'Queen's Official Birthday', 12th June

In honour of the Queen's Official Birthday, which is on 12th June this year, here is a 'Royalty Picture & Music Quiz'.

To begin with, ask members what they think of Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Royal Family?

Have they a favourite royal?

Have they ever met one?

Would they like to?

Has anyone visited any of the Royal Palaces?

Ask members to wear hats and have flags to wave, for later in the session.

Round 1

1. How old is Queen Elizabeth 11?

What is her proper name?

2. When and where was the Coronation?

3. Name the Queen's four main residences?

4. How does one know she is at home?

Name the flag?

5. Does one call the Queen 'Ma'am as in Spam' or 'Marm as in Smarm'?

6. The 'Queen's Guard', as in 'The Changing Of The Guard' consists of five different regiments. What are they?

SONG. 'Buckingham Palace', sung by Ann Stephens. YouTube link here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Z5LpHuXVE

7. Listen carefully. Who went down to the Palace with Alice?

Round 2

8. The Queen sends cards on what two occasions (by request)?

9. In the 'New Year's Honours List' and 'Birthday Honours List', what do the following letters stand for?






10. What coins does the Queen give to selected pensioners just before Easter?

11. What two different types of animal does the Queen famously own?

12. How much do a first class stamp and a second class stamp cost?

13. T or F. The Queen does not need to carry a driving licence or passport?

14. Aside from the Queen, who appears on the £5, £10, £20 and (to be released later this year) the £50 polymer notes? Clues - politician, author, artist & scientist

SONG. 'Stand And Deliver', by Adam And The Ants. YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B2a6l6wM2k

15. What was his other number 1 song, in addition to this one?

Round 3

16. Identify these Royals.

In which year did he abdicate?

17. Identify this couple?

In which year did she die?

18. Identify this royal?

Where was this photograph taken?

19. Identify these royals?

Name the 1987 TV programme?

20. Identify these ex-royals?

Which US drama series did she play a prominent role in?

21. Identify these royals?

Where did they meet?

SONG. 'Dancing Queen', by ABBA. YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrGuyw1V8s

22. T or F The Queen always likes to dance when this record comes on?

Round 4

23. Name the six wives of Henry V111th?

24. Where would you find the Crown Jewels and what is the most valuable diamond?

25. Before Queen Elizabeth II, who was England's longest reigning monarch? Which other title did she give herself?

26. Which year was the Queen's 'annus horribilis' and why?

27. Who played Queen Victoria and John Brown in the 1997 movie 'Mrs Brown'?

28. Who played King George VI and Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons in the 2010 movie 'The King's Speech'?

29. Who played Queen Elizabeth 11 and Tony Blair in the 2006 movie, 'The Queen'?

SONG. 'Candle In The Wind', by Elton John ('Goodbye England's Rose'). YouTube link -


30. What was Marilyn Monroe's real name?

Round 5

31. How many member states (nearest guess), nearly all former territories of 'The British Empire', make up 'The Commonwealth'?

32. Which youth achievement award did Prince Philip establish in 1956?

33. In which year and in which castle did the 'Investiture' of the Prince Of Wales take place?

34. What are Prince Williams's favoured charities 'Centrepoint' and 'Mind' concerned about?

35. What is the name of the games Prince Harry established for injured ex-servicemen and women?

36. Name as many of the recurring Queen's public duties as you can? (A chance to beef up your points!)

37. What occasion was this?

SONG. 'We Are The Champions', Queen. YouTube link -


38. What was the lead singer's stage name and real name?

SONG. 'Jerusalem', by William Blake. YouTube link -


39. Which organisation sings this song before each of their meetings?

SONG. 'God Save The Queen'. YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3dR7u7TPNo

40. What time is the Queen's Christmas Address each year?

Time for some flag waving. 'Land Of Hope And Glory'. YouTube link -


41. Who composed this song?


1. 95 - she was born 21st April 1926

The Queen's full name is Elizabeth Alexandra Mary. Her full official title is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.

Mountbatten-Windsor is the personal surname used by some of the male-line descendants of Queen Elizabeth II and the late Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

2. 2nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey

3. Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, Sandringham & Balmoral

4. The Royal Standard is raised

5. The first time you talk to her you say "Your Majesty", then for the rest of the conversation it is "Ma'am", said like jam or ham

6. The Scots Guard, The Welsh Guard, The Irish Guard, The Coldstream Guards and The Grenadier Guards

7. Christopher Robin

8. 100th and 105th birthday, and every year thereafter

60th (diamond), 65th & 70th wedding anniversary, and every year thereafter

9. MBE - Member Of The British Empire

OBE - Order

CBE - Commander

DBE - Dame

KBE - Knight

10. Maundy Money

11. Welsh Corgis (thirty over her lifetime) and Racehorses

(Historically, she also owns all the Swans and Dolphins in England)

12. 61p and 70p respectively

13. True because they are issued in her name.

14. £5 - Winston Churchill

£10 - Jane Austen

£20 - JW Turner

£50 - Alan Turing

15. 'Prince Charming'

16. Edward & Wallace Simpson


17. Princess Margaret & Peter Townsend


18 Princess Diane

Taj Mahal

19. Sarah Ferguson, Prince Edward, Price Andrew, Princess Anne

'It's A Royal Knockout'?

20. Prince Harry & Megan Markle


21. Prince William & Catherine Middleton

St Andrew's University

22. True

Round 4

23. Catherine of Aragon. (divorced)

Anne Boleyn. (beheaded)

Jane Seymour. (died)

Anne of Cleves. (divorced)

Catherine Howard. (beheaded)

Catherine Parr. (survived)

24. Tower Of London & Koh-I-Noor

25. Queen Victoria, her great great grandmother, reigned for 63 years and 7 months, from 1937-1901

'Empress Of India'

26. 1992 - Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson separated, Princess Anne and Captain Mark Phillips divorced and Windsor Castle caught fire. 'Diana: Her True Story' was also published, written by Andrew Morton

27. Judi Dench & Billy Connolly

28. Colin Firth & Helena Bonham-Carter

29. Helen Mirren & Michael Sheen

30. Norma Jean Mortenson

Round 5

31. 54, home to 2.4bn citizens

32. Duke Of Edinburgh Awards

33. 1st July 1969 at Caernarfon Castle

(Does anyone still have their mug or cup and saucer)

34. Homeless young people & Mental health

35. Invictus Games

36. Investitures

Garden Parties

State Visits

Foreign & Commonwealth Tours

St David's Day (March - Leeks given to Welsh Guards)

Commonwealth Day Observance (March)

St Patrick's day (March - shamrock given to Irish Guard)

Royal Maundy Service (April)

Chelsea Flower Show (May)

The Derby (June)

Trooping The Colour (June)

Royal Ascot (June)

Garter Ceremony (June)

Thistle Ceremony (July)

Braemar Highland Games (September)

Royal Variety Performance (November)

Cenotaph Ceremony (November)

Festival Of Remembrance (November)

State Opening Of Parliament (November)

Christmas Message (December)

& Audiences with the Prime Minister

37. The Opening Ceremony of the '2012 London Olympic Games'

38. Freddie Mercury / Farrokh Bulsara

39. The Women's Institute

40. 3pm

41. Edward Elgar

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