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Celebrating Spain on 'Paella Day' - 27th March

“I would sooner be a foreigner in Spain than in most countries. How easy it is to make friends in Spain!” – George Orwell

Begin the session by asking members who has been to Spain and where? What was their holiday like?

Ask members what are the best things about Spain?

- Weather and warmth

- Beaches and scenery

- Food and drink

- Spanish People

- Language and culture


Complete these phrases by way of a shout out ...

Fly by the seat of your PANTS

Hit the ground RUNNING

Get away from IT ALL

A place in the SUN

Off the beaten TRACK

Neck of the WOODS

Let your hair DOWN

Like a bull in a CHINA SHOP

Stubborn as a MULE

Talk the hind legs off a DONKEY

Like a red rag to a BULL

Live out of a SUITCASE

Break the JOURNEY

Catch some SUN / RAYS

Dip your toe in the WATER

Take the PLUNGE

Dive in head FIRST

Swimming with the FISHES


Pop the CORK

On the home STRETCH


Who had any of these in their house?

Discuss memories of toys brought home from holidays.


ROUND 1. Places

1. Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world. How many countries & people speak it?

a. 10 countries / 63 million

b. 15 countries / 263 million

c. 20 countries / 463 million

2. What is the capital city of Spain?

3. What is the name of this rock?

(Cheeky little monkey!)

4. Which Spanish city is famous for it's oranges?

5. In which city would you find the 'Basilica de la Familia Sagrada'?

6. Name the 4 Balearic Islands?

7. Name the 4 largest Canary Islands?

8. What is the English translation for these Spanish Costas (coasts)?

a. Costa Del Sol

b. Costa Blanca

c. Costa Brava

d. Costa Dorada

9. What is the English translation of the 'Camino De Santiago'?

How long is it?

a. 50 miles

b. 250 miles

c. 500 miles

10. In which year were the Summer Olympic Games held in Barcelona?

a. 1988

b. 1992

c. 1996

ROUND 2. Art & Culture

11. Which Spanish architect created these colourful buildings?

12. Which Spanish artist is this museum in Figueres dedicated to?

13. Which Spanish artist painted 'Le Rêve' (The Dream), 1932?

14. Which Spanish city is famous for 'The Running Of The Bulls'?

15. What name is given to a Spanish bullfighter?

Is it true or false that bulls hate the colour red?

(It might be appropriate to discuss the cruelty involved in these so called sports?)

16. Name the 1998 movie and the actors pictured here?

17. Name this Spanish tennis player?

18. Name this Spanish golf player?

19. Name the Spanish dance beginning with F?

Here it is ('Fire Dance' from 'Riverdance') -

20. Name the 1965 movie?

ROUND 3. Food & Drink

21. Name this Spanish dish?

22. Name this cold summer soup?

23. Name this Tapas dish?

24. Name the ham?

What else is on the board?

25. Name this Spanish dish?

What type of rice is needed to make it?

26. Name this Spanish drink?

27. Name this Spanish sparkling wine?

28. Name this fruit and oil?

Before we got into Mediterranean cooking, what did we used to use this for?

29. Name this Spanish spice?

30. True or false. By weight, Saffron is more valuable than gold?

What does 'Y Viva Espana' mean?

ROUND 4. TV & Movies

32. Name this 1970s TV sitcom?

33. Name this 1980s TV soap?

34. Name this TV sitcom?

35. Which Spanish Bank are Ant & Dec advertising here?

36. Which 1979 Vietnam war movie does this song feature in? (Spanish guitar)

37. Which film director has recently re-made this movie?

'The Mambo', 'West Side Story' (Another Spanish dance) -

38. Which BBC TV entertainment show is based on this movie?

'Paso Doble', 'Strictly Ballroom' (Another Spanish dance) -

39. Who starred in the 1996 movie version of this musical?

Here is the 1976 single (included because Argentina is Spanish speaking) -


40. What is his son's name? (Video after answers below)



Maybe have a pampering session, including these Spanish fragrances?

Or you could beat the shite out of a Piñata and enjoy the sweets together?

Or you could pack an imaginary suitcase to go on a Spanish holiday and plan it?


Enjoy some Tapas and Sangria.


1. c. 20 countries / 463 million

2. Madrid

3. Gibraltar

4. Seville

5. Barcelona

6. Majorca (Mallorca), Ibiza, Menorca & Formentera

7. Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria & Lanzarote

8. a. Costa Del Sol - The Sun Coast

b. Costa Blanca - The White Coast

c. Costa Brava - The Wild Coast

d. Costa Dorada - The Golden Coast

9. 'The Way Of St James' / c. 500 miles

10. b. 1992

11. Antonio Gaudi

12. Salvador Dali

13. Pablo Picasso

14. Pamplona

15. Matador / False. Bulls are colour blind. They respond to the movement of the flag.

16. 'The Mask Of Zorro' / Katherine Zeta Jones & Antonio Banderas

17. Rafael Nadal

18. Seve Ballesteros

19. 'Flamenco'

20. 'My Fair Lady'

21. Tortilla

22. Gazpacho

23. Patatas Bravas

24. Parma Ham / Chorizo, Rosemary, Olives & Chillies

25. Paella / Arborio

26. Sangria

27. Cava

28. Olive oil used to be used for ear ache, to clear ear wax

29. Paprika

30. Saffron / True. It is worth more than its weight in gold (probably due to the difficulty of harvesting it)

31. 'Long Live Spain'

32. 'Duty Free'

33. 'Eldorado'

34. 'Benidorm'

35. 'Santander'

36. 'The Deer Hunter'

37. Steven Spielberg

38. 'Strictly Come Dancing'

39. Madonna

40. Enrique Iglesias

And here's his most famous song to finish ...

Ask members who their hero is?

Really hope you like this one. Some feedback would be lovely.

Muchas Gracias 🇪🇸


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