‘National Horse Protection Day’ 1st March

For a short CST activity on ‘National Horse Protection Day’, ask clients to list some famous fictional horses and riders, e.g. ‘Silver’/‘The Lone Ranger’, ‘Black Bess’/‘Dick Turpin’ & ‘Tornado’/‘Zorro’. And real life ones, e.g. Princess Anne, Bob Champion, Lester Piggott & ‘Red Rum’, ‘Seabiscuit’ & ‘Secretariat’. Have some horse pictures form the internet to colour in, or try drawing horses free hand. Tell stories about pony trekking and winning bets on ‘The Grand National’.

Listen to some TV themes -

‘Champion The Wonderhorse’ - https://youtu.be/-5i_pEYGe1o

‘Black Beauty’ - https://youtu.be/8u5NgC4lZ8s

‘On White Horses’ - https://youtu.be/jtCNbERKvMs

‘Follyfoot’ - https://youtu.be/CqwJoEGyGMY

‘Robin Hood’ (His horse’s name was ‘Golden Cloud’) - https://youtu.be/BbyYr6L5xQM

And pop songs -

‘A Horse With No Name’, America - https://youtu.be/oEHBTjIYejE

‘They Shoot Horses Don’t They?’, Racing Cars -


‘On Horseback’, Mike Oldfield - https://youtu.be/B62EO0rqRcM

‘Rhinestone Cowboy’, Glen Campbell - https://youtu.be/8kAU3B9Pi_U

‘Everybody’s Talkin’, Harry Nilsson - https://youtu.be/5zHVFXorF38

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