Eurovision Song Contest

Whilst the 'Eurovision Song Contest' is not taking place this year, because of Covid-19, I thought it would be fun to provide a picture quiz based CST activity page by way of celebrating what would have been on May 16th.


To begin with, ask members to complete these following well known phrases:





Luck of the IRISH


English ROSE

The rain in Spain stays MAINLY ON THE PLAIN





Norwegian WOOD

Spanish FLY





It's all GREEK to me

Double DUTCH


When in ROME ... Do as Romans do

Talk for ENGLAND


Allow plenty of time for chats, reminiscences, story telling and singalongs.

Here goes. The answers are at the end.

1. How many years consecutively did Terry Wogan host the 'Eurovision Song Contest' for?

2. Graham Norton hosts it now. What TV comedy series did he first appear on our screens in?

3. Who is this? She used to announce the British vote.

4. Why does Israel take part in the contest?

5. What was the first year Australia took part?

6. Which song did Lulu win with and in what year?

Here's a link to that song -

7. Name any of the 8 countries, aside from the UK, which did not join the Euro?

8. How many member states are there?

9. How much money per week did Boris Johnson promise the NHS would get as a result of Brexit?

10. What was the year that Ted Heath took us into the European Union?

11. What is the name of this group and with which song did they win in 1981?

Bonus question: What are the ingredients of a cocktail with this name?

Here's a link to that song -

12. If you were to travel to Europe by train, which London station would you depart from?

13. How wide is the English Channel, at its narrowest point?

14. What is the largest city in Europe (not necessarily the EU) by population within city limits?

15. What is the name of this performance, which was given during the intermission of the 1994 show in Dublin?

16. Who is this and which song did she win with in 1967?

Here is a link to that song -

17. What are the French names for these dishes of frogs legs and snails?

18. What is the name of this Greek cheese?

19. What is the national drink of Portugal?

20. What is the proper name for this Nordic smoked and cured salmon?

21. Which company is the leading chocolatier in Switzerland?

22. What is the name of this group and with which song did they win in 1976?

Here is a link to that song -

23. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

24. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

25. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

26. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

27. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

28. Name this landmark and in which city would you find it?

29. Who is this and with which song did she win the competition for Ireland in 1970?

Here is a link to that song -

30. What is this performer's name? They won Eurovision in 2014 with which song about a bird?

31. Cliff Richard came 2nd in the contest in 1968 with which song? He also performed again in 1973 (3rd place), which which song?

32. Who last won the contest for the UK in 1997 and with which song?

33. This chap is the only performer to win the contest twice, in 1980 & 1987. Name him and either of the songs?

34. And finally, i. What is the name of this group? ii. What are the names of the four of them? iii. With which song did they win? iv. In which year? and v. For which country?

Here is a link to that song -


1. 46 years. 1961-2007

2. 'Father Ted'

3. Katie Boyle

4. Because Israel 'Broadcasting Authority' is part of the 'European Broadcasting Union' (for some reason?)

5. Since 2015, when it was invited to take part in the 60th anniversary contest

6. 'Boom Bang A Bang', 1969

7. Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Hungary, Poland, Romania & Sweden

8. There are 28 member states

9. £350m a week to the NHS was promised on the 'Brexit Bus'

10. 22nd January 1972

11. 'Making Your Mind Up', Bucks Fizz

Champagne and orange juice

12. St Pancras Station

13. 21 miles

14. Moscow - 17.9m, Istanbul - 14.8m then London - 8.67m

15. 'Riverdance', starring Jean Butler & Michael Flatley

16. 'Puppet On A String', Sandy Shaw

17. Cuisses de grenouille & L'escargot

18. Feta cheese

19. Port

20. Gravalax

21. Lindt

22. 'Save All Your Kisses For Me', Brotherhood Of Man

23. Colosseum - Rome

24. Eiffel Tower - Paris

25. La Sagrada Familia Basilica - Barcelona

26. Parthenon - Athens

27. Brandenburg Gate - Berlin

28. Saint Basil's Cathedral - Moscow

29. 'All Kinds Of Everything', Dana

30. 'Rise Like A Phoenix', Conchita Wurst

31. 'Congratulations' (he lost to Spain by one point!) & 'Power To All Our Friends'

32. 'Love Shine A Light', Katrina And The Waves

33. Johnny Logan - 'Whats Another Year' & 'Hold Me Now'

34. ABBA - Benny Andersson, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, Agnetha Fältskog & Björn Ulvaeus - 'Waterloo' in 1974


Maybe hold back on the songs for a 'Eurovision Party' and singalong. Print out lyric sheets as necessary. Make some flags to wave.

Most of all, have fun.

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