Some metrics from the 'Simon CST Dementia Blog' are included below for your information.

Basically they show that site traffic is increasing exponentially and that new Instagram and Facebook notifications about content are seeing new visitors joining.

I just wanted to take this opportunity, during these strange times, to thank you for your continued support. It seems during lockdown, that access to online CST resources may have an even more important place? Especially because access to community based activities is so restricted. So please do keep sharing news of this free open access resource library with friends and colleagues.

Next week, I aim to get a new 'Ask The Family' picture quiz up and running, so do look out for it. Then 23rd April is St George's Day, so I'll update the 'England' CST activities page ready for that.

Feedback is ALWAYS gratefully received, as are Guest Blogs. So please do stay in touch.

Oh, and do remember to like posts and comment. Let me know what works well, and doesn't.

Pasg Hapus,

Happy Easter,

Si O'Donovan

1. Individual Blog post visits in the last 3 months

2. Analytics show 499 unique visitors in the last 3 months

3. Where people link from

Direct = via email notifications, I think

Search = via search engine

Grey = Twitter referrals

Green = referred by other websites linked to mine

Yellow = Instagram referrals

Red = Facebook referrals

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About Me

Simon O’Donovan MBE has worked in NHS Wales for most of his adult life, supporting people with dementia, their carers and families and developing and improving services to benefit this client group. 

He recently retired from working as a Community Mental Health Nurse within a Young Onset Dementia Service and continues to contribute to weekly CST 'Friendship Group' sessions as a volunteer co-facilitator.


He has been keeping a weekly 'Young Dementia CST Blog' to share and archive tried and tested activities resources, with the ultimate aim of providing an 'off the shelf' resource library of weekly themed CST sessions which can be used on rotation throughout the year. 


The main aim of this website is to share experience and resources freely, in order that others can dip in and out and use some or all of the materials provided in their own CST work. Thus it is hoped, facilitating and supporting the provision of uplifting and enjoyable sessions that optimise people with dementia's quality of life.

This site is not owned by or affiliated to any organisation. It’s a personal commitment, a not for profit exchange of ideas and a resource library which aims to enable more widespread use of CST approaches for people with dementia. 

To this end, 'Guest Blogs' are VERY welcome, but bearing in mind that no images of clients are to be used without their express written informed consent.

Please note that some images are reproduced on this blog from the internet under the 'fair use copyright' principle, in that they will only be used for educational purposes with disability groups and in no way will be linked to profit making activities.


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