'International Day of Families' - 15th May

Start this CST session by asking members to discuss their own family. Perhaps ask them ahead of time to bring an old, or recent, family photograph (with names on the back), so they can introduce their family to the group.

Take great care during this session to make sure you know a little about members' family lives, as they may not have been so happy. Through prior biographical assessment, be aware of loves and losses. Adjust content accordingly.

Some discussion points:

- How big are/were members families?

- What were mother's and father's names and jobs?

- Where did members grow up?

- Was their family a large or small one?

- Did they have brothers and sisters, or were they only children?

What about now? Ask members to say a little about their spouse and/or children and grandchildren. (Again, take care!)

Show members this photo of the Radford family, from Morecombe, Lancashire. They have, as of last count, had 22 children. They own their own bakery, so are not reliant upon state benefits. Sue, aged 46, and Noel, aged 50, had their first child when Sue was 14.

Discuss with the group the pros and cons of having a large family.


Ask members to complete the following phrases together (shout out) ...

Adam And EVE

Flesh And BLOOD

Kith And KIN

Run in the FAMILY

Chip off the old BLOCK

The apple doesn’t fall far from the TREE

Like father like SON


Bob’s Your UNCLE


Mother's PRIDE

Throw the baby out with the BATH WATER

Black sheep of the FAMILY

The apple of your EYE

Blood is thicker than WATER

Follow in someone’s FOOTSTEPS

Spitting IMAGE

Born with a silver spoon in your MOUTH

Pride and JOY


Family TREE

Is anyone interested in Genealogy? Has anyone completed their family tree? Were there any surprises?


1. Identify these members of the Royal Family?

Who are the other three children of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip?

(What do people think of the monarchy? What about Harry and Megan leaving for a private life in Canada?)

2. Here is another Royale Family. Name the characters in this photo?

The mother and father in this TV comedy series previously worked together in which TV soap?

3. Name the TV series?

And the family?

4. Name the TV comedy series?

And the characters and actors?

5. It's time for our first song. What is the name of this pop group?

Ask members to name the brothers in the photo?

Ask members to complete some of their song titles:

- Jive .......

- You Should Be .......

- How Deep Is Your ....

- Stayin' .....

- Night .....

- Too Much ......

- You Win .....

Time for a singalong. Here is a link to one of their songs, 'Night Fever' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ihs-vT9T3Q

6. Name the TV comedy horror show?

Name the characters?

7. Name the TV comedy show? And the family?

Which actress played Mum?

Name as many different types of (title of show) as you can?

8. Name the TV comedy series? Name the characters and actors?

Who wrote the song which this series used in its title music?

9. Name the TV comedy series?

Name the characters and actors?

Do members have a favourite sketch? Here are a few ...

- 'Del Boy Falling Through The Bar' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr034NkCwKw

- 'Cleaning The Chandalier' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LFuYIi5-igc

- 'Cleaning Up At The Auction' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RiIIkQO95z4&t=8s

- 'Batman And Robin' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=93bAdEf0pzc

(Does anyone remember the 'Reliant Robin' three wheeler car?)

10. Name the pop group?

Complete some of their song titles:

- I Get ......

- Help Me ......

- Sloop John .

- God Only .....