'Friendship CST Group'

I'm very grateful to my friend and colleague Karen Warlow for making this image to illustrate our 'Friendship CST Group' acronym.

It says it all really and perfectly describes the ethos behind the (now on line) cognitive stimulation therapy sessions of the 'Cardiff & Vale Young Onset Dementia Service'. But here is the full acronym anyways:

F - fun / fulfillment

R - reminiscence

I - individual (recognition)

E - enjoyment / engaging

N - normalisation

D - dignity

S - socialisation / (multi) sensory

H - happiness (laughter)

I - inclusion

P - participation

C - cognitive

S - stimulation

T - therapy

G - genuine

R - respect

O - openess

U - unity (equality)

P - person-centred

Comments gratefully received.

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