Bumper England Picture Quiz

There are a lot of questions here - 50 in fact! You might want to split the quiz into two CST activity sessions?

I have added a few music links to make the quiz more interactive and multi-sensory. You could also add in some of the English refreshments mentioned below.

Take plenty of time for discussion and story telling, especially about which places have been visited and occasions enjoyed.


1. Identify this place (or palace)?

During June and July, what ceremony takes place at 11am every day (10am on Sundays)?

2. Identify this place?

How many stories are there (nearest guess)?

(Does anyone have a fear of heights?)

3. Identify this place?

Who designed it?

(Has anyone visited 'The Whispering Gallery'? How does it work?)

4. Identify this place?

Who lives here and who lives next door?

(What do members think of them?)

5. Identify this landmark?

How long does a ride on it take?

6. Identify this place?

What, of great value, are kept here?

(Which is the most valuable item?)

7. Identify this landmark?

When did it open?

8. Identify this place?

There is a famous statue here dedicated to whom?

9. What is the name of this clipper ship?

Where would you find it?

What did it mainly carry?

10. What is the name of this bridge?

What river does it cross?

Song 'Waterloo Sunset', The Kinks - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N_MqfF0WBsU


11. What is the name of this cathedral?

What is the name for the medieval streets near to the cathedral?

(They were used in which film for scenes of 'Diagon Alley'?)

12. What is the name of this monument?

Which motorway can you see it from?

13. What is the name of this bridge?

Who designed it?

14. What is this name of this landmark?

Which popular TV show comes here for one episode every year?

15. Where would you find this cathedral?

What do the locals call it?

16. What is this place called?

What other place is it twinned with?

17. What is this place called?

Who departed from here for the "The New World" in 1620?

18. What is this place called?

Who was it built for?

19. What is the name of this shopping centre?

In which city would you find it?

20. Where would you find the UK's biggest theme park?

'The Smiler' is the world's first 14 loop what?

(Anyone fancy a go on it?)

Song 'You'll Never Walk Alone', Gerry And The Pacemakers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OV5_LQArLa0


21. Is this a Devon or Cornish cream tea?

What is the more common pronunciation of ‘scone’?

22. Which tea did they advertise?

What tea is flavoured with bergamot?

(Discuss the use of animals in advertising.)

23. Which cheese is chased down Coopers Hill?

Complete the saying “Dr Foster ...”?

24. Which alcoholic beverage is known as ‘Mothers Ruin’

Which berries give it it’s distinctive flavour?

25. Which traditional meat pie has been granted ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ status by the EU, meaning only pies made here can use the name?

What type of crust is used to make it?

26. True or false? This meat dish was named by the 1st Duke Of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley?

What is the layer between the beef and pastry, traditionally?

(How do members like their beef?)

27. Where does HP sauce get its name from?