'Queen's Official Birthday', 12th June

In honour of the Queen's Official Birthday, which is on 12th June this year, here is a 'Royalty Picture & Music Quiz'.

To begin with, ask members what they think of Queen Elizabeth 11 and the Royal Family?

Have they a favourite royal?

Have they ever met one?

Would they like to?

Has anyone visited any of the Royal Palaces?

Ask members to wear hats and have flags to wave, for later in the session.

Round 1

1. How old is Queen Elizabeth 11?

What is her proper name?

2. When and where was the Coronation?

3. Name the Queen's four main residences?

4. How does one know she is at home?

Name the flag?

5. Does one call the Queen 'Ma'am as in Spam' or 'Marm as in Smarm'?

6. The 'Queen's Guard', as in 'The Changing Of The Guard' consists of five different regiments. What are they?

SONG. 'Buckingham Palace', sung by Ann Stephens. YouTube link here - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W_Z5LpHuXVE

7. Listen carefully. Who went down to the Palace with Alice?

Round 2

8. The Queen sends cards on what two occasions (by request)?

9. In the 'New Year's Honours List' and 'Birthday Honours List', what do the following letters stand for?






10. What coins does the Queen give to selected pensioners just before Easter?

11. What two different types of animal does the Queen famously own?

12. How much do a first class stamp and a second class stamp cost?

13. T or F. The Queen does not need to carry a driving licence or passport?

14. Aside from the Queen, who appears on the £5, £10, £20 and (to be released later this year) the £50 polymer notes? Clues - politician, author, artist & scientist

SONG. 'Stand And Deliver', by Adam And The Ants. YouTube link - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B2a6l6wM2k

15. What was his other number 1 song, in addition to this one?

Round 3

16. Identify these Royals.

In which year did he abdicate?

17. Identify this couple?

In which year did she die?

18. Identify this royal?

Where was this photograph taken?

19. Identify these royals?

Name the 1987 TV programme?

20. Identify these ex-royals?

Which US drama series did she play a prominent role in?