Gone But Not Forgotten

Here's a quiz to start off your 2020s CST activities.  Simplify it as necessary, for example by requesting just one film or song title for each question. Provide clues as appropriate, for example by offering the first word of a film or song title. Break up the questions with songs and reminiscences, especially if a member particularly enjoyed any films or songs mentioned.

1. Actor’s name? Year he died? Some of his films? Who directed his most famous 1963 film?

2. Singer’s name? Year he died? Frontman of which group? Two UK number one singles?

3. Actor’s name? Year he died? Won the 2006 Best Actor Oscar for which film? True or False. Related to Dustin?

4. Singer’s name? Year he died? His two UK number 1s? His TV series?

5. Actor’s name? Year he died? Some of his films? First male UK nude centrefold?

6. Actor’s name? Year he died? His seven character films? Which food item is he credited with inventing?

7. Singer’s name? Year she died? Her three top 10 songs? There is a statue dedicated to her where?

8. Actor’s name? Year he died? Some of his films? He starred alongside James Dean in which two movies?

9. Actor’s name? Year he died? His award winning HBO TV drama series? MC are the initials of one of the most famous of these?

10. Singer’s name? Year he died? His five UK number 1s? His nickname?

11. Singer’s name? Year she died? Her five top 10 songs? Her nickname?

12. Actor’s name? Year he died? His two 1980s hit comedy movies? His TV comedy series on which one of the films was based?

13. Actor’s name? Year he died? His character movies? Can anyone do his salute?

14. His name? CEO of which company? His 2007 product launch? Always wore?

15. Actor’s name? Started in ten movies as which horror character? Ways to repel him? Who invented him in 1897?

16. His name? Year he died? Held where and for how long? First what?

17. His name? Year he died? Some of his films? His character’s name in the Harry Potter films?

18. His name? Year he died? Some of his films? His TV sci fi comedy?

19. Actor and character’s names? Year he died? His character films? Co-pilot of which ship?

20. Singer’s name? Year she died? Her four UK number 1 hits? Started alongside Kevin Costner in which 1992 movie?


1. Peter O'Toole 2013 Lawrence Of Arabia, 1963 Becket, 1965 The Lion In Winter, 1969 Goodbye Mr Chips, 1970 The Ruling Class, 1973 The Stunt Man, 1981 My Favourite Year, 1983 Venus, 2007 (All Best Actor Oscar nominated) David Lean

2. Keith Flint 2019 Prodigy Firestarter Breathe, both 1996

3. Philip Seymour Hoffman 2014 Capote False. They both won Best Actor Oscar and shared the same surname, but that's it.

4. David Cassidy 2017 How Can I Be Sure, 1972 Daydreamer/Puppy Song, 1973 The Partridge Family

5. Burt Reynolds 2018 Deliverance, 1972 The Longest Yard, 1974 Smokey and the Bandit, 1977 The Cannonball Run, 1981 The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, 1982 Cosmopolitan, 1972

6. Roger Moore 2017 Live and Let Die, 1973 The Man with the Golden Gun, 1974 The Spy Who Loved Me, 1977 Moonraker, 1979 For Your Eyes Only, 1981 Octopussy, 1983 A View to a Kill, 1985 Magnum

7. Amy Winehouse 2011 Rehab, 2006 Back To Black, 2007 Valerie, 2007 Camden Town

8. Dennis Hopper 2010 Easy Rider, 1969 Apocalypse Now, 1979 Out Of The Blue, 1980 Blue Velvet, 1986 Hoosiers, 1986 Rebel Without A Cause & Giant, both 1956

9. James Gandolfini 2013 The Sopranos Maria Callas

10. David Bowie 2016 Space Oddity, 1975 Ashes To Ashes, 1980 Under Pressure, 1981 Let’s Dance, 1983 Dancing In The Street, 1985 Thin White Duke

11. Aretha Franklin 2018 Respect, 1967 I Say A Little Prayer, 1968 Sisters Are Doing It For Themselves, 1985 I Knew You Were Waiting, 1985 A Deeper Love, 1994 Queen Of Soul

12. Leslie Nielsen 2010 Airplane, 1980 Naked Gun, 1988 Police Squad

13. Leonard Nimoy 2015 Star Trek: The Motion Picture, 1979 Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, 1982 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock, 1984 Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 1986 Star Trek V: The Final Frontier, 1989 Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, 1991 Demo The Vulcan Salute

14. Steve Jobs 2011 Apple iPhone Black turtleneck and blue jeans

15. Christopher Lee 2015 Dracula Crucifix, sunlight, mirror, garlic, holy water, silver bullet, wooden stake through the heart Bram Stoker

16. Nelson Mandela 2013 Robben Island, 27 years First black head of state. President of South Africa 1994-99

17. Alan Rickman 2016 Die Hard, 1988 Truly Madly Deeply, 1990 Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves, 1991 Sense And Sensibility, 1995 Michael Collins, 1996 Harry Potter series, 2001-11 Professor Severus Snape

18. Robbin Williams 2014 Good Morning Vietnam, 1988 Dead Poet’s Society, 1990 The Fisher King, 1992 Mrs Doubtfire, 1994 Hamachi, 1996 Good Will Hunting, 1998 Mork And Mindy

19. Peter Mayhew / Chewbacca 2019 Star Wars, 1977 The Empire Strikes Back, 1980 Return of the Jedi, 1983 Revenge of the Sith, 2005 The Force Awakens, 2014 The Millennium Falcon

20. Whitney Houston 2012 Saving All My Love For You, 1985 I Wanna Dance With Somebody, 1987 One Moment In Time, 1988 I Will Always Love You, 1990 The Bodyguard

Image courtesy of @TimLihoreau (Classic FM)

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