Hints & Tips

A few of you have asked how best to use the materials I produce.

It works best to have a large screen TV hooked up to your iPad, either via cable or wifi. (This method also saves paper and ink.)

Open the CST activities page you want to use. (Have a print off of questions and answers to look at to facilitate the session. Or have it open on another device.)

When you see the first picture on the CST activities page, you can click on it and it will open a slide show (with backwards and forwards arrows). You can come out of this to look at text etc.

When you come to a song or video link you can click on it and it will open the song or video on another web page and play it. Many of the YouTube videos will have lyrics to enable singalongs.

You will have to maximise the video to benefit from a full screen experience. And put up with YouTube adverts. However, you can remove in screen adverts while videos are playing, by pressing the 'x' at the top right of the advert.

It might be a bit tricky to go back and forth to and from the CST activities page to YouTube videos, but once you get the hang of it it should work okay.

You can then pause materials on the TV to enjoy practical activities and refreshments.

If your group is lacking an iPad or decent TV and speakers, you might be able to use charitable funds to purchase them. Or do a bit of fundraising?

Any more questions, give me a shout. Oh and let me know about any broken links.

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