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📺 "I remember that!" - At Home

This is a reminiscence based activity. Look at the photos and discuss them together, using the questions as prompts.

If you wish, you could print them off as cards and laminate them, with the questions on the reverse and play it like a card game.

Alternatively, if you click on the first photo a slide show will open.

Bear in mind that some members' home lives may not have been as happy as others. Adjust the content and questions based on the biographical assessments undertaken before CST work is undertaken.

I hope you enjoy this one. Some feedback would be great.

Round 1. In the kitchen

Who had a twin tub at home?

How did it work?

What day was laundry day?

​Did you put the washing out on the line?

Did you run to get it in out of the rain?

How did you dry clothes indoors?

​Who had a mincer at home?

How did it work?

What was your favourite minced dish?

​Who had a lard chip pan at home?

Did the chips taste better?

Did anyone keep a cup of lard on the go?

​Who had a melamine table at home?

How many could you fit around it?

Did anyone have a melamine cupboard?

​Do you remember these utensils?

Which are missing?

How did you use them?

​Who had a rabbit jelly mould?

What other shapes were there?

How would you make blancmange?

​Who had a whistling kettle?

What did you need to make a cup of tea?

How do you like your tea?

​What was your mum's signature bake?

Describe how to make a fruit tart?

What is your favourite cake?

​Who had an egg timer?

How many minutes for a hard boiled egg?

How do you like to eat eggs?

Round 2. In the lounge

​Who had one of these dial phones?

Who had a party line?

What number was the Operator?

​Who had a record player?

What speeds were there?

What was the first single you brought?

​Who had a coal fire?

What was involved in keeping one going?

What instruments were needed?

​Who had a black & white TV?

How many channels were there?

What happened at shutdown?

​Who remembers the 'Test Card'?

What children's TV shows can you think of?

What was your favourite?

​Who had an 'Etch A Sketch'?

How did it work?

What was your favourite 'making' game?

​Who used to play 'Cluedo'?

What other board games did you play?

What was your favourite?

​What was your lounge like at home?

Name some furniture items?

Who hid behind the sofa for 'Doctor Who'?

​Who used to read comics?

What was your favourite?

Can you think of any comic characters?

​Who had an old 'tune in' radio?

What stations can you remember?

What was your favourite show?

Round 3. Upstairs

​Who remembers hairnets and curlers?

What about shower caps?

What hairspray did your mum use?

​Who had a lavender pomander at home?

Who remembers moth balls?

What other smells do you remember?

Who used to use 'Izal' toilet paper?

What was it like?

Did anyone have an outside toilet?

​Who used to use a hot water bottle?

Who had ice on the inside of their window?

What was it like getting up in the cold?

​Who had an avocado bathroom suite?

How often did you have a bath?

Did you share the water?

​Who used coal tar soap?

Name some other soaps and shampoos?

Did you wash your hands before dinner?

​Who had flannelette cotton sheets?

What about a candlewick bedspread?

How often were the beds changed?

​Who had a 'Gillette' safety razor at home?

Whose dad had a moustache or beard?

How did you change the blade?

​Who had a tube of 'Brylcreem' at home?

How did you use it?

Name some men's old aftershaves?

​Name some lady's old perfumes?

What make up did your mum use?

Where did mum/dad have an evening out?

Round 4. Outdoors

​Who had deliveries from the coal man?

Where was the coal kept?

What other deliveries did you have?

​Who remembers the milk float coming?

What time did it come around?

What would they deliver?

​Who had an ice cream van come around?

What tune did it play?

What was your favourite ice cream or lolly?

​Who used to feed the birds in the garden?

What birds can you remember seeing?

Did the birds used to peck the milk tops?

​Who had a greenhouse or allotment?

What fruit and veg did you grow at home?

Did you help pick or cook it?

​Who used to go to church on Sunday?

What about Sunday school?

How was Sunday different then?

​What was your local pub?

What were pubs like then?

Think of some alcoholic beverages?

​Who's mum and dad used to smoke?

What type or brand did they like?

How was it when the smoking ban came in?

​What was your local shop?

Do you remember your first supermarket?

What shops used to be on the high street?

​Did you go to your local playground?

What rides can you remember?

Who were your best friends?

Here are some songs to go with the session ...

Can members think of any more songs to go with this session?


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