‘National Herbs & Spices Day’, 10th June

This week we started by reading the poem 'What are little girls made of...' and discussing what are the real differences between the genders versus the stereotypical views commonly held. (We all agreed that men and women are more alike than different and that our unique personalities are what really differentiates us.) We talked about the common view that the age of chivalry is over and the blurring of gender boundaries and discussed whether equality was a good thing. (We all agreed that it was.) We asked if anyone has a hero or a favourite celebrity they would love to meet and why. Has anyone actually met anyone famous? Has anyone a signed photo or object they have kept safe for years? Our practical activity was sensory, based on taste and smell linked to herbs and spices. We picked herbs from the garden and passed them around. We asked if anyone had ideas for how they could be used, e.g.

- mint tea/sauce/sweets - lavender pomander/floor polish - rosemary roasted potatoes/Pears Soap - basil pesto sauce/pizza topping - thyme stuffing - parsley sauce - fennel/anniseed Perno/Sambuca. We did the same for spices, but this time it was about recognition of smells out of the spice rack. - vanilla ice cream/custard - nutmeg rice pudding - cinnamon Christmas pudding - cloves toothache/punch - garlic bread/pasta dishes

- ginger - often used in Chinese food (we discussed our favourites)

- curry leaves - various curries (we discussed our favourites).

For our break we then had some ginger beer and cinnamon buns. (Lashings of ginger beer is from the ‘Famous Five‘ series of children's books by Enid Blyton. Timmy was their dog.)

We then decorated gingerbread men to take home with us (actually we ended up eating most of them!).

Our CST songs were …

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