage or flooding to their property?

'Storm Brian', Porthcawl, October 2017

6. What scale is used to determine wind speed?

a. 'Beaufort Scale'

b. 'Richter Scale'

c. 'Litmus Test'

7. In the USA, a tropical storm is called a 'Hurricane'. What is this type of weather event called if it occurs in the Southern Hemisphere?

a. 'Monsoon'

b. 'Typhoon'

c. 'Twister'

8. True or False. If a tropical storm (or cyclone) occurs in the Northern hemisphere, it rotates anti-clockwise. If it occurs in the Southern Hemisphere, it rotates clockwise?

9. What is the proper name for a 'Twister'?

a. 'Whirlwind'

b. 'Tempest'

c. 'Tornado'

10. Complete the saying?

"Red sky at night, ********'* *******

Red sky in the morning, ********'* *******"

True or False. This saying first appeared in the 'Book Of Matthew' in the New Testament


Does anyone remember the floods in the Canton area of Cardiff in 1979?

Here is a picture of Cowbridge Road West under water.

Round 2. Weather Forecasters

Ask members to identify some famous weather presenters (and other forecasters) ...

11. Ian Mc******

12. John K******

13. Ulrika J******

14. Francis W*****

15. Derek B*******

16. Tomasz S**********

17. Carol K*******

18. Charles M********** W******

Here are a couple of other famous 'forecasters' ...

19. Russell G****

20. Mystic M**

21. Does anyone follow their 'Stars'? Ask members to list the twelve 'Signs Of The Zodiac'?

What star sign are members? Maybe read a couple of 'Stars' out from a newspaper.

Round 3. Movies

Identify the movie from the still ...

22. 'The W***** O* O*'

Name her three friends and the dog? (Song comes later)

23. 'Singing I* T** R***'

Name the dancer? (Song link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1ZYhVpdXbQ&t=3s )

24. 'Breakfast A* T******'*'

Name the actors? (Song link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uirBWk-qd9A )

25. 'Mary P******'

Name the actress? (Song link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftxnr28LDXc&t=71s )

26. 'The P******* A********'

Name the actors?

27. 'The F**'

Name the author?

28. 'A*******'

In this movie, which actor says the line “Surely you can’t be serious,” and Rumack replies, “I am serious — and don’t call me Shirley.”

29. 'The S******'

Name the actor?

30. 'T******'

Name the actors?

31. 'C*******'

Name the actor?

Final Round. Some Weather Songs


32. What was Billie Holiday's nickname?


33. Complete this rhyme?

"It's raining, it's *******,

The old man is *******,

He bumped his head and **** ** ***,

And couldn't get up in the *******."


34. What musical instruments did Karen and Richard Carpenter play?


35. Complete the name of this James Taylor album?

'Mudslide Slim And The **** *******'


36. Complete this Neil Sedaka hit song title?

'Oh! *****'


37. Which 1969 movie starring Paul Newman and Robert Redford did this song feature in?


38. Name 'The Eurythmics'?


39. Which American actor features in this music video?


40. What was Cilla Black's real name?


41. Which Beatle wrote this song?


42. What does E.L.O. stand for?


43. With which song did 'Katrina And The Waves' win Eurovision in 1994?


44. If we had a bright, sun shiny day later this week, how would you ideally spend it>


45. True or False. The phrase "It's raining cats and dogs" comes from dead animals bring found in flood water?

(Sorry that question is a bit grim!)

This one is for dancing to ....

Finally, can anyone think of any other sunny or rainy songs?

1. Meghan Markle & Prince Harry

2. Red; Orange; Yellow; Green; Blue; Indigo & Violet

3. Leprechaun

4. "Doctor Foster went to GLOUCESTER

In a shower of RAIN

He stepped in a PUDDLE

Right up to his MIDDLE


5. Michael Fish

6. 'Beaufort Scale'

7. Typhoon

8. True

9. Tornado

10. "Red sky at night, SHEPHERD'S DELIGHT

Red sky in the morning, SHEPHERD'S WARNING"


11. Ian McCaskill

12. John Kettley

13. Ulrika Johnson

14. Francis Wilson

15. Derek Brockway

16. Tomasz Schafernaker

17. Carol Kirkwood