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Dr Who Quiz 🪐

Here is a quiz for Dr Who watchers and fans.

Ask members who watched Dr Who as a child?

Who hid behind the sofa whilst watching it?

Who was the best Doctor?

What was the most memorable or fearsome foe?

Let's start with the 'Doctor Who' TV theme -

(This is the original 1963 version.)

How old is Dr Who, apparently?

FACTOID. 'Dr Who' was initially developed as an educational children's TV series featuring the Doctor travelling through time to teach children about science and history.


1. What is this police box called?

The six letter word is an acronym for what? (Specialist knowledge)

2. Name the actors who have played Dr Who?

Which one always wore a bow tie?

3. Here is the next Dr Who? Does anyone know his name? (Specialist knowledge)

FACTOID. 'Dr Who' has won a place in the 'Guinness Book Of Records' for the longest running and most successful sci-fi show of all time.

4. What is the process where one Doctor changes to another called?

FACTOID. It was first thought of when William Hartnell had to stop playing the role due to health issues.

5. Name the actor who played the first Dr Who's companion Stephen Taylor?

6. It was before he moved to present which other children's TV programme?

7. Name the actor who played Dr Who's companion Jamie McCrimmon?

Which TV soap did he later star in? & As which character?

8. Name the actor who played Dr Who's companion Mel Bush?

She first came to prominence in which children's TV drama?

9. Name Dr Who's robot dog?

10. Name the actor who played Dr Who's companion Rose Tyler?

Which disc jockey did she marry in 2001?

11. Name the actor who played the part of Nardole in series 10?

Which cookery show does he now host, alongside Noel Fielding?

12. Name the actress who played the part of Dr Who's companion Donna Noble in thirteen episodes?

What, in her TV series, was the catchphrase of one of her characters Lauren Cooper? - "Am I ********?"

13. Name the actor who played Dr Who's companion Graham O'Brien?

Which daily quiz show does he host?

14. Name the spin off TV sci-fi series?

Who starred as Captain Jack Harkness?

FACTOID. The above show was shot in Cardiff Bay. Despite the character Ianto being killed off in 2009, there is still a shrine dedicated to him by fans of the show.

15. In 1965 a cinematic movie was made, 'Dr Who & The Daleks'. Who did it star?

Here he is ...

16. Who, stood behind him, played the part of his companion Tom Campbell?

Here is the movie trailer -

17. Which 'Record Breaker' also featured in this movie?

Aside from the Daleks, name the following foes ...









26. Name the 'new' Doctor Who screenwriter and producer?

FACTOID. 'Dr Who' ran from 1963-1989. There was then a long gap before the above screenwriter and producer re-established the series in 2005.

Some of the above Dr Who actors went on to star in bigger and better things. See if you can identify what they are from these stills ...








We finish with some Doctor songs ...

34. Which cartoon character series featured inept detectives from Scotland Yard called The Thompson Twins'?

35. What is the proper name for an eye doctor?

36. Finish by listing as many types of doctor as you can?

You could finish by discussing who would like to travel in space, or across time?

Where would they like to visit?

Which historical figure would they like to meet?

Final songs ... For a singalong ... (Lyrics videos)

Final song ...

Dr Who is 900 years old and counting ...

1. TARDIS / Time And Relative Dimension In Space

2. William Hartnell (1963-66) · Patrick Troughton (1966-69) · Jon Pertwee (1970-74) · Tom Baker (1974-81) · Peter Davison (1982-84) · Colin Baker (1984-86) · Sylvester McCoy (1987-89) · Paul McGann (1996) · Christopher Eccleston (2005) · David Tennant (2005-2010) · Matt Smith (2010-2013) · Peter Capaldi (2014-17) · Jodie Whittaker (2018-present)

Matt Smith always wore a bow tie in the Dr Who role.

3. Ncuti Gatwa

4. Regeneration

5. Peter Purves

6. 'Blue Peter'

7. Frazer Hines / 'Emmerdale' / Joe Sugden

8. Bonnie Langford / 'Just William'

9. K9

10. Billie Piper / Chris Evans

11. Matt Lucas / 'Great British Bake Off'

12. Catherine Tate / "Am I bovvered?"

13. Bradley Walsh / 'The Chase'

14. 'Torchwood' / John Barrowman

15. Peter Cushing

16. Bernard Cribbins

17. Roy Castle

18. Cybermen

19. Davros

20. Sea Devils

21. The Master

22. Robots Of Death

23. The Silents

24. The Ood

25. Weeping Angels

26. Russell T Davies

27. Jon Pertwee (& Una Stubbs) in 'Worzel Gummidge'

28. Bernard Cribbins in 'The Railway Children'

29. Peter Davison in 'All Creatures Great And Small' (alongside Christopher Timothy & Robert Hardy)

30. Matt Smith in 'The Crown' (as Prince Philip)

31. John Barrowman in 'Dancing On Ice' (alongside H from 'Steps' & Matt Evers)

32. Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee in 'Dracula'

33. Bernard Cribbins in 'The Wombles'

34. 'Tin Tin'

35. Optometrist

36. GP, cardiologist, oncologist, psychiatrist, surgeon, gynaecologist, dermatologist, paediatrician, neurologist etc


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