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The aim of this quiz is for members to listen to the music tracks and link them up with the movie posters, which should be printed out for the tables. (It could be viewed as an extension of the 'Valentines Day' CST activities page.) Encourage reminiscence and discussion about each movie. Ask who has seen each movie and how they would rate it. Enjoy singalongs if members appear to respond well to a particular song. To help with movie recognition, actors and actresses are listed, together with movie quotes and some fun facts. Simplify and reduce content as necessary.

As this is not a handout quiz, essentially this blog page is an Answers Sheet for facilitators. Links to the Spotify playlist and Movie Poster PowerPoint are to be found here ...

'Love Story', 1970 Starring - Ryan O'Neal & Ali MacGraw (Oliver Barrett & Jenny Cavilleri) Quote - "Love means never having to say you're sorry." Song - 'WHERE DO I BEGIN', ANDY WILLIAMS

Question - Which 1973 movie did Ryan O'Neal co-star with his daughter Tatum? - PAPER MOON Fun fact - To prepare for their roles, Ryan O'Neal learned to ice skate and Ali MacGraw learned to play the harpsichord.

'Titanic', 1998 Starring - Leonardo DiCaprio & Kate Winslet (Jack Dawson & Rose DeWitt Bukater) Quote - "I'm the king of the world!" Song - 'MY HEART WILL GO ON', CELINE DION

Question - How long did it take Titanic to sink? - 2 HOURS 40 MINS

Fun fact - 'Titanic' is the most Oscar-nominated film (with 14 nominations) not to win in any acting categories.

'Sleepless In Seattle', 1983 Starring - Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan (Sam Baldwin & Annie Reed) Quote - "I knew it the first time I saw her. It was like coming home, only to no home I'd ever known. I was just taking her hand to help her out of a car and I knew. It was...magic." Song - 'IN THE WEE SMALL HOURS OF THE MORNING', CARLY SIMON

Question - Where did Sam and Annie meet at the end of the movie? - AT THE TOP OF THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING

Fun fact - Despite playing the role of his sister in the movie, Rita Wilson, is the real life wife of Tom Hanks.

'Notting Hill', 1999 Starring - Hugh Grant & Julia Roberts (Will Thacker & Anna Scott) Quote - "I'm just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her." Song - 'WHEN YOU SAY NOTHING AT ALL', RONAN KEATING

Question - Who starred as Will's sister? - EMMA CHAMBERS (Alice in 'The Vicar Of Dibley')

Fun fact - During the birthday dinner scene, Anna Scott is asked how much she made on her last film, and her reply is $15 million. This is actually the amount she was paid for appearing in 'Notting Hill'.

'Four Weddings and A Funeral', 1994 Starring - Hugh Grant & Andie McDowell (Charles & Carrie) Quote - Carrie: Why do you think it's called "honeymoon"? Charles: Um, I don't know... I suppose it's, uh, "honey" because it's sweet as honey, and "moon" because it's the first time a husband got to see his wife's bottom." Song - 'LOVE IS ALL AROUND', WET WET WET

Question - This song was originally released in 1968 by which band? - THE TROGGS

Fun fact - The poem read at the funeral is 'Funeral Blues', by W.H. Auden.

'When Harry Met Sally', 1989 Starring - Billy Crystal & Meg Ryan (Harry Burns & Sally Albright) Quote - "I'll have what she's having!" Song - 'IT HAD TO BE YOU', HARRY CONNICK JNR

Question - True or False. By the end of the movie Harry and Sally are a couple? - TRUE

Fun fact - The (ahem!) orgasm scene was filmed at Katz's Deli, an actual restaurant on New York's E. Houston Street. The table at which the scene was filmed now has a plaque on it that reads, "Where Harry met Sally...hope you have what she had!"

'Gone With The Wind', 1939 Starring - Clark Gable & Vivien Leigh (Rhett Butler & Scarlet O'Hara) Quote - "Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." Music - MAIN TITLE THEME, MAX STEINER

Question - What were the two factions fighting each other in the American Civil War? - YANKEES (NORTH AMERICANS) AND REBELS (SOUTHERN)

Fun fact - The burning of Atlanta scene is filmed in front of the set of 'King Kong' which was deliberately destroyed for the scenes.

'Casablanca', 1942 Starring - Humphrey Bogart & Ingrid Bergman (Rick Blaine & Ilsa Lund) Quote - "Here's looking at you kid." Song - 'AS TIME GOES BY', DOOLEY WILSON

Question - True or False. Humphrey Bogart said the famously quoted line 'Play it again Sam'? - FALSE. Ingrid Bergman actually said 'Play it once Sam'.

Fun fact - There are only a few Hollywood actors and actresses who have autographs that routinely sell for $1,000 or more, and Humphrey Bogart is one of them. In contrast, a signature of Clark Gable sells for around $500 and John Wayne's is worth around $200.

'An Affair To Remember', 1957 Starring - Cary Grant & Deborah Kerr (Nickie Ferrante & Terry McKay) Quote - "Winter must be cold for those with no warm memories... we've already missed the spring!" Song - 'AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER', VIC DAMONE

Question - Which movie in this list was inspired by 'An Affair To Remember', and directly quotes from it? - SLEEPLESS IN SEATTLE

Fun fact - Cary Grant gave up his habit of smoking sixty cigarettes a day during the making of this movie.

'Dirty Dancing', 1987 Starring - Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey (Johnny Castle & Frances 'Baby' Houseman) Quote - "Nobody puts Baby in the corner." Song - '(I'VE HAD) THE TIME OF MY LIFE', BILL MEDLEY & JENNIFER WARNES

Question - True or False. A Sky Movies survey saw this film rated as 'Number 1 Most Watched Movie By Women'? - TRUE

Fun fact - The scenes where Jennifer Grey giggles as Patrick Swazye funs his fingers down her body as part of their dance rehearsal were originally cut, as they were unrehearsed and a result of her being ticklish. Swayze's annoyance was also real.

'Pretty Woman', 1990 Starring - Richard Gere & Julia Roberts (Edward Lewis & Vivian Ward) Quote - “I appreciate this whole seduction thing you've got going on here, but let me give you a tip: I'm a sure thing.” Song - 'OH, PRETTY WOMAN', ROY ORBISON

Question - What was Julia Roberts occupation in this movie? - A CALL GIRL OR ESCORT

Fun fact - Richard Gere improvised the scene where Edward snaps the necklace case down on Vivian's (Julia Roberts's) fingers, and Roberts's reaction (laughter) was totally natural. The filmmakers liked it so much, they decided to leave it in.

'Ghost', 1990 Starring - Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore (Sam Wheat & Molly Jensen) Quote - "He's stuck, that's what it is. He's in between worlds. You know it happens sometimes that the spirit gets yanked out so fast that the essence still feels it has work to do here." Song - 'UNCHAINED MELODY', THE RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS

Question - Who played the role of Oda Mae Brown, the Medium? - WHOOPI GOLDBERG

Fun fact - Patrick Swayze said that the pottery scene was the sexiest thing he had ever done on film.

'Breakfast At Tiffany's', 1961 Starring - Audrey Hepburn & George Peppard (Miss Holly Golightly & Paul Varjak) Quote - "You call yourself a free spirit, a “wild thing,” and you're terrified somebody's gonna stick you in a cage." Song - 'MOON RIVER', AUDREY HEPBURN

Question - Who played Mr Yunioshi, the Japanese man who lived upstairs? - MICKEY ROONEY

Fun fact - There is no cafe or restaurant at Tiffany's, so you can't get breakfast there.

'Dr Zhivago', 1965 Starring - Omar Sharif (Yuri Zhivago) Quote - "Good marriages are made in heaven... or some such place." Song - 'LARA'S THEME', PERCY FAITH AND HIS ORCHESTRA

Question - Who directed this movie? - SIR DAVID LEAN

Fun fact - This movie was not shown in Russia until 1994.

'Fatal Attraction', 1987 Starring - Michael Douglas & Glenn Close (Dan Gallagher & Alex Forrest) Quote - "If you ever come near my family again, I'll kill you. Do you understand?" Song - 'RUN RABBIT RUN', FLANAGAN & ALLEN (This song choice is 'tongue in cheek'!)

Question - True or False. This film is where the phrase 'Bunny boiler' came from? - TRUE Fun fact - Several scenes are set to the music of Puccini's opera 'Madame Butterfly', as Butterfly ultimately kills herself due to her longing (though in the movie Dan's wife shoots Alex).

'Bridget Jones Diary', Starring - Rene Zellweger (Bridget Jones) Quote - “It is a truth universally acknowledged that when one part of your life starts going okay, another falls spectacularly to pieces.” Song - 'OUT OF REACH', GABRIELLE

Question - What colour was the soup she made towards the end of the film? - BLUE

Fun fact - To prepare for the role, Renee Zellwegger gained 25 pounds and then actually worked at a British publishing company for a month in preparation for the role. She adopted an alias as well as her posh accent and was apparently not recognised.

'Robin Hood: Prince Of Thieves', 1991

Starring - Kevin Costner (Robin Of Locksley)

Quote - "Something vexes thee?" (Said by Mortinanna, played by Geraldine McEwan)


Question - Who played the Sheriff Of Nottingham? - ALAN RICKMAN

Fun fact - The shot of Robin shooting the flaming arrow was shot at three hundred frames per second (normal speed is twenty-four frames per second).

'Bodyguard', 1992

Starring - Kevin Costner & Whitney Houston (Frank Farmer & Rachel Marron)

Quote - Rachel: "And you're ready to die for me?" Frank - "It's the job." Rachel - "And you'd do it? Why?" Frank - "I can't sing.”


Question - Who wrote and originally recorded this song? - DOLLY PARTON

Fun fact - As of 2015, with over 37 million albums sold, the film had the best-selling soundtrack of all time. 'Saturday Night Fever' (1977) places second, with nearly 10 million fewer albums sold.

'Cleopatra', 1963

Starring - Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton (Cleopatra & Mark Antony)

Quote - "We must not disappoint the mighty Caesar! The Romans tell fabulous tales of my baths and handmaidens... and my morals!"

Song - 'WALK LIKE AN EGYPTIAN', THE BANGLES (Another 'tongue in cheek' selection, sorry!)

Question - How many times was Elizabeth Taylor married (including how many times to Richard Burton)? - EIGHT TIMES, TWICE TO BURTON

Fun fact - Adjusted for inflation, this is one of the most expensive movies ever made. Its budget of forty-four million dollars is equivalent to approximately three hundred forty-four million dollars in 2016 dollars.

'Wuthering Heights', 1939

Starring - Merle Oberon & Laurence Olivier (Catherine Earnshaw Linton & Heathcliff)

Quote - "He seems to take pleasure in being mean and brutal. And yet, he's more myself than I am. Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same."


Question - Where was the story set? - NORTH YORKSHIRE MOORS

Fun fact - Kate Bush shares a birthday with Emily Bronte - 30th July.

'Truly Madly Deeply', 1990

Starring - Juliet Stevenson & Alan Rickman (Nina & Jamie)

Quote - Jamie: "I really, truly, madly, deeply, passionately, remarkably love you." Nina: "I really, truly, madly, deeply, passionately, remarkably, umm... deliciously love you."


Question - What instrument did Alan Rickman play in the film? - CELLO

Fun fact - Savage Garden went on to have a 1997 hit with their song 'Truly Madly Deeply'.

'A Star Is Born', 1976

Starring - Barbra Streisand & Kris Kristofferson (Esther Hoffman Howard & John Norman Howard)

Quote - "You can trash your life but you're not going to trash mine."


Question - Which Barbra Streisand album did this song feature on? GUILTY

Fun fact - The film is a remake of the 1937 original drama starring Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, which had also been adapted in 1954 as a musical starring Judy Garland and James Mason. The story was again adapted in 2018 starring Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper.

'An Officer And A Gentleman', 1982

Starring - Richard Gere & Deborah Winger (Zack Mayo & Paula Pokrifki)

Quote - "Life gave him nothing, except the courage to win ... and a woman to love."


Question - What branch of the military was Zack Mayo in? - NAVY

Fun fact - Richard Gere and Debra Winger did not get along during filming, and would distance themselves from each other significantly while the camera wasn't rolling. Publicly, she called him a "brick wall", while he admitted there was "tension" between them.

Also worthy of a mention, though it is hard to think of songs to associate with them (???) are:

- 'Jane Eyre', 1943

- 'Rebecca', 1940

- 'Brief Encounter', 1945

Ask members if there are any favourite romantic movies missing from this list?

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