Pub Quiz 🍺

Hope you enjoy this one!

It's a 'Pub Quiz', pure and simple. Forty plus questions in four rounds. With some familiar music in between rounds.

Begin the CST session by asking members if they enjoy going to the pub, club or bar?

Have they a favourite pub they like to visit? Do they like to just for a pint with their mates, or for a meal with with their partner? Or maybe they enjoy a pub quiz?

What are members' favourite drinks? Do people prefer a pint or a glass of wine, or something else?

- List some beers and ciders.

- List some wines.

- List some spirits.

- List some soft drinks.

Maybe play this quiz with a small glass of sherry in hand ...

ROUND 1. Pubs In TV & Movies

1. Name the TV soap & bar lady?

2. Name the TV soap & county where it is set?

3. Name the pub & TV comedy?

4. Name the pub & TV comedy?

5. Name the pub & TV soap? Name the landladies?

6. In which American city was this TV comedy set? Who played the bar owner?

Here is the theme music -

7. Name the 1977 movie & the characters?

8. Name the pub & 1981 movie?

9. Name the pub & the 2001 movie?

10. Name the pub & the 2004 movie?

11. SONG BREAK. 'Down At The Old Bull And Bush' -

To be called 'A Cockney', you have to be born within earshot of which bells?

ROUND 2. 10 Emoji Pub Names

22. SONG BREAK. 'Wild Rover', The Dubliners -

Which river runs through Dublin?

ROUND 3. Adverts

23. "Probably the best lager in the world!"

24. "Black gold!"

25. "Schhh. You know who!"

26. "Refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach!"

27. "Refreshing people since 1960!"

28. "Getting your head down dear?"

29. "Anytime, any place, anywhere!"

30. "Lipsmackin'!"

31. "Aids recovery!"

32. "It's got sparkle. It's got life!"

33. SONG BREAK. "I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing', The New Seekers' -

Which soft drink did this song advertise?

BONUS ROUND. A bit of everything

34. Which 1882 novel by Robert Louis Stevenson features the 'Admiral Benbow'?

35. Who wrote the 1936 novel 'Jamaica Inn'?

36. Which Steven King novel features 'The Overlook Hotel'?

37. Which drink did Enid Blyton's 'Famous Five' like to drink 'lashings of'?