Food & Drink Picture Quiz


Here is a picture and music quiz based on 'Food & Drink'.

After every 5 questions is a song and question. Hopefully all will be easily recognisable and great to sing along with.

Hope you enjoy it. Please let me know if you do with a like and a share.


1. What does the 'H.P.' stand for in HP Sauce?

2. What tea did chimpanzees help advertise in the 1970s?

3. What berry gives gin its distinctive flavour?

4. Where does the yeast in Marmite come from?

5. Is this a Cornish or Devon cream tea?

6. Our first song. Which musical does the song 'Food Glorious Food' come from?

Which character and actor was he asking for more gruel from?

YouTube link - Singalong -

7. What herb is used to make pesto sauce?

8. What does CAMRA stand for?

9. What fish is a kipper?

10. What nut is marzipan made from?

11. What is a Pontefract cake made of?

12. What did the song 'O Sole Mio' help advertise in the 1980s?

And where was the advert set?

YouTube link - Singalong -

13. What are prunes?

14. True or False. Bananas were not available during the Second World War years?

How many sides does a banana have?

15. What fruit is guacamole made from?

16. According to Italians, what is the correct way to serve pasta?

(Does anyone remember the April Fool's joke?)

17. Which fish does caviar come from?

18. Our next song. 'Baker Street', by Gerry Rafferty. What musical instrument features throughout the song?

And what type of loaf of bread is this?

YouTube link - Singalong -

19. According to a 2017 'YouGov' poll, what is the nation's favourite pizza topping (as in ingredient, not pizza style)?

20. According to a 2018 'YouGov' poll, the nation's favourite biscuit was what?

21. According to a 2011 'YouGov' poll, the nation's favourite soup was what?

22. According to a 2018 'Country Living' poll, what is the nation's favourite cake?

23. According to a 2016 'YouGov' poll, what is the nation's favourite curry?

(Maybe for this round, pause after each question and ask members their favourite food item in that category?)

24. According to 'BBC Food', how long do you boil a large egg for it to be soft boiled (runny yolk)?

Our next song is 'How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning', sung by Dean Martin and Helen O'Connell. YouTube link here -

(Ask members how they like to take their eggs? - Sunny Side Up, Over Easy, Poached, Hard Boiled, Scrambled, Omelette, Eggs Benedict, Scotch, Pickled etc)

25. What do Americans call a courgette?

26. What do Americans call an aubergine?

27. What do Americans call spring onions?

28. What do Americans call coriander?

29. What do Americans call crisps?

30. What do Americans call apple tart?

Here's 'American Pie' by Don McLean - YouTube link -

What did the line 'The day the music died' refer to?

31. Time to ramp up your scores with this last question. Name as many British regional foods as you can, with a place name or region in the name. For example, 'Cornish Pasty'.

(The group will have to decide whether or not to allow each answer, i.e. they have to be recognised and widely available.)

32. Which cocktail might you also find in your toolbox?

33. What are the only two vegetables to grow perennially (come back every year) in the UK?

34. Which vegetable has two varieties, Jerusalem and globe?

35. Which pastry is used to make profiteroles?

36. Which food item was advertised with the song 'I Can't Let Maggie Go' by the Honeybus?

Here's the song - YouTube link -

And to finish, while scores are being counted, here is 'Strawberry Fields Forever', by The Beatles, for our final singalong -


1. Houses of Parliament

2. PG Tips

3. Juniper

4. The bottom of beer barrels, i.e. leftovers of the brewing process

5. Cornish

6. 'Oliver' 1968

Mr Bumble played by Harry Secombe

7. Basil

8. Campaign For Real Ale

9. Herring

10. Almonds

11. Liquorice

12. Cornetto


13. Dried plums

14. True. Children born in the War Years had never seen or tasted a banana

5 sides

15. Avocado

16. Al dente

17. Sturgeon roe

18. Saxophone

Tiger bread (made with topping of sesame/rice paste)

19. Mushrooms - rated positively by 65%

20. Chocolate Digestive - rated positively by 81%

21. 37% rated Tomato Soup as their favourite

22. 40% said their favourite cake was Lemon Drizzle

23. 18% said their favourite curry was a Korma

24. 4 minutes

25. Zucchini

26. Egg plant

27. Scallions

28. Cilantro

29. Potato chips

30. American Pie

The aeroplane crash which killed Buddy Holly in February 1959

31. The list could include things like:

Cheddar cheese

Welsh cake

Glamorgan sausage

Yorkshire pudding

Stilton cheese

Eccles cake

Bakewell tart

Melton Mowbray pork pie

Chelsea bun

Lancashire hotpot

Parkin cake

32. Screwdriver

33. Rhubarb and asparagus

34. Artichoke

35. Choux

36. Nimble bread

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