Just a reminder that you can follow me on Twitter @donovan_si for daily song and activity suggestions linked to national days and other calendar events.

For example, today is #NationalRoseDay the wine 🍷 not the flower 🌹, so a good song choice is ‘Lilac Wine’ by Elkie Brooks https://youtu.be/po3dCeZiW9A

You could ask people what their favourite wine is? ‘Mateus Rosé‘ is a good old rosé wine. There was also ‘Black Tower’ & ‘Blue Nun’ (white) and ‘Bull‘s Blood’ (red). Or for something a bit more sophisticated ‘Babycham’.

A wine tasting session always goes down well!

Having said that, talking of roses, there’s ‘I Never Promised You A Rose Garden’ by Lynn Anderson https://youtu.be/MwHHCZTvQco

You could pick some roses to arrange, smell or draw. Or have some ‘Turkish Delight‘, which is rosewater flavoured.

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