Spring & 'Easter Sunday', 4th April 2021

With Easter Sunday on 4th April this year and the clocks going forward on 28th March, it was a good opportunity to have a CST session themed on 'Springtime and Easter'. Spring lasts from the vernal equinox on 20th March to the summer solstice (midsummer day) on 21st June.

We asked members ...

- Who likes the Spring? Is it anyone's favourite season? What do you like about it?

- Can you think of any spring flowers?

- Who celebrates Easter?

- Does anyone have an Easter egg or make an Easter bonnet?

- What are peoples' favourite chocolate bars?

Can anyone think of any symbols of Easter? - A palm formed in the shape of a crucifix - Hot cross bun (crucifix on top of the bun) - Easter egg (in the shape of the stone which rolled away from Christ's tomb)

IDIOMS ABOUT SPRING AND EASTER Next, we asked members to complete the following phrases ... He's no spring - CHICKEN (A person who’s not exactly young anymore.) He's got a spring in his - STEP (Someone who looks as if they are happy and full of energy.) Spring to - MIND (To appear suddenly in your thoughts, immediately think of someone or something.) Like a coiled - SPRING (Someone who is wound up or highly strung.) As clean as a - WHISTLE (Describes something which is fresh and new, or has been cleaned to such a high standard it looks as if it is.) Wipe the slate - CLEAN (Have a fresh start or a new beginning.) Like a rabbit caught in the - HEADLIGHTS (A person so surprised or frightened that they can’t move or think.) Pull a rabbit out of the - HAT (Come up with an unexpected solution to a problem.) Don’t count your chickens before they’re - HATCHED (Don't make plans that depend on something good happening before you know that it has actually happened.) Don’t put all your eggs in one - BASKET (Keep your options open.) Have egg on your - FACE (Look stupid because of something you’ve done.) Don't teach your grandmother to suck - EGGS (Don't offer unnecessary advice to someone who’s older and more experienced.) Walking on - EGGSHELLS (Be very diplomatic so as not to offend.) You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few - EGGS (In order to achieve something, something has to be sacrificed.) Mutton dressed as - LAMB (An older woman dressed in clothes more suited to a younger woman.) A wolf in sheep's - CLOTHING (A person with a pleasant and friendly appearance that hides the fact that they are evil.) Black sheep of the - FAMILY (The undesirable or disreputable member of a group or family.)

Full of the joys of - SPRING (To be very happy and enthusiastic.)


Longer days, warmer days, spring flowers, lambs, catkins, bird nests and chicks, sorting the garden out, planting the beds, mowing the lawn for the first time, smell of cut grass, Easter, Easter eggs, Easter bunnies and Easter bonnets. We commented on the argument going on currently about re-branding of 'Easter Eggs' as 'Good Eggs', so as to remove religious connotations. Members felt that traditional words should be used for things associated with this ancient Christian festival. The spring flowers we thought of were: daffodils, crocuses, tulips, cherry blossom, snow drops, bluebells and primroses. We reminded ourselves of the Welsh word for Spring - Gwanwyn.

Happy Easter in Welsh is - Pasg Hapus And the French word for Spring - Printemps. We remembered that the clocks 'Spring Forward' in March and 'Fall Back' in October. We thought about the meaning of 'Spring' and how it features in the English language. Spring symbolises rebirth, fresh starts, new beginnings. - Spring is in the air. - Spring has sprung. - Spring tides (highest of the year). - Springer Spaniel (gun dog). - Spring lamb (3-5 months). - Spring clean. - Spring onions (gibbons). - Spring greens.

FIRST SONG. 'Tulips From Amsterdam', Johnny Weaver - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cNPT3JRNJpE

This was a huge hit for Max Bygraves. What was his catchphrase? LET ME TELL YOU A STORY


ROUND 1. Easter

1. What is the proper name for 'Pancake Day'?

(Did people enjoy any?)

2. Which following day starts the 40 day period of 'Lent'?

(Did anyone give anything up?)

3. What is the Sunday before Easter called?

4. What does the Queen do on the Thursday before Easter?

5. Which artist painted 15th century painting 'The Last Supper'? (It is on display in the 'Santa Maria Del Grazie Monastery in Milan)

What is his most famous painting? (It's in 'The Louvre' in Paris)

Here she is ...

6. What do Catholics do in Church on Good Friday afternoon?

7. What do Christians traditionally eat on Good Friday?

True or False. The McDonald's 'Fillet Of Fish' meal was developed for Catholics?

8. Which traditional Easter roast dinner is pictured here (the meat and the sauce)?

9. From where does The Pope give his Easter Blessing on Easter Sunday?

What's his name? Where is he from?

10. Which 1970s rock opera album is this picture from?

11. SONG. 'I Don't Know How To Love Him', Yvonne Elliman - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lS2nX4fuzqc

Who composed and wrote this musical? Which character sang the song?

ROUND 2. Spring

12. Who is the Roman Goddess of Spring?

Or. What is 'Happy Easter' in Welsh?

13. Who composed 'The Four Seasons'?

(What is your favourite season and why?)

14. Where would you find 'Palm Springs'?

15. What is a Springbok?

Or a member of which national rugby union team?

16. Who is this US chat show host (there is a musical named after him)?

17. What is rock singer songwriter Bruce Springsteen's nickname?

18. What flower does the spice Saffron come from?

19. How much is a Cadbury's Creme Egg? (Nearest guess)

20. Why would you count sheep?

21. Recite the nursery rhyme together ... (A point for each remembered verse)