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'Classic FM & Radio Times Movie Music Hall Of Fame 2020'

This CST session is inspired by the recent 'Classic FM & Radio Times Movie Music Hall Of Fame 2020', where over 20,000 people ranked their favourite classical movie scores. Added to this countdown are some of (in my humble opinion) the best songs from the movies, including some 'Best Song' Oscar winners.

To make the the music and picture quiz more interactive, I've illustrated each selected movie with a GIF or photo and there are several music clips along the way. (There are too many to include them all. I've highlighted some of the more obvious and popular movies which are more likely to be held in longer-term memory. Give members choices about which to play, if possible.) A question is included for each film highlighted, but do encourage discussion, story telling and reminiscence. Completion and keeping scores are far less important than engagement and enjoyment.

Simplify the quiz as necessary by giving first names or initials etc.

(We split the CST activity into two hour long sessions.)

Before starting ...

Ask members, who likes going to the movies?

Would they prefer to watch a film in the cinema, or in the comfort of their own home?

Which genre of films do they most like? - Sci fi, Horror, Thriller, Western, War film, Musical, Rom com etc

Who likes popcorn? What about a hot dog? Or nachos? Or Pick and Mix?

Have members a favourite soft drink?

Do members have any favourite films they could recommend?

Here goes:


Round 1 - 50-41

50 - 'Frozen'

49 - 'Interstellar'

48 - 'Casablanca', 1942

SONG. 'As Time Goes By', Dooley Wilson -

Q. Which actors played Rick Blaine and Ilsa Lund in this movie?

47 - 'James Bond' theme ('Goldfinger', 1964)

SONG. 'Goldfinger', Shirley Bassey -

Q. Which three James Bond songs did Shirley Bassey sing?

46 - 'Superman', 1978 - MUSIC. 'Superman Theme' -

Q. What was Superman's real life name and which newspaper did he work for?

45 - 'Alien', 1979

Q. Which actor's stomach did the Alien burst out of?

44 - 'Pride And Prejudice', 1995

Q. Who wrote the book? Who is pictured here?

43 - 'Inception'

42 - 'Avatar'

41 - 'Captain Corelli's Mandolin'


SONG' 'Everything I Do, I Do It For You', Bryan Adams - 'Robin Hood', 1991 -

Q. Who played Robin Hood and his arch enemy The Sheriff Of Nottingham in this movie?

SONG. 'Night Fever', The Bee Gees - 'Saturday Night Fever', 1977 -

Q. Name the three Gibb brothers?

Round 2 - 40-31

40 - 'Once Upon A Time In The West'

39 - 'Romeo And Juliet'

38 - 'Jaws', 1975 - MUSIC. 'Jaws Theme' -

Q. Who (pictured here) said "We're going to need a bigger boat!" (character and actor)?

37 - 'The Big Country'

36 - 'Titanic', 1997

SONG. 'My Heart Will Go On', Celine Dion -

Q. Which year did the 'Titanic' sink? How many souls were lost and saved?

35 - 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'

34 - 'Last Of The Mohicans'

33 - 'Battle Of Britain', 1969

Q. Which two aeroplanes are said to have won the 'Battle Of Britain' in 1940?

32 - 'The Dam Busters', 1955

MUSIC. 'Dambusters Theme' -

Q. Who invented the 'bouncing bomb' and which planes delivered them?

31 - 'Back To The Future', 1985 - MUSIC. 'Back To The Future Theme' -

Q. Who played Marty McFly in this movie? Which car did he time travel in?


SONG. ‘I’ve Had The Time Of My Life’ - 'Dirty Dancing', 1987 -

Q. Which two actors are dancing here?

SONG. 'Moon River', Audrey Hepburn - 'Breakfast At Tiffany's', 1961 -

Q. Name Audrey Hepburn's character in this movie?

Round 3 - 30 - 21

30 - 'The Godfather', 1972 - MUSIC. 'The Godfather Theme'-

Q. What was the Godfather's name and who played him?

29 - 'Apollo 13'

28 - 'Saving Private Ryan'

27 - 'The Sound Of Music', 1965

MUSIC. 'Sound Of Music Overture' -

Q. Listen carefully and identify the songs included in this overture?

26 - 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark', 1981 - MUSIC. 'Raiders Of The Lost Ark Theme' -

Q. What was the name of Harrison Ford's character?

25 - 'American Beauty'

24 - 'Born Free', 1966

SONG. 'Born Free', Matt Monro -

Q. What was the name of the lioness that Joy Adamson saved?

23 - 'Gone With The Wind', 1939 - MUSIC. 'Gone With The Wind Theme' -

Q. Name the two characters and actors?

22 - 'Dangerous Moonlight'

21 - 'Lawrence Of Arabia', 1962

Q. Who, pictured here, played 'Lawrence Of Arabia'?


'Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid', 1969

SONG. 'Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head', BJ Thomas -

Q. Who played Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid?

SONG. 'Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah', James Baskett - 'Song ** *** *****', 1946 -

Q. Which 1946 movie does this song come from?

'Oklahoma', 1955

SONG. 'Oh, What A Beautiful Morning', Gordon MacRae -

Q. Listen carefully, how high is the corn?



Round 4. 20-19

20 - 'Braveheart', 1995 - MUSIC. 'Braveheart Main Theme' -

Q. Name the character and the actor who played him?

19 - 'Bladerunner', 1982 - MUSIC. 'Bladerunner Love Theme' -

Q. What was the name of the humanoids that Harrison Ford's character was chasing in this movie?

18 - 'Amelie'

17 - '633 Squadron'

16 - 'The Magnificent Seven', 1960 - MUSIC. 'The Magnificent Seven Theme' -

Q. Name any of the seven actors?

15 - 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial', 1982 - MUSIC. 'E. T. Song' -

Q. What were the little boy's and girl's character names and who played them?

14 - 'Harry Potter And The Philosophers Stone', 2001 - MUSIC - 'Harry Potter Theme Song' -

Q. What 'House' did the sorting hat put Harry into? Who played Harry?

13 - 'Ladies In Lavender'

12 - 'Cinema Paradiso'

11 - 'Doctor Zhivago', 1965 - MUSIC. 'Lara's Theme' -

Q. Who played Dr Zhivago?


SONG. 'Deadwood Stage', Doris Day - 'Calamity Jane', 1953 -

Q. Who allegedly was Calamity Jane's lover?

Round 5 - 10-1

10 - 'Jurassic Park', 1993 - MUSIC. 'Jurassic Park Theme' -

Q. Where did they get the DNA to recreate the dinosaurs?

9 - 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly', 1966 - MUSIC. 'The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Theme' -

Q. Who played the lead role? What genre of movie is this?

8 - 'Chariots Of Fire', 1981 - MUSIC. 'Chariots Of Fire Main Theme' -

Q. Which Olympic Games was this movie about?

7 - 'Star Wars', 1977 - MUSIC. 'Star Wars Main Theme' -

Q. What was Harrison Ford's character called and who was his side kick, pictured here?

6 - 'The Mission' - MUSIC. 'The Mission Theme' -

Q. Where was this movie set?

5 - 'Dances With Wolves', 1990 - MUSIC. 'John Dunbar Theme' -

Q. Who starred in this movie? What did he name his wolf friend?

4 - 'Out Of Africa', 1985 - MUSIC. 'Out Of Africa Theme' -

Q. Who starred in this movie?

3 - 'Gladiator', 2000 - MUSIC. 'Now We Are Free' -

Q. Which famous actor died during the filming of this movie?

2 - 'The Lord Of The Rings', 2003 ('The Return Of The King') - MUSIC. 'May It Be', Enya -

Q. Which character called the ring "My precious!"?

1 - 'Schindler's List', 1993 - MUSIC. 'Schindler's List Theme' -

Q. How many Jews did Oscar Schindler save?


SONG. 'When You Wish Upon A Star', Cliff Edwards - 'Pinocchio', 1940 -

Q. Which character sang this song in the movie?

SONG. 'Que Sera Sera’, Doris Day - 'The Man Who Knew Too Much', 1956

Q. What language is 'Que Sera Sera'?

SONG. 'Over The Rainbow', Judy Garland - 'The Wizard Of Oz', 1939 -

Q. Who were her three friends and what were they looking for?


MOVIE. 'Ghost', 1990 - SONG. 'Unchained Melody', Righteous Brothers -

Q. Who played the clairvoyant in this movie?

MOVIE. 'A Star Is Born', 1976 - SONG. ‘Evergreen’, Barbra Streisand -

Q. Which two actors star in the 2018 re-make of this movie?

MOVIE. 'Pretty Woman', 1990 - SONG. 'Pretty Woman', Roy Orbison -

Q. Who was the pretty woman in this movie?

MOVIE. 'Beaches', 1988 - SONG. 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' Bette Midler -

Q. What is Bette Midler's nickname?

MOVIE. 'The Bodyguard', 1992 - SONG. 'I Will Always Love You', Whitney Houston -

Q. Who originally wrote this song?

MOVIE. 'The Lion King', 1994 - SONG. 'Can You Feel The Love Tonight?' -

Q. Who wrote the music for this film?

MOVIE. ‘The Way We Were’, 1973 - SONG. 'The Way We Were', Barbra Streisand -

Q. How old is Barbra Streisand?

MOVIE. 'Good Morning Vietnam', 1988 - SONG. 'What A Wonderful World', Louis Armstrong -

Q. What was Louis Armstrong's nickname?


Round 1

Humphry Bogart & Ingrid Bergman

'Goldfinger', 'Diamonds Are Forever' & 'Moonraker'

Clark Kent & 'The Daily Planet'

John Hurt

Jane Austen & Colin Firth

Kevin Costner & Alan Rickman

Barry, Robin & Maurice

Round 2

Chief Brody / Roy Scheider

15th April 1912 / Between 1,490–1,635 / 705 survived

Spitfire & Hurricane

Barnes Wallace / Lancaster Bomber

Michael J Fox / DeLorean

Patrick Swayze & Jennifer Grey

Miss Holly Golightly

Round 3

Vito Corleone / Marlon Brando

'The Sound Of Music', 'Do-Re-Mi', 'My Favoirite Things', 'Something Good', 'Climb Ev'ry Mountain'

Dr Indiana Jones


Rhett Butler / Clark Gable & Scarlet O'Hara / Vivien Leigh

Peter O'Toole

Robert Redford & Paul Newman

'Song Of The South'

"An elephant's eye"

Round 4

William Wallace / Mel Gibson


Yul Brynner, Eli Wallach, Steve McQueen, Charles Bronson, Robert Vaughn, Brad Dexter, James Coburn and Horst Buchholz

Elliott / Henry Thomas & Gertie / Drew Barrymore

Gryffindor / Daniel Radcliffe

Omar Sharif

Wild Bill Hickok

Round 5

Mosquito blood preserved in amber

Clint Eastwood / Spaghetti Western

'Paris 1924 Olympic Games'

Hans Solo & Chewbacca


Kevin Costner / Two Socks

Meryl Streep & Robert Redford

Oliver Reed


Oscar Schindler saved 1,200 Jews, by employing them in his factories

Jiminy Cricket


Tin Man - Heart, Cowardly Lion - Courage & Scarecrow - Brain

Bonus Round

Whoopi Golberg

Bradley Cooper & Lady Gaga

Julia Roberts

'The Divine Miss M'

Dolly Parton

Elton John

78 years old. Born 24th April 1942


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