'Guess The Adverts' TV Quiz

This music and picture quiz is a stand alone short CST activity session, based on long term memory recall. Hopefully members will not only recognise the advertising slogan, but in some instances remember the songs and actual adverts as well.

The idea of using reminiscence materials such as these advertising slogans with people who have cognitive impairment is they access long term memory, which is often better preserved than short term memory. Also they use music and rhythm which is often better retained in people who have dementia than language. Thus people can feel an improved sense of self-worth, in so much as they have the feeling, 'Gosh I remembered all those things from way back!'

To make the session even more enjoyable and multi-sensory, perhaps have a few advertised items on stand by to try, for example, 'Bird's Angel Delight', 'Marmite' on toast, a cup of 'Ovaltine' and some 'Brut' to "splash all over"c. Overall these activities are intended to be fun and promote feelings of nostalgia and good humour. Whilst they are intended to give members' brains a bit of a 'work out', they are not intended to be used as a memory test. Rather, let people chime in with their recollections, give some clues, maybe describe the item if people get stuck, or give the first word or initial. Celebrate achievement, highlight positive contributions, share laughter. Avoid highlighting memory failure, rather use terms as 'Oh that was a great guess' or 'Close'.

I hope your group members enjoy this activity. Let me know if I missed any obvious adverts and I will add them.


Pear And Dean cinema intro. Everyone will remember this.


1. "Do the ..... ... ... and put the freshness back!"

2. "Beans means ..... "

How many varieties were there?

3. "For mash get ..... "

4. "Tell 'em about the honey mummy!"

5. "It's the tea you can really taste!"

6. "Can't you just tell those Italian wines suffused with herbs and spices from four continents?"

Which two actors are pictured here?

7. ... ... "Too orangey for dogs!"

8. "Eight out of ten cats prefer it!"

9. "I'm loving it!"

10. "For hands that do dishes can feel soft as your face with mild green ..... ...... "

11. "Splash it all over!"

Which two sportsmen are pictured here?

12. "The mark of a man."

13. "Just one ........ , give it to me!.Delicious ice cream from Italy."

14. "....... ...., always tell your mummy."

15. .... ...... made to make your mouth water."

What are they called now?

16. "'Fly Fishing', by JR Hartley."

17. "Stop, Look, Listen. Always use the ..... ..... ...."

18. "It's as good for you today as it's always been."

19. "The growing up spread they never grow out of."

20. "Ah, .....!"

21. "Cool, and refreshing!"

22. "Exceedingly good cakes."

23. "Nah, Luton Airport!"

Who is this?

24. "Happiness is a cigar called ...... ."

25. "It's good to talk!"

Who is this?

26. "Snap, crackle, pop!"

27. "Soft, strong and very long."