A Cheesy Quiz To Celebrate 'National Cheese Day', 4th June

Have some fun with this twenty-five question quiz. Enliven it with a cheese and wine tasting session at the end.

Or you could do this during the quiz, to help with identification.

1. Wallace & Gromit's favourite cheese?

2. A cheesy Welsh snack?

3. A cheesy snack for an infant?

4. Tommy Cooper was born in the Welsh town where they make this cheese?

5. 'Red .........'?

6. This cheese is made near a Somerset gorge?

7. This cheese is made from Buffalo milk?

8. Name this Indian cheese?

9. Name this Greek cheese?

10. Name this Dutch cheese?

11. Wot is this cheesy puff snack called?

12. 'Blue .......'?

13. You can have this French cheese baked?

14. A spreadable cheese?

15. They spread this Italian cheese over your pasta?

16. What do they call this garlic and herb cheese roll?

17. This Greek cheese is squeaky?

18. Another French cheese?

19. A holey cheese from Switzerland?

20. A Mexican cheese dip?

21. A famous cracker to go with all the cheese?

22. "Bring out the ........"?

23. The best selling (internationally) white wine is also a girl's name?

24. The best selling (internationally) red wine comes from a grape which has the English translation "Pine" and "Black"?

25. A fortified (with brandy) red wine that goes very well with cheese?


1. Wensleydale

2. Welsh Rarebit

3. Babybel

4. Caerphilly

5. Red Leicester

6. Cheddar

7. Mozarella

8. Matar Paneer

9. Feta

10. Edam

11. Wotsits

12. Blue Stilton

13. Camembert

14. Dairylea

15. Parmesan

16. Roule

17. Halloumi

18. Brie

19. Gouda

20. Nacho

21. Ritz

22. Branston

23. Chardonnay

24. Pinot Noir

25. Port

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