Painting By Numbers

i just wanted to give a shout out to two excellent ‘Oil Painting By Numbers’ apps, which are available in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Both are free, but can be subscribed to for access to more pictures and to remove adverts. (The Android version is far cheaper!)

The first (iOS) is ‘Color By Number Oil Painting’ by Veraxen.

The second is 'Oil Painting' by Color Planet (Play Store).

Both apps have equally beautiful and lifelike paintings to colour and both use similar techniques to fill in areas of colours. Colours are linked by numbers, as you would expect, but areas to tap on to fill in are also highlighted by shading, which is great if you have problems with number recognition. Colouring small areas can be fiddly, but a help button is provided to help find them.

Painting by number on your iPhone or Android phone, or on an iPad or tablet, is very relaxing, especially if some classical music is playing in the background and as the pictures build and are completed, there is a real sense of achievement. Both developers describe them as 'mindfulness' activities. Completed pictures can be saved and shared on social media, so over time you build a library of completed works to look back on.

The apps can be used by anyone and everyone with good vision and reasonably good dexterity and touch. They may be especially helpful for clients who are more solitary, or less mobile. Another benefit is there is no need for art materials, no mess to clear up and paper is saved.

Here are a few images of paintings I have completed.

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