Welcoming 2021 - Happy New Year!

Some ideas for your first CST group of 2021.

INTRODUCTION Wish everyone a Happy New Year. Ask how their holidays went? - Did anyone have any visitors staying, or did they visit or stay with family or friends?

- What was the most enjoyable thing about the day? - What were their best Christmas presents? Did anyone have any nice surprises?

- Or are there any presents to 'regift'?

- Does anyone not celebrate Christmas? What is their festive occasion? How did members see in the New Year? Did anyone drink champagne and count down the seconds to Big Ben chiming in 2020? Did anyone watch Jools Holland 'Annual Hootenany' or see the 'Fireworks on the Thames'? What about New Year's resolutions (things you would like to do more, or less, of)? Have any been made or already broken?

Will anyone be doing 'Dry January' or 'Veganuary'?

As we start a new year, what is the single biggest change that would make the world a better place to live in?

NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS IDIOMS As a memory prompt, we asked members to complete the following phrases together: To turn over a new - LEAF To start - ANEW/AFRESH Nothing ventured, nothing - GAINED To break new - GROUND Out with the old and in with the - NEW When one door closes, another - OPENS Winds of - CHANGE You can’t teach an old dog new - TRICKS As bright as a new - PIN As busy as a - BEAVER As good as - NEW A lick of - PAINT A brave new - WORLD A whole different - BALLGAME A new broom sweeps - CLEAN New kid on the - BLOCK New lease of - LIFE That’s a new one on - ME Breathe new life into - SOMETHING Dawn of a new - DAY Make - OVER Feel like a new - MAN Like a kid with a new - TOY Brand spanking - NEW New - PASTURES New wine in old - BOTTLES Nothing new under the - SUN Plumb new - DEPTHS Put a different complexion on - SOMETHING See in a new - LIGHT Take a new - TURN/TWIST Take on new - SIGNIFICANCE That’s a new one on - ME The Emperor’s new - CLOTHES Ring in the New - YEAR

SONG. 'Happy New Year', ABBA - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Uo0JAUWijM

Hre is our first song to sing along with.

SHORT NEW YEAR'S QUIZ Here's a short quiz to carry on the discussion. 1. What do the Scots call New Year's Eve?

2. ‎Who wrote the words to Auld Lang Syne?

3. ‎What does Auld Lang Syne mean?

4. ‎Which is the first country to celebrate New Year?

5. ‎Which US state is the last to celebrate New Year?

6. ‎Which food item is traditionally served on New Year's Eve in Scotland?

7. ‎What is 'Calennig' in Wales?

8. ‎What year was the Queen's 'Annus Horribilis'?

9. ‎What 1972 disaster movie is set around a New Year's Eve party at sea?

10. ‎Who sang that they were going to ... 'Party like it's 1999'?

11. ‎What was the feared computer failure of New Year's Eve 2000 called?

12. ‎What landmark constructions were built to celebrate the Millennium?

13. ‎Who sang the song 'Millennium'?

14. ‎What is traditionally given by a dark haired person in the custom of 'First Footing'?

15. ‎Where in the UK do people say "Black rabbits, Black rabbits, black rabbits" in the closing seconds of the old year and "White rabbits, white rabbits, white rabbits" in the opening seconds of the new year?

16. ‎Complete the following phrase, which is said by school children on the first of each month... "Pinch punch, first of the month and .........".

17. ‎Where do Americans celebrate the New Year by watching 'The Ball Drop'?

18. ‎Which Stevie Wonder song begins with the lyrics, "No New Year's Day to celebrate..."?

19. Which musical does the song 'The Perfect Year' come from?

20. 2021 will be the year of which animal in the Chinese calendar? (Ox characteristics: People born in the Year of the Ox are strong, reliable, fair and conscientious, inspiring confidence in others. They are also calm, patient, methodical and can be trusted.) 21. How do we say 'Happy New Year' in Welsh?


1. 'Hogmanay'

2. Rabbie Burns

3. 'Times Gone By'

4. Samoa (10am UK time)

5. Hawaii

6. Haggis (Sheep's 'Pluck' - Heart, Liver & Lungs, With Neeps Aand Tatties (Swede Aand Potatoes) Aand Whisky (Single Malt) (Played n by Bagpipes)

7. A New Year's Gift Given Door To Door With Good Wishes (An Apple Skewered With Cloves, Dried Fruit And Sprigs Of Evergreen)

8. 1992, The Year When Charles And Diana Separated And Windsor Castle Was Badly Damaged In A Fire

9. 'The Poiseidon Adventure'

10. Robbie Williams

11. Prince

12. The Millennium Bug

13. The Millennium Dome (O2 Arena), The London Eye, The Millennium (Principality) Stadium, Wales Millennium Centre, The Millennium Bridge (Can anyone think of any others?)

14. Some Coal, Bread, Money And Greenery (To Make Sure The House Is Always Warm, There Is Always Enough Food To Eat, There Is Enough Money To Get By And Everyone Living In The House Has A Long Life)

15. Yorkshire

16. 'No Returns'

17. Times Square n New York

18. 'I Just Called To Say Love You'

19. 'Sunset Boulevard'

20. The Ox (Chinese New Year Is Friday 12Th February)

21. 'Blwyddyn Newydd Dda'

NEXT SONG. 'Perfect Year', Dina Carroll - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4M7XZEpNwgQ

Time for another sing along ...


The New Year celebration is often one of reflection, of years gone by and hopes for the future.

Here, we take a look at some of the top new stories from 2021 (they are not necessarily in chronological order). Discuss each as you work through them.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle stepped down as senior royals and left the country for Canada. They then headed to Los Angeles, where they seem to have settled.

(Their son's name is Archie Harrison Windsor.)

Coronavirus came to the UK from an original outbreak in Wuhan, China. The first cases here were reported on 31st January.

On 16th March, the UK went into full lockdown. Whilst we all stayed at home and clapped for our front line workers each Thursday evening...

On 27th March, the Prime Minister's Special Advisor, Dominic Cummings, drove from London to Country Durham, breaking COVID-19 lockdown rules. He then visited Barnard Castle on his wife's birthday, saying he 'was testing his eyesight'!

Having been hospitalised with COVID-19 on 6th April, Boris Johnson finally changed the rules to make mask wearing in public mandatory. Pubs and restaurants could only open if serving 'a substantial meal'.

During restrictions and accepting the 'new normal', we all learned to communicate on line with each other via Zoom and Skype. Not as good as real personal contact, but it certainly helped us to feel less isolated and alone.

Jeremy Corbyn was ousted as Labour Party Leader, being replaced by Kier Starmer. 'Prime Minister's Question Time' subsequently became somewhat more challenging for Boris Johnson. Labour's position in the polls also began to improve.

After George Floyd was killed by Police in the USA, 'Black Lives Matter' protests were held in many cities and countries, including in Bristol where a statue of the slave owner Colston was torn down and thrown into Bristol Dock.

Captain Tom Moore walked the length of his care home garden on his Zimmer frame in the run up to his 100th birthday, in the process raising over £32m for NHS charities. He was subsequently knighted by the Queen.

Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the US presidential elections. The Donald had some difficulty accepting the result and challenged the result through the courts in several states.

On 28th December, the EU and the UK finally came to a last minute post-Brexit trade deal. This was as lorries were backed up in Kent in what has been dubbed 'The Farage Garage'.