1st March - "Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus" Happy Saint David's Day

Take time during the quiz to ask if people have visited any of these places in Wales, or if they would like to. Encourage reminiscences and story telling. Going off at tangents is absolutely to be encouraged. Reduce content if needs be. Stop for singalongs as feels appropriate. There is a 'Welsh Songs' Spotify playlist here with some classics to choose from - https://open.spotify.com/playlist/3lNDD0oKgRVVXtj8x2IRHt?si=FSJMxSDdSWuKcGgGFK92EQ Add in some Welsh food items, as listed below (see Q.39), to help make the session even more multi-sensory. You can keep score if you want to, depending on your group, but don't be competitive about it. Any and all contributions are to be welcomed, including half answers, singing, gestures, ooh's and aah's. Give prompts as necessary, such as initials, first letters and 'sounds like'. Have a prize for the whole group to share, or compete as two tables so as not to inadvertently highlight any poor cognitive performance. Most important of all, have fun with it x

As the old saying goes, "A smile is worth a thousand words". The photo album is linked here - https://photos.app.goo.gl/ThLNAmmgU8KQRhEv7

You could print off pictures for the tables to help aid place recognition and discussion?

NB. Please take care if any members were affected by the incidents mentioned in Qs 22 & 31. The importance of biographical assessment is highlighted in many of these activities.


1. What is this bridge called? How much is it to cross?

2. What is this bridge and where is it? There is another in the UK. Where is it?

3. Where would you find the village with the longest name? Can anyone pronounce it correctly? Does anyone know what it means. (A point for each correct word)

4. What is the name of this place in North Wales which has been designed like an Italian village? Which sci fi TV series was filmed there?

5. What are the names of this beach and headland in The Gower? How long is the beach? (Nearest guess gets the point)

6. What is the name of this statue in Llandaff Cathedral? Who designed it?

7. Which Welsh author used to write in this Boathouse? Where is it? What is the title of his most famous poem?

8. Who is this monument dedicated to? What is the name of the ship depicted on top?

9. Where is this castle? Which comedian has a statue dedicated to him nearby?

10. What date was the Investiture Of The Prince Of Wales? (Two points if correct month and year) In which castle did it take place?

(Does anyone remember getting a mug?)

11. Which seaside resort is this? Which TV comedy series was filmed here?

(Does anyone remember 'Miners' Fortnight'?)

12. What is this seaside resort called? What is the island nearby?

13. What is the name of this railway? How high does it climb? (Nearest guess gets the point)

14. What is the name of this church and where is it? Which famous author was Christened here?

15. What is the name of this historic aquaduct? On which canal would you find it?

16. Where you find the 'National Show Caves Of Wales'? What 'animals' are displayed outside?

17. Where is the 'National Folk Museum Of Wales'? Which Cardiff pub is currently being reconstructed there?

18. Where is the tallest building in Wales? How many stories are there? (Nearest guess gets the point)

19. Where would you find this castle? In which year did the 5th Marquess Of Bute give the castle and it's parks to the people?

20. In which year did 'The Principality Stadium' open? What is its maximum capacity?

21. What is the name of 'The National Coal Museum Of Wales? Where would you find it?

22. Where would you find this monument? Who is it dedicated to?

23. What is written on the outside of the Wales Millennium Centre? Who is the main theatre space named after?

24. What is the name of this 'fairytale' castle? Where would you find it?

25. Which monastery is this? What is the name of the historic and environment agency that serves this and other historic monuments in Wales? What does it's Welsh name mean?

26. Where would you find Wales International Airport? Which airline flies everyday to Doha from here?

27. What is this 'greenhouse' a part of? Where would you find it?

28. Which headland does this tramway run up? Where is it?

29. Where would you find 'Zip World', the fastest zipwire run in the world? How fast would you travel, if you chose to take on 'Velocity 2'?

30. Where is the UK's smallest city? What is its population?

31. Where would you find this monument? Who is it to?

32. Which children's TV show is this? What is the name of the railway?

33. Which Bay is Cardiff Bay Barrage built across? (Shirley Bassey connection) What is the tidal range (second biggest in the world) which gave it it's name?

34. Which 'experience' used to be based here? Which adversary featured on the brown tourist information signs to it?

35. What was the name of this children's TV show? Where was it set?

36. Where would you find this (reputedly) oldest pub in Wales? Which county is it in?

37. In which Welsh manor house can you go on a ghost tour? Where is it?

38. Which town in mid Wales has an annual book (arts and literature) festival? Where does this river meet the sea?