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Friendship Group 🐼 'Going To The Zoo'

The 'International Congress of Zookeepers' asks you to join in the annual celebration of 'International Zookeeper Day' on October 4th. October 4th was proposed by 'Barcelona Zoo' and AICAS ('Iberian Association of Zookeepers') in honor of St. Francis of Assisi, who advocated that it was the duty of men to protect and enjoy nature.

This celebratory day includes all who make it their life’s work to care for animals, whether they are involved with zoos, sanctuaries, aquariums, rescue centers, parks or reserves. All who work to improve and save the lives of animals shall be commemorated on this day.

This declaration comes at a time when many animal species are in great peril across the globe. Many species are facing extinction, and their ecosystems and habitats are under tremendous pressure from diverse forces, both natural and man-made. Stewardship is the last hope for many endangered species and the professionals who devote their lives to saving species by way of conservation and breeding programs, education outreach, and research work tirelessly to save these animals.

Begin the discussion by asking who has visited the zoo or a safari park, either recently or earlier in life? Which was it?

What was the most memorable or impressive animal you saw there? Has anyone had a 'close encounter' with a zoo or safari animal? (Take some time for storytelling.)

Which, in your opinion, is the most amazing animal in the world? Why?


Complete these by way of a shout out ...

As strong as an OX

As blind as a BAT

As quiet as a MOUSE

As sly as a FOX

As wise as an OWL

As brave as a LION

As busy as a BEE

As drunk as a SKUNK

As free as a BIRD

As proud as a PEACOCK

As playful as a KITTEN

As big as a WHALE

As stubborn as a MULE

As gentle as a LAMB

Cheeky little MONKEY


Like a pig in SHIT (MUCK)

Hungry like the WOLF

Back the wrong HORSE

Like herding CATS

Smell a RAT

Go to the DOGS

Get someone's GOAT

Curiosity killed the CAT

Black SHEEP (of the family)


Put the cat among the PIGEONS

Tail that wags the DOG

Kangaroo COURT

Have butterflies in your TUMMY


Bird's eye VIEW

Eagle EYED

Sick as a PARROT or DOG


Rabbit ON AND ON

Let the cat out of the BAG

Like a fish out of WATER

The worm as TURNED

The straw that broke the camel's BACK

Let sleeping dogs LIE

Going into the lion's DEN

A leopard never changes his SPOTS

Can anyone think of any more?

Opening songs ...

NB. If you click on the first picture, a slide show will open


Round 1. Name the animal & the food they eat











Name this character, and the actor?

Round 2. African Safari

11. What is the name of this largest monkey in Africa?

12. Name this African bird. What does it eat?

13. Name this African big cat? What is a group of them called?

14. Name this African bovine? What cheese is made from this animal?

15. Name this African giant? What is it sadly still killed for?

16. Name this African ruminant? What tree leaves do they eat?

17. Name this African equine? Why do they have stripes?

18. Name this African beast? How heavy, in tonnes, do you think it is?

19. Name this African big cat? How fast can it run (nearest guess)?

20. Name this African wild dog? What sound are they famous for?

What is the name of the King Of The Jungle, and his son?

Ad break ...

Before watching, complete the advertising slogan - "Golden Wonder, they're ****** *****"

Round 3. (Mostly) TV & movies

21. Where was the Queen when she heard of her father's death in 1952?

22. Name this TV character and his monkey? (Can anyone do his yell?)

23. Name this 'zookeeper'? What was special about his TV show?

24. Name this TV show? Name the animal?

25. Name this TV show? Name the animal?

26. Name this TV show? What was the name of the lion?

27. Name this character? What was he advertising?

28. Name this TV presenter? Which animals is he pictured with?

29. Name this TV character? Name the animal and who it is meant to represent?

29. Name the animal? What is it advertising?

30. Name the TV show and the three presenters pictured here?

Song break ... 'Born Free', Matt Monroe -

What was the name of the lioness?

Round 4. Weird & wonderful - Name the animal and the continent

31. Name the animal? What does it do when under threat?

32. Name the animal? What is special about it?

33. Name the animal? What is special about it?

34. Name the animal? What is their nest/dam called?

35. Name the animal? How many people could a single bite/dose of their venom kill?

35. Name this insect? What are the four life stages?

37. Name this animal? Complete the saying ...

"See you later ********

In a while *********"

38. Name this animal? Complete this Bible saying ...

“It is easier for a ***** to go through the eye of a ******, than for a **** *** to enter into the kingdom of ***.” (Matt. 19:24.)

39. Name this animal? What is a fear of these creatures called?

40. Name this animal? He is the oldest land animal in the world. How old do you reckon he is (nearest guess)?

Final Songs

'The Bare Necessities' - (LYRICS)

'I Wanna Be Like You' - (LYRICS)

Name these three characters?

Who wrote the book?

Why are lions called 'The King Of The Jungle'?

It maybe time for a dance? ...

Who was lead singer with 'Mud'?

Or, you could have a singalong ...

Hippopotamus Song

A bold hippopotamus was standing one day On the banks of the cool Shalimar He gazed at the bottom, as it peacefully lay By the light of the evening star Away on a hilltop sat combing her hair His fair hippopotami maid The hippopotamus was no ignoramus And sang her this sweet serenade:

Mud, mud, glorious mud Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood So follow me, follow Down to the hollow And there let us wallow in glorious mud!

The fair hippopotama he aimed to entice From her seat on that hilltop above As she hadn't got a ma to give her advice Came tip-toeing down to her love Like thunder the forest re-echoed the sound Of the song that they sang as they met His inamorata adjusted her garter And lifted her voice in duet:

Mud, mud, glorious mud Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood So follow me, follow Down to the hollow And there let us wallow in glorious mud!

Now more hippopotami began to convene On the banks of that river so wide I wonder, now what am I to say of the scene That ensued by the Shalimar side? They dived all at once with an ear-splitting splosh Then rose to the surface again A regular army of hippopotami All singing this haunting refrain:

Mud, mud, glorious mud Nothing quite like it for cooling the blood So follow me, follow Down to the hollow And there let us wallow in glorious mud!

Final song ...

'Perfect Day', Children In Need -

"Just a perfect day

Feed animals in the zoo"

Finally, you could ask members what their perfect day would be?

Or, you could watch the video and try and identify as many artists as you can. Here is the list -


The Tyger

Tyger Tyger, burning bright, In the forests of the night; What immortal hand or eye, Could frame thy fearful symmetry? In what distant deeps or skies. Burnt the fire of thine eyes? On what wings dare he aspire? What the hand, dare seize the fire? And what shoulder, & what art, Could twist the sinews of thy heart? And when thy heart began to beat, What dread hand? & what dread feet? What the hammer? what the chain, In what furnace was thy brain? What the anvil? what dread grasp, Dare its deadly terrors clasp! When the stars threw down their spears And water'd heaven with their tears: Did he smile his work to see? Did he who made the Lamb make thee? Tyger Tyger burning bright, In the forests of the night: What immortal hand or eye, Dare frame thy fearful symmetry?


Make a Jungle or Rainforest wall collage installation. Print off pictures from the web, or cut them out of magazines, and have members place them in position.

Or you could make a mobile out of coloured in outlines ...

1. Polar Bear / Seals

2. Humming Bird / Nectar

3. Orang Utan / Mostly fruit

4. Bald Eagle / Fish

5. Barn Owl / Mice

6. Vampire Bat / Blood

7. Koala Bear / Eucalyptus

8. Panda / Bamboo

9. Aardvark / Ants

10. Flamingo / Shrimp

Dr Doolittle / Rex Harrison

11. Mandrill

12. Vulture / Carrion

13. Lion / Pride

14. Buffalo / Mozarella

15. Elephant / Ivory

16. Giraffe/ Acacia Leaves

17. Zebra / Their stripes perhaps serve to dazzle and confuse predators, but may also help control the animal's body heat. Because each individual's stripes are unique, they may also help zebras to recognise one other

18. Rhinoceros / 3 tonnes

19. Cheetah / 70mph

20. Hyena / Their laugh

Mufasa / Simba

"Golden Wonder, they're JUNGLE FRESH!"

21. 'Treetops' in Kenya

22. Tarzan / Cheetah

23. Johnny Morris / He voiced what the animals might be thinking

24. 'Skippy The Bush Kangaroo'

25. 'Flipper' / Dolphin ("faster than lightning")

26. 'Daktari' / Clarence the crossed eyed lion

27. Tony the Tiger / Kellogg's 'Frosties'

28. David Attenborough / Gorillas ('Life On Earth')

29. Reginald Perring / Mother-in-law

30. Meerkats / 'Compare the Meerkat (Market)'

'Blue Peter' / John Noakes, Valerie Singleton & Peter Purvis


31. Armadillo / It rolls into a ball

32. Duck-billed Platypus / It is the only mammal that lays eggs

33. Chameleon / It can change colour

34. Beaver / Lodge

35. King Cobra / 20

36. Red Admiral Butterly / The egg, the larva (caterpillar), the pupa (chrysalis), and the adult butterfly

37. Crocodile / "See you later ALLIGATOR. In a while CROCODILE"

38. Camel / “It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a NEEDLE, than for a RICH MAN to enter into the kingdom of GOD.” (Matt. 19:24.)

39. Tarantula / Arachnophobia

40. Jonathan the Tortoise is the oldest land animal in the world, aged 190

Baloo, Mowgli & Bagheera

No other animal hunts them

Les Gray


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