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Potato Quiz

Here is another Dementia Cafe short quiz focused on the food we all love, potatoes. First there are some idioms, or well known phrases, to complete together, then a picture quiz of different potato dishes and of course some adverts and songs to make the session more interactive and fun. Please do let me know if you like these short focused sessions and whether the word search is worth including.


Couch POTATO (lazy)

Daddy or CHIPS (McCain advert)

Drop it like a hot POTATO (too risky)

They're waffly VERSATILE (Bird's Eye advert)

Keep your eyes PEELED

For Mash get SMASH (Cadbury's advert)

Chip off the old BLOCK (like your father)

On the gravy TRAIN (make a lot of money with little effort)

Salt of the EARTH (an honest person)

He's got a chip on his SHOULDER (attitude problem)

Take it with a pinch of SALT (don't let it bother you)

Butter wouldn't melt in his MOUTH (goody two shoes)

He's had his CHIPS (time is up!)

"If you don't clean your EARS, you'll have potatoes growing out of them" (what your mother used to say to make you wash properly)

"You look like a SACK of potatoes" (again, a mother's saying to tidy yourself up)

And here is a children's rhyme and game ...

"One potato, two potato, three potato, four. Five potato, six potato, seven potato more. One potato, two potato, three potato, four. I like mashed potato, can I have some more?"

General Knowledge - 20 Questions

​Who introduced Queen Elizabeth 1 and England to the potato in 1585? (He also brought back tobacco and guinea pigs from the Americas)

​Which country experienced a 'Potato Famine' from 1845-1852 that led to 1m deaths and 1m emigrants?

​Which Dutch artist painted 'The Potato Eaters' in 1885?

​Which British king had a potato named after him in 1902?

​Are potatoes 80% solid and 20% water or 80% water and 20% solid?

​What is the name given to the carbohydrate in potatoes?

​What colour are potato flowers?

​Which Irish spirits are made from potatoes?

​Which British island is associated with new potatoes?

​True or False. You can grow potatoes at almost any altitude, including in space? (Has anyone seen the 2015 movie 'The Martian'?)

​How many potatoes can grow from one tuber?

​What s the proper name for a sweet potato?

​What are the Scottish and Irish slang words for potatoes?

​What do Indians call potato dishes?

​Which baked potato food chain launched in Edinburgh in 1974?

​What was included in the first bags of crisps sold in London by Frank Smith in the 1920s?

​Which footballer advertised Walker's crisps?

​(Nearest guess) How old do you think this Walker's crisp bag, found on Treyarnon beach in Cornwall, is?

​What is this children's game called?

​What other root vegetables can you name?

Next, name these objects and describe how you would use them ...

Ad break ...

Next, name these potato dishes ...

Next, ask members to vote which make of crisps is their favourite?

Ask them to list as many flavours as they can (does anyone remember 'Hedgehog Crisps'?)

How do you like your chips?

Here are a few potato related songs ...

'Do The Mashed Potatoes', James Brown -

'Monster Mash', Bobby 'Boris' Pickett -

Practical Activity Suggestion

Make some potato prints ...

Or, you could buy a potato battery clock kit ...

Sir Francis Drake


Vincent Van Goch

King Edward V11

80% water 20% solid


White, lavender or pink


Jersey Royals


Up to 20


Spuds & Tatties


'Spud U Like'

Twist of salt in blue paper

Gary Lineker

50 years old

'Mr Potato Head'

Carrots, parsnips, radishes, beetroots, turnips, onions and shallots

sweet potatoes etc

Download PDF • 22KB


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