Feedback Request

I have a favour to ask, especially of people with dementia who follow me and their care supporters. Do you think that content of the CST activities blog is:

a. Age appropriate

b. Sufficiently stimulating

c. Easily accessible &

d. Engaging and enjoyable 🤔

Essentially, I wanted to create a library of themed CST activities pages that would be free, open access and online for people with cognitive impairment and dementia to enjoy, either on their own or with family and friends or care supporters, both at home or in care settings.

I wanted to promote CST approaches through engagement with media and materials which would promote reminiscence (through preserved long term memory), engagement (through music and practical activities) and a sense of enhanced self worth (through participation in not too challenging quizzes).

How far have I achieved those aims?

Feedback would be really welcomed.

As well as suggestions for future content.

Please email

or use the comments section below 👇

Thank you!

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