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Happy Easter 🐣 Pasg Hapus

Begin the session by asking who likes Easter?

What things remind you of Easter?

- Midnight Mass

- Hot Cross Buns

- Easter Eggs

- Easter Bonnets

- Bunnies & Chicks

- Bank Holiday

Who in the group is a Christian? What other religions do people follow?

Who still goes to Church? What do your beliefs mean to you?

Does anyone have any bank holiday weekend plans?


Next, complete these well known phrases together ...

Pull a rabbit out of the HAT

Put all your eggs in one BASKET

He's no Spring CHICKEN

As rare as hen's TEETH

As sure as eggs is EGGS

Like a rabbit caught in the HEADLIGHTS

Run with the hare and hunt with the HOUNDS

You can't make an omelette without breaking a few EGGS

To walk on eggSHELLS

A spring in someone's STEP

That would be over-egging the PUDDING

Don't teach your grandmother to suck EGGS

We are all feeling pretty shell SHOCKED

We don't want to end up with egg on our FACES

Out of the frying pan into the FIRE

Mutton dressed up as LAMB

A wolf in sheep's CLOTHING

In two shakes of a lamb's TAIL

Full of the joys of SPRING

In my Easter BONNET


Part 1. Lent

​How many days are there in Lent?

Did anyone give anything up?

​What is the proper name for 'Pancake Day'?

What are peoples' favourite toppings?

What is the following day called?

Where do the embers come from?

What is the Sunday before Easter called?

Why is it called that?

What does the King do on the Thursday before Easter?

​Which artist painted 15th century painting 'The Last Supper'? (It is on display in the 'Santa Maria Del Grazie Monastery in Milan)

Name the 12 disciples?

​Which disciple betrayed Jesus in the 'Garden Of Gethsemane'?

How many times did the cock crow?

​What do Catholics do in Church on Good Friday afternoon?

​On the third day after his crucifixion Christ rose from the dead. What is the other name given to Easter Sunday?

Who doubted it was Jesus who he saw near the tomb?

​From where does The Pope give his Easter Blessing on Easter Sunday?

What's his name? Where is he from?

Which armed force protect the Pope?

Where are new Popes elected?

Who was the first Pope to retire?

What colour smoke signifies a new Pope has been elected?

What is this vehicle called?

Why is the Pope's signet ring destroyed upon his death?


Does anyone remember Pope John Paul 11's visit to the UK?

What year was it?

What was his birth name and where did he come from?

Which character sang this song?

Part 2. Places Of Devotion

Name these places or things of devotion and the city or country in which you would find them?


- St Bernadette

- Copacabana

- Portugal

- Michelangelo

- 'St James's Way'

- 'The Holy Land'

The 'Shroud of Turin', also known as the 'Holy Shroud', is a length of linen cloth bearing the negative image of a man. Some describe the image as depicting Jesus of Nazareth and believe the fabric is the burial shroud in which he was wrapped after crucifixion. However, forensic testing has shown it to be a medieval forgery. BUT how is it that the negative image reveals the almost 3D picture of the "True Christ" when photography wasn't invented until 1839?

Who has faith that the shroud is a genuine and miraculous artefact?

Part 3. Most Iconic Churches In The World

Name the church and the city?


- Vodka

- Antonio Gaudi

- Smallest city in the world

- 'The Beatles'

- Christopher Wren

- Hunchback

- Shambles

- William & Kate's wedding

- Gondola

Part 4. Things You Might Do In Church

- Where you would tell your sins? ('Father Brown')

- What you might use to help you pray?

- What you might eat and drink in Mass?

- What is the proper name for bell ringing?

- What is a group of church singers called?

- Which group of people wear the 'St Stephen's Medal'?

- Name the Sacrament & where is the Holy Water held?

- Name the Sacrament & what are signed?

- Name the final Sacrament & how would you celebrate someone's life?

HYMN. 'Jesus Christ Is Risen Today' (Lyric video) -

Part 5. Easter Foods

- Name the cake & what is its topping?

- Name the meat & what sauce might you have with it?

- Name the burger & T or F. It was invented for Easter?

- How long is it for a hard boiled egg?

- Name the meat & what sauce might you have with it?

- Name the sweet bread & recite the rhyme below together ...

Recite the nursery rhyme together ...

What signifies that this is an Easter bun?

Hot Cross Buns

Hot cross buns, Hot cross buns,

One a penny, Two a penny,

Hot cross buns.

If you have no daughters, If you have no sons,

One a penny, Two a penny,

Hot cross buns.

If your sons don't like them, They're the only ones,

One a penny, Two a penny,

Hot cross buns.

I don't tell jokes and I don't tell puns,

One a penny, Two a penny,

Hot cross buns. G

et them while they're hot and eat them by the ton,

One a penny, Two a penny,

Hot cross buns.

Part 6. Name the Chocolate Bar

Here are some clues to help you ...

- "Full of Eastern Promise"

- "Work, rest and play"

- Used to be called 'Marathon'

- “Get that Friday Feeling”

- ''Made with triangular almonds, From triangular trees, And triangular honey, From triangular bees."

- "The lighter way to enjoy chocolate."

- "Pick a Side."

- “Have a Break, Have a ... ... ."

- "The taste of paradise."

- "The ..... .... are on me."

- “Somebody, somewhere is eating a ...... .....”.

- "Feel the Bubbles Melt."

Part 7. Name The Easter TV & Movies

- This 1968 thriller focused on the election of a new Pope during the Cold War?

- This 1948 movie has a song with the lyric "In my Easter bonnet ..."?

- This 1973 musical was a rock opera written by Andrew Lloyd-Webber & Tim Rice?

- This 1977 mini-series starred Robert Powell?

- This 1959 epic featured a deadly chariot race?

- This 1971 rock opera contained the song 'Prepare Ye The Way Of The Lord'?

- This 1979 comedy movie was banned in many countries?

- This TV comedy series saw Dawn French dress up as an Easter bunny?

- This 1992 movie saw Whoopi Goldberg (Delores Van Cartier) leading the Convent Choir?

- This 1965 movie saw Julie Andrews (Maria) marry an Austrian Baron?

- This TV comedy series was set on 'Craggy Island'?

Some Songs From The Movies

'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life', Monty Python - (Lyric video for a singalong)

Who sings this song?

'I Will Follow Him', Whoopi Goldberg & cast -

Who plays the Reverend Mother in this movie?

How many songs can you recognise?

Part 8. Easter Prizes

- Which chocolate company published a book in 1984 entitled 'Conundrum'? Ten Faberge eggs worth £10,000 each were buried around the UK and puzzlers had to solve riddles, visual clues and red herrings to find them.

- What was the title of Kit Williams's 1979 book which revealed a 'Golden Hare' prize within its pages? (Worth £5,000 at the time, but sold for £31,900 in 1988 and is probably worth a lot more than that now!

(For both treasure hunts, there were masses of people digging up ground in places they believed the treasure to be, leading to hunters being banned from National Trust land. Reader, I was one of them!)

- How much was this rare egg worth & which celebrity mistakenly ate it?


'The Old Rugged Cross', Elvis Presley -

'Hallelujah Chorus', Royal Choral Society -

'Easter Parade', Judy Garland -


Maybe try painting blown eggs. There is a useful how to guide here ...

Or you could buy a couple of straw hats for members to decorate with spring flowers, easter chicks and rabbits and mini chocolate eggs. Perhaps when complete members would like to try it on, or take one home?

Or you could have a good old fashioned Easter Egg Hunt ...

Or an Egg & Spoon Race ...

Lent has 40 days

Pancake Day is 'Shrove Tuesday'

'Ash Wednesday' / The ashes come from last years palms

'Palm Sunday' commemorates Jesus' entry into Jerusalem

She gave 'Maundy Money' to the elderly

Leonardo Da Vinci / The names of the twelve apostles: first, Simon, also known as Peter, and his brother Andrew; James son of Zebedee, and his brother John; Philip and Bartholomew; Thomas and Matthew the tax collector; James son of Alphaeus, and Thaddaeus; Simon the Cananaean, and Judas Iscariot, the one who betrayed him.

Judas Iscariot / The cock crowed three times

They follow the 'Stations Of The Cross'

'Resurrection Day' / Doubting Thomas

The Balcony Of 'St Peter's Basilica' in The Vatican, Rome / Pope Francis (named after Francis Of Assisi) / Jorge Mario Bergoglio / Buenos Aries, Argentina

Pope John Paul 11 visited the UK in 1982 / His original name was Karol Józef Wojtyła / He was from Krakow in Poland

Mary Magdalene sang the song

Which armed force protect the Pope? - SWISS GUARD

Where are new Popes elected? - SISTINE CHAPEL

Who was the first Pope to retire? -