'Eurovision Song Contest', 22nd May

Who watches the 'Eurovision Song Contest'? Anyone keep score (nil points)?

What is the best or most memorable act you can think of?

What is the best (or your favourite) song to come out of Eurovision?

Thinking of the wider European community, what is your favourite European city or country?

Which European tourist destination (or somewhere off the beaten track) would you recommend a friend visit?


We asked members to complete the following phrases ... Dutch TREAT OR COURAGE French LETTER OR CONNECTION Welsh DRAGON OR RAREBIT OR LAMB British BULLDOG Luck of the IRISH Scotch MIST OR EGG English ROSE The rain in Spain stays MAINLY ON THE PLAIN

Spanish OMELETTE Swiss ARMY KNIFE OR ROLL Turkish BATHS OR DELIGHT Russian ROULETTE Norwegian WOOD Spanish FLY German SAUSAGE Mexican WAVE (I know it's not in Europe!) Delhi BELLY (ditto) E viva ESPANA Italian STALLION Holland - AISE SAUCE OR AND BARRETT It's all GREEK to me

Double DUTCH Chinese WHISPERS OR PROVERBS (and again!) When in ROME ... Do as the Romans do Talk for ENGLAND Indian SUMMER


Round 1. People

1. Name the TV presenter?

What was his first TV role?

2. Name the TV presenter?

How many years did he host the 'Eurovision Song Contest'?

3. Who used to announce the British vote?

4. Which Prime Minister took the UK into the European Economic Community on 22nd January 1972?

5. What is the name of the German Chancellor, in post since 2006?

6. What is the name of the French President, in post since 2017?

7. What is the name of this Irish politician, who served as Taoiseach from 2017-2020? (He was the first gay Taoiseach!)

8. Who is this former leader of UKIP?

9. What is the name of our current UK Prime Minister?

10. What is the name of his former Chief Advisor, who drove to Barnard Castle "to test his eyesight', during COVID-19 national lockdown?

11. SONG. 'Summer Holiday', Cliff Richard - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SxuapKdqIZw

How much did the 'Brexit Bus' tell us we would get back from the EU each week for the NHS?

Round 2. Places

Name the tourist destination and country?

12. Place?


13. Place?


14. Place?


15. Place?


16. Place?


17. Place?


18. Place? (Catholic shrine)


19. Place? (Highest point in Europe)


20. Place? ('HalfPenny Bridge')


21. Place? (Wall)


22. SONG. 'Morningtown Ride', The Seekers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-RkC6MYT2E

What year did the Channel Tunnel open to its first 'Eurostar' journey?

23. SONG. Intermission. 'Riverdance' - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0v_pu6miJ8

Name the two lead dancers?

Round 3. TV & Film

24. Name the waiter from Barcelona?

And the TV show?

25. Name the TV show?

And the hairdresser?

26. Name the TV detective?

What country was he from?

27. Name the TV show?

Name the husband and wife?