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Name That Tune 🎧🎤 Place Names

With the 50th anniversary of 'ABBA's' 'Waterloo' performance at the 1974 'Eurovision Song Contest' approaching, I thought it provided an opportunity to refresh our memories with songs that feature place names in the title or lyrics. So here is a Dementia Cafe Music Quiz for your enjoyment.

The idea is to guess the song place name by looking at the photograph and hearing a short music clip from the Spotify playlist below which will hopefully promote recall and allow for some great singalongs.

Let me know how you get on and if there are any obvious songs missing from the quiz.

Round 1. UK


This was a Christmas number one in 1977?

This was about someone from Liverpool?

Vera Lynn sang this one?

This song mentioned four herbs, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme?

This song was also about Liverpool?

This song was about an Emily Bronte book?

This song had nothing to do with tennis?

This song is about homeless and vulnerable people?

This song takes you to North Wales?

This song is set in London?

This song is also set in London (think Sherlock Holmes address)?

This song has the name of a coin in its title?

Round 2. Europe


This song was kept out of the number 1 slot in 1991 by Joe Dalce's 'Shaddap You Face'?

This was Bonnie Tyler's first hit in 1976?

This song was the official theme for the 1992 Olympics?

This lady sold shellfish and died of a fever?

This song title was 'Long Live Spain'?

Max Bygraves sang this song in 1958?

ABBA won the 1974 'Eurovision Song Contest' with this song?

Matt Monroe sang the theme song for this 1963 James Bond movie?

Bananarama sand a song about this actor in 1984?

This theme song was from a 1954 movie set in Rome?

Danny Kaye sang this song about this Scandinavian city?

This is another Scandi song, from the Beatles 'Rubber Soul' album in 1965. It was their first song to feature the Indian sitar?

Round 3. America


This Frank Sinatra song was about a city so good they named in twice?

This Don McLean song featured the lyric "the day the music died", which was actually a reference to Buddy Holly?

This song was recorded by an American group named after the national bird?

In this song Scott Mc Kenzie told us to "wear flowers in your hair" if we go to this American city?

This song is about a man who worked on the telephone network in Oklahoma? The end of it was used as the outro to 'Steve Wright In The Afternoon'?

This 1985 single was also the title of a classic Bruce Springsteen album?

This was the title song of a 1964 Elvis movie?

This 1963 song was the first Beach Boys hit?

This 1987 Sting song was about the English raconteur Quentin Crisp?

Olivia Newton-John had a top twenty hit in 1973 with a cover of this John Denver song? This song was re-recorded in 1985 by Peter Kaye to raise funds for 'Comic Relief'?

This 1981 single marked Kim Wilde's debut and charted at number three?

Round 4. Rest Of The World


This David Bowie song peaked at number two in the UK charts in 1983?

The Vapors had this Japanese themed hit in 1982?

Boney M hit number one with this biblical song in 1978?

The Bangles could have written this 1986 hit in hieroglyphics?

Toto wrote this song about this second largest continent in the world in 1982?

Julie Covington originally had a hit with this song in 1976?

This Barry Manilow song is about a nightclub "north of Havana"?

This is an Australian themed song by Men At Work?

This Murray Head hit was the stand out song from the musical 'Chess'?

Lots of Chinese people rode bikes in this 1985 Katie Melua hit?

Duran Duran were sailing to Brazil in the video for this 1982 top ten hit?

Enya had a hit with this river song in 1988?


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