Bumper England Picture Quiz

There are a lot of questions here - 50 in fact! You might want to split the quiz into two CST activity sessions?

I have added a few music links to make the quiz more interactive and multi-sensory. You could also add in some of the English refreshments mentioned below.

Take plenty of time for discussion and story telling, especially about which places have been visited and occasions enjoyed.


1. Identify this place (or palace)?

During June and July, what ceremony takes place at 11am every day (10am on Sundays)?

2. Identify this place?

How many stories are there (nearest guess)?

(Does anyone have a fear of heights?)

3. Identify this place?

Who designed it?

(Has anyone visited 'The Whispering Gallery'? How does it work?)

4. Identify this place?

Who lives here and who lives next door?

(What do members think of them?)

5. Identify this landmark?

How long does a ride on it take?

6. Identify this place?

What, of great value, are kept here?

(Which is the most valuable item?)

7. Identify this landmark?

When did it open?

8. Identify this place?

There is a famous statue here dedicated to whom?

9. What is the name of this clipper ship?

Where would you find it?

What did it mainly carry?

10. What is the name of this bridge?

What river does it cross?

Song 'Waterloo Sunset', The Kinks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_MqfF0WBsU


11. What is the name of this cathedral?

What is the name for the medieval streets near to the cathedral?

(They were used in which film for scenes of 'Diagon Alley'?)

12. What is the name of this monument?

Which motorway can you see it from?

13. What is the name of this bridge?

Who designed it?

14. What is this name of this landmark?

Which popular TV show comes here for one episode every year?

15. Where would you find this cathedral?

What do the locals call it?

16. What is this place called?

What other place is it twinned with?

17. What is this place called?

Who departed from here for the "The New World" in 1620?

18. What is this place called?

Who was it built for?

19. What is the name of this shopping centre?

In which city would you find it?

20. Where would you find the UK's biggest theme park?

'The Smiler' is the world's first 14 loop what?

(Anyone fancy a go on it?)

Song 'You'll Never Walk Alone', Gerry And The Pacemakers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV5_LQArLa0


21. Is this a Devon or Cornish cream tea?

What is the more common pronunciation of ‘scone’?

22. Which tea did they advertise?

What tea is flavoured with bergamot?

(Discuss the use of animals in advertising.)

23. Which cheese is chased down Coopers Hill?

Complete the saying “Dr Foster ...”?

24. Which alcoholic beverage is known as ‘Mothers Ruin’

Which berries give it it’s distinctive flavour?

25. Which traditional meat pie has been granted ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ status by the EU, meaning only pies made here can use the name?

What type of crust is used to make it?

26. True or false? This meat dish was named by the 1st Duke Of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley?

What is the layer between the beef and pastry, traditionally?

(How do members like their beef?)

27. Where does HP sauce get its name from?

Which county is associated with Lea & Perrins sauce?

28. What is the name given to this desert?

True or false. It is believed to have originated from the college it is named after and was served at an annual cricket match with pupils of Harrow School?

29. Name this pudding?

What are the three ingredients it is made from?

30. What is the proper name of this spread?

What is this vegan product made of?

(Discuss whether members love it or hate it?)

Song 'Strawberry Fields Forever', The Beatles - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HtUH9z_Oey8


31. Name this place?

Where do the 'bluestones' come from?

(And how on earth did they get them there?)

32. Name this place?

Who organises the music festival nearby?

33. Name this place?

How hot is the water that springs from the ground here?

34. What national park in the North West of England is shown in this picture?

What 1929 children's book b y Arthur Ransome is set here?

35. Name this place?

What used to be quarried here?

36. What is the most southerly point of England called?

How far is it to the most northerly point in the UK, and what is that place called?

37. What is this landmark called?

Who sang a song about it and how old is she?

38. What is this national park (near Plymouth) called?

Which 1902 novel by Arthur Conan Doyle was set here?

39. What is the name of this woodland in Nottinghamshire?

Which legendary heroic outlaw is associated with this place?

40. What is the name of this Cornish castle?

Which legendary king is associated with this place?

Song 'White Cliffs Of Dover', Vera Lynn - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d5aeClRY4kA


41. What TV broadcast was the most watched in the UK ever (it was 1966)?

Who scored a hat-trick?

42. Who is pictured on the new £20 polymer note?

Which of his paintings is shown?

43. Which scientist will feature on the new £50 polymer note?

How did he help win the Second World War?

44. Which renowned English author is known as 'The Bard Of Avon'?

Where did he live?

45. What was the name of this war hero, who flew in the 'Battle of Britain' (he lost his legs in a plane crash)?

Which 1956 movie, starring Kenneth More, told his story?

46. What is the name of this natural historian and ecologist?

What was the name of his ground-breaking 1979 series about evolution?

47. What was the name of this film director?

Complete these movie titles (a chance to ramp up your scores):

- 'The 39 .....'

- 'The Lady .......'

- 'Strangers On A .....'

- 'Shadow Of A .....'

- 'Rear ......'

- 'To Catch A .....'

- 'The Trouble With .....'

- 'Dial M For ......'

- 'North By ..........'

- 'Torn .......'

48. What was the name of this famous crime-writer?

Again, complete these book titles to ramp up your points:

- 'Murder On The Orient .......'

- 'Death On The ....'

- 'Evil Under The ...'

- '4.50 From .........'

- 'A Pocket Full Of ...'

- 'And Then There Were ....'

- 'Crooked .....'

- 'Witness For The ...........'

- 'Ordeal By .........'

- 'Murder Most ....'

49. Name the two people pictured?

What occasion was this photograph linked to?

50. Name these three people?

Discuss any missing heroes ....

Song 'National Anthem' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9eK9fWUb3s


1. Buckingham Palace

Changing Of The Guard

2. The Shard


3. St Paul's Cathedral

Christopher Wren

4. 10 Downing Street

Boris Johnson, Prime Minister & Rishi Sunak, Chancellor Of The Exchequer

5. The London Eye

30 minutes

6. Tower Of London

The Crown Jewels

(The most valuable jewel is the Cullinan 1), with an estimated worth of £400m.)

7. 02 Dome (Was previously called the Millennium Dome.)

Opened 31st December 1999

8. Trafalgar Square

Nelson's Column

9. The Cutty Sark


(It's main cargo was tea!)

10. Tower Bridge

The Thames

(Tourists often confuse this bridge with London Bridge, which is a few miles up the river.)

11. York Minster

The Shambles

12. Angel Of The North


13. Clifton Suspension Bridge

Isambard Kingdom Brunel

14. Blackpool Tower

'Strictly Come Dancing'

15. Liverpool

Paddy's Wigwam

16. St Michael's Mount, Cornwall

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy

17. Plymouth Hoe

Mayflower Pilgrims

18. Brighton Pavilion

King George IV (It was built as a seaside 'pleasure palace' for him!)

19. The Bullring


20. Alton Towers

Roller Coaster

21. Cornish

51% say 'scone' rhyming with gone / 42% say 'scone' rhyming with bone

22. PG Tips

Early Grey

23. Double Gloucester

"Doctor Foster

Went to Gloucester

In a shower of rain.

He stepped in a puddle

Right up to his middle

And never went there again!"

24. Gin


25. Melton Mowbray Pork Pie

Hot water crust

26. False. There is no evidence in the literature for this.

Fois Gras Pate

27. Houses of Parliament


28. Eton mess


29. Yorkshire

Flour, eggs and milk or water

30. Yeast extract, which is a by product of brewing beer

"My mate Marmite!"

31. Stonehenge

Preseli Hills in North Wales

32. Glastonbury Tor

Michael Eavis

33. Bath Spa

33.5c or 92F

34. Lake District

'Swallows And Amazons'

35. Eden, Near St Austell Cornwall

China Clay

36. Lands End

874 miles to John O'Groats

37. White Cliffs Of Dover

Vera Lynn. She is 103

38. Dartmoor

'The Hound Of The Baskervilles'

39. Sherwood Forest

Robin Hood

40. Tintagel

King Arthur

41. 1966 World Cup Final between England and Germany. 32 million tuned in.

Geoff Hurst

42. JW Turner

'The Fighting Temeraire'

43. Alan Turing

'The Enigma Code'

44. William Shakespeare

Stratford On Avon

45. Douglas Bader

'Reach For The Sky'

46. David Attenborough

'Life On Earth'

47. Alfred Hitchcock

- 'The 39 Steps'

- 'The Lady Vanishes'

- 'Strangers On A Train'

- 'Shadow Of A Doubt'

- 'Dial M For Murder'

- 'Rear Window'

- 'To Catch A Thief'

- 'The Trouble With Harry'

- 'North By Northwest'

- 'Torn Curtain'

48. Agatha Christie

- 'Murder On The Orient Express'

- 'Death On The Nile'

- 'Evil Under The Sun'

- '4.50 From Paddington'

- 'A Pocket Full Of Rye'

- 'And Then There Were None'

- 'Crooked House'

- 'Witness For The Prosecution'

- 'Ordeal By Innocence'

- 'Murder Most Foul'

49. James Bond (Daniel Craig) & Queen Elizabeth

The opening of the 2012 Olympic Games

(Do members remember her parachuting in?)

50. Queen Elizabeth (Bowes-Lyon), King George V1 & Winston Churchill

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