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Summer Of Sport

"It's hard to beat the person who never gives up."

Babe Ruth, Major League Baseball Player "If you fail to prepare, you're prepared to fail."

Mark Spitz, Olympic Swimmer "The most important thing in the Olympic Games is not winning but taking part; the essential thing in life is not conquering but fighting well."

Founder of the Olympic International Committee, Baron Pierre de Coubertin INTRODUCTION After orientation, we went around the room and asked members: - What are their favourite sports? - Have they a favourite sports star/team? - Have they ever met any famous sports personality? Next we listed on the white board some ... Individual sports: - Diving - Javelin - High jump - Pole vaulting - Marathon - Gymnastics - Wrestling - Boxing - Cycling - Tennis Group sports: - Football - Rugby - Hockey - Volleyball - Relay - Basketball - Baseball - Cricket - Synchronised swimming - Netball Winter sports: - Bobsleigh - Slalom - Curling - Ice dancing - Speed skating - Ski jumping - Skeleton - Ice hockey - Snowboarding - Cross country skiing School sports: - Egg and spoon race - Sack race - One legged race - Aparatus - Rope - Tug O' War - Assault course - Climbing wall - Sponsored walk - Pony trekking We then asked, has anyone won any sporting medals or prizes? - Swimming medals - Life saving - Scouts or Brownies - Half Marathon - Duke Of Edinburgh


This week saw some fantastic sporting achievements. We asked if members had watched any of the following. England beat New Zealand in a close run Cricket World Cup final, which went to a 'super over'. England won the match by 119 runs. Novak Djokovic beat Roger Federer in the Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Men's Final, in the longest final match ever played. The final score, 7-6, 1-6, 7-6, 4-6, 13-12, was unique in the sport’s history, with the match running for 4 hours 57 minutes. On an epic day for British sport, Novak Djokovic's epic five-set win over Roger Federer attracted a peak TV audience of 9.6 million on BBC 1. Whereas England's Cricket World Cup final win over New Zealand was watched by a peak of 7.9m across Channel Four and Sky. A peak of 2.5 million viewers watched the British Grand Prix on Channel Four. Lewis Hamilton won this Formula One race at Silverstone. Apparently he had a secret strategy of using his more freewheeling style to go faster and burn less rubber than his main rival, Valtteri Bottas. It was announced this week that Alan Turing would be the face on the new plastic fifty pound note. Turing, a code breaker with Bletchley Park, broke the Enigma Code and changed the course of the Second World War. Honouring Turing in this way was said to be a triumph for British science, but also for equality, as Turing was imprisoned for loving another man and took his own life, aged just 41. He was not postumously pardoned until 2013. It was also announced this week that the new 007 is to be a woman – Lashana Lynch. She will not be the new James Bond. He (Daniel Craig) is in retirement in Jamaica, but will also make an appearance. Filming started on April 6. Cardiff and several other UK cities came to a standstill with Extinction Rebellion protests blocking streets with green yachts which eco warrior protestors chained themselves to. We asked if any members had been caught up in the traffic chaos? July 15 was St Swithin's Day. The saying goes... St Swithin's Day, if it does rain Full 40 days, it will remain St Swithin's Day, if it be fair For 40 days, t'will rain no more. It was indeed set fair this year, but members agreed that our gardens could do with a drop of rain. Finally, July 20, 2019 marks the 50th anniversary of the first humans landing on the Moon on July 20, 1969 as part of NASA's Apollo 11 lunar mission. Members recalled the historic event and where they were at the time (mostly in school assemblies watching on black and white TVs). We remembered Neil Armstrong's words on the lunar surface. "It's one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind."


(Maybe just use a few of these.)

On your marks, get set GO Play by the RULES On the home STRETCH Front RUNNER Four minute MILE The ball is in your COURT Par for the COURSE Out of his LEAGUE Three strikes and you're OUT Hit a home RUN Knock it out of the PARK Half TIME Back the wrong HORSE / TEAM Out of your DEPTH Blow the WHISTLE Call the SHOTS Came a close SECOND Out of left FIELD Cover all your BASES Dive in head FIRST Down to the WIRE Draw first BLOOD In with a fighting CHANCE It's a knock OUT First past the POST A game CHANGER Get the ball ROLLING Hop skip and a JUMP Batting for the other SIDE / TEAM Hit the ground RUNNING Hand someone the BATON / TORCH He's had a good INNINGS Hit someone below the BELT Saved by the BELL Hit a bull's EYE Hole in ONE In a league of their OWN Toe the LINE Jump the GUN On the home STRETCH Test the WATER Sink or SWIM Jump off the deep END Dive in head FIRST Win by a NOSE Too close to CALL Jockey for POSITION Neck and NECK Watch from the side LINES Score an own GOAL Penalty KICK Move the goal POSTS Meet your MATCH Level playing FIELD Final SCORE Keep your eye on the BALL Hit the back of the NET A hat TRICK Have a game PLAN A game of two HALVES Free KICK Sticky WICKET Throw in the TOWEL Punch above your WEIGHT Out for the COUNT Blow by blow ACCOUNT Take the wind of of your SAILS Put your oar IN Plain SAILING Like the cut of their JIB Rest on your LAURELS Take the chequered FLAG Step up to the PLATE Throw a curve BALL Slam DUNK Unfair ADVANTAGE Bending the RULES

Wild CARD Nice TRY Sin BIN Early BATH Grand SLAM

QUIZ QUESTIONS Please note: We printed out some images to help with the quiz to link with the sports personalities mentioned below. (Click on the image above for the slide show.)

(PS. There are a lot of questions & linked images here. Maybe thin them out a bit before the session? Or perhaps spread them over a couple of sessions?) COLOURS What colour are sports questions in the game 'Trivial Pursuits'? ORANGE What do the five coloured rings represent on the Olympic flag? CONTINENTS - ASIA, AFRICA, EUROPE, AMERICAS, AUSTRALASIA What colour jersey did Geraint Thomas wear when he won last year's Tour De France? YELLOW What colour flag is waved at the finish line of motor racing? BLACK AND WHITE CHEQUERED

Which former paralympian, now Dame Of The British Empire, won 11 Gold Medals in the Olympic Games from 1992-2004?

TANNI GREY THOMPSON *Grey being the link to colour NUMBERS A Bronze Medal is awarded to which place in a final event? THIRD What is zero called in a tennis game? LOVE What is the maximum score with three darts? 180 Which stuntman won a world record by jumping 19 buses in 1973? EVIL KNIEVEL

Which sporting 'hero' came last place in his event in the 1988 Winter Olympics at Calgary?


WHERE Which country hosted the Summer Olympics in 2016? RIO DE JANERO Where is the next Olympic Games in 2020? TOKYO Where was Martina Navratilova born? PRAGUE, CHEKOSLOVAKIA REPUBLIC Which race horse is buried next to the finishing post at Aintree? RED RUM (The only horse to win 'The Grand National' three times, in 1973, 1974 & 1977) Where was Mo Farah born? MOGADISHU, SOMALIA (Can members do his trademark gesture the 'Mobot'?) Which two rowing teams always compete against each other in 'The Boat Race' in June each year? OXFORD AND CAMBRIDGE Where does 'The London Marathon' always finish (since 1994)? THE MALL Wembley Stadium is on which London Underground line? JUBILEE OR METROPOLITAN LINE (BOTH SERVE WEMBLEY PARK STATION) What is the name of the mound in Wimbledon where tennis fans can watch matches on Centre Court even if they haven't got a ticket? HENMAN HILL (AFTER TIM HENMAN) Where are 'The Six Nations' rugby matches played (name the stadia)? PRINCIPALITY/MILLENNIUM STADIUM, MURRAYFIELD, TWICKENHAM, AVIVA/LANSDOWNE ROAD, STADE DE FRANCE, STADIO OLIMPICO What are the six symbols worn on shirts?


QUOTATIONS Which TV chef's catchphrase was? "Let's be 'aving you!" DELIA SMITH (ASSOCIATED WITH NORWICH CITY F.C.) Which tennis player shouted "You cannot be serious!"? JOHN MCENROE Which heavy weight boxer said "Splash it all over!" HENRY COOPER (BRUT 33 ADVERT) Which American Heavyweight Boxing champion would 'Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee'? MUHAMMED ALI (CASIUS CLAY) (NICKNAME 'THE GREATEST') Which Welsh TV rugby commentator coined the phrase 'Up and under'? EDDIE WARING What was Frank Bruno's catchphrase? "KNOW WHAT I MEAN 'ARRY?" ADVERTS Gary Lineker advertises what savoury product? WALKERS CRISPS (What are members' favourite crisp flavours?) Which American who became the oldest World Heavyweight Champion in 1973 went on to market a cooking fryer? GEORGE FOREMAN Tiger Woods was dropped from advertising which product in 2010? GILLETTE David Ginola went on to advertise what after his French football career? L'OREAL HAIR PRODUCTS What brand name does Formula One Grand Prix Champion Motor Racer Louis Hamilton drive under? MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS NICKNAMES Which snooker player had the nickname 'Interesting' placed in his name? STEVE 'INTERESTING' DAVIES Who is Sporty Spice? MEL CHISOLM (SPICE GIRLS) What is Usain Bolt's nickname? LIGHTNING BOLT Which snooker player was nicknamed 'Hurricane'? ALEX HIGGINS What was George Best's nickname? THE BELFAST BOY Which cricketer, who became a prodigious fundraiser, walking the first of twelve charitable walks from Lands End to John O Groats in 1985 (900 miles), was nicknamed Beefy? IAN BOTHAM What is the cyclist Bradley Wiggins' nickname? WIGGO Who's 'Hand Of God' played a part in winning the FIFA World Cup quarter final against England in 1986? DIEGO MARADONA (ARGENTINA) TV Who hosted the TV show 'It's A Knockout' with Eddie Waring? STUART HALL Which quiz show, hosted by Gordon Burns, included an assault course? THE KRYPTON FACTOR Who is the current judging panel chair of 'Strictly Come Dancing'? SHIRLEY BALLAS (PREVIOUSLY LEN GOODMAN, WHOSE FAVOURITE SCORE WAS 'SEVEN') Which ice dancing duo hosted the ITV show 'Dancing On Ice'? JANE TORVILL & CHRISTOPHER DEAN (THEY WON GOLD AT THE 1984 SARAJEVO WINTER OLYMPICS DANCING TO 'RAVEL'S BOLERO') Which Paralympian featured on BBC 1's 'Who Do You Think You Are?' JOHNNY PEACOCK (HE ALSO WAS IN STRICTLY COME DANCING) Which UK diver hosted the ITV series 'Splash' recently, where celebrities learn to dive off the top board (he married film director Dustin Lance Black last year)? TOM DALEY Which TV series saw several celebrities injured when learning how to undertake winter sports (Davina McCall hosted it)? THE JUMP ACCOMPLISHMENTS Who was the first person to run the 4 minute mile? ROGER BANNISTER IN 1954 Who is the fastest runner ever in the world? His 2009 record is unbeaten. USAIN BOLT 100M in 9.58 SECONDS, 2009 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS IN BERLIN Ellen McArthur - Became a Dame for what?

SERVICES TO YACHTING (FIRST FEMALE SOLO ROUND THE WORLD IN 2005) & HER CANCER CHARITY Who captained the England team that won the World Cup in 1966? BOBBY MOORE Which British athlete won gold in the Heptathlon in the 2012 London Olympics? JESSICA ENNIS-HILL What are the seven events in the Heptathlon? - 100 metres hurdles - High jump - Shot put - 200 metres - Long jump - Javelin throw - 800 metres In 2000 which British rower became the first person to win gold in five consecutive Olympics? STEVE REDGRAVE Which comedian swam the length of the Thames (140 miles) in 2011 to raise money for Sport Relief? DAVID WALLIAMS Who retired from Welsh Rugby Union last year at just age 29. He captained the Welsh squad more than any other person and had 74 caps? SAM WARBURTON Who is the most successful Olympian ever, winning 22 medals (including 18 gold) over 3 games? (He was a swimmer.) MICHAEL PHELPS Which Welsh athlete had a run of 44 races undefeated between 1993 and 1995 in sprint and hurdling (he now is a commentator for BBC Sport)? COLIN JACKSON CRIMES AND MISDEMEANOURS Which American football player was sent to prison for 33 years in 2008? OJ SIMPSON Which Paralympian murdered his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp on Valentine's Day 2013? OSCAR PISTORIUS (NICKNAMED 'THE BLADERUNNER') Which former champion jockey went to prison for 3 years in 1987 for tax evasion? LESTER PIGGOTT In the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, who tripped up Mary Decker in the 3000m final? ZOLA BUDD HUMOUROUS Linford Christie - Was cheekily known in the media for what? HIS 'LUNCHBOX' On a golf course, where is the 19th hole? THE BAR/CLUBHOUSE Which item of clothing did England manager Gareth Southgate bring back into fashion in the 2018 FIFA World Cup? WAISTCOAT (He wore one for every match.) MISCELLANEOUS Former England rugby player Mike Tindall married which member of the Royal Family in 2011? ZARA PHILLIPS Who is Zara's mother and what was her sport? PRINCESS ANNE, EQUESTRIAN EVENTING David Beckham played for which UK club between 1993 and 2003? MANCHESTER UNITED

Who is he married to?

POSH SPICE (VICTORIA BECKHAM) Andy Murray - What is Andy's mother's name? - JUDY (SHE APPEARED ON 'STRICTLY COME DANCING') 'Pitch and Putt' and 'Crazy' are forms of which sport? GOLF What is the name of the projectile in the sport Badminton? SHUTTLECOCK What is the name of the football table top children's game? SUBBUTEO What were painted gold in celebration of medal winners around the country? LETTER BOXES What condition does Duncan Goodhew have (he was a major inspiration for the comedian Matt Lucas)? ALOPECIA What three movements are required for an athlete to successfully complete a triple jump? HOP STEP AND JUMP What sport does Prince William regularly play? POLO

MUSIC ROUND Spotify Playlist link here - Everybody Wants To Run The World - Tears For Fears This song got people doing sponsored runs to raise money for what? SPORT RELIEF

Have any members run a marathon or half marathon or completed a sponsored walk to raise funds for charity? If so, which charity do they support? Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor The 'Rocky' films starred which actor? SYLVESTER STALLONE

What was Rocky's surname?


You'll Never Walk Alone - Gerry And The Pacemakers Which football team is this song associated with? LIVERPOOL

Which other hit did they have about crossing a river?

FERRY 'CROSS THE MERSEY Swing Low - Russell Watson Which Rugby Union team is this song associated with? ENGLAND

How many points do you get for a Try and a Conversion?


Where is the Rugby World Cup being held later this year?

JAPAN Match Of The Day - TV Theme Name any of the presenters from the 70s 80s and 90s? DAVID COLEMAN, JIMMY HILL, DES LYNAM & GARY LINEKER Pot Black - TV Theme What sport is this tune associated with? SNOOKER (DISCUSS THE FACT THAT THIS SHOW WAS BROADCAST FOR YEARS IN BLACK AND WHITE)

How many points are the balls worth?

BLACK - 7, PINK - 6, BLUE - 5, GREEN - 4, BROWN - 3, YELLOW - 2, RED - 1 Sportsnight - TV Theme Which presenter of this show also presented 'Nationwide' for a time? FRANK BOUGH Grandstand - TV Theme This show included all the football results in a section called what? FINAL SCORE

Did any members used to play 'The Pools'? Soul Limbo - Cricket TV Theme Which two teams always compete for 'The Ashes'? ENGLAND AND AUSTRALIA

What are 'The Ashes'?

(REMAINS OF A CRICKET BALL) The Chain - Formula One Theme Which group recorded this song and on which album did it appear? FLEETWOOD MAC - RUMOURS Has anyone got this album in their vinyl collection? Pop Looks Bach - Ski Sunday Theme What is the zigzag race downhill through flags called in winter sports? SLALOM Wimbledon Championship - TV Theme Which presenter was a former jockey? CLARE BALDING Horse Of The Year Show - TV Theme Which discipline sees horses perform a series of predetermined movements and sequences? DRESSAGE A Question Of Sport - TV Theme Who has overseen this show for 20 years as Chair? SUE BARKER Blue Is The Colour - 1972 Which football club is this song associated with? CHELSEA FC Three Lions - Skinner & Baddiel with The Lightning Seeds What year was football coming home according to this song? 1996 (It marked England hosting the European Championships that year.) We Are The Champions - Queen Associated with many great sporting events and achievements, this song is included for a singalong.

You could also re-ask members who their sporting hero or team is?

The Best - Tina Turner

Remembering which sporting achievements members declared earlier in the session, go around the room and ask members to re-state their best sports related achievement? Cwm Rhonnda - Katherine Jenkins Again, get members to singalong with the 'Bread Of Heaven's chorus. Land Of My Fathers - Rhos Male Voice Choir Have members stand for the national anthem Or God Save The Queen if they would prefer...

ACTIVITIES We next had a guided exercise session, with arm and leg movements and stretches mostly performed whilst sitting. For members able to, we also included some standing poses.

We undertook the exercises in time with the 'Jive Bunny' tracks, which are also included in the Spotify Playlist.

Afterwards, we used a 'Parachute' with everyone holding an edge and trying to keep a ball in the air for as long as possible without falling through the middle.

Both of these activities are aimed to promote health and well-being, but perhaps more importantly are about fun and enjoyment and people feeling engaged and included.

For members with language and communication difficulties, having a facilitator undertake the movements for them to follow works well.

There are quite a few 'Chair Aerobics' guided videos on YouTube. Here's a link to one which looks quite useful.

An example of a 'Parachute' can be found here on Amazon. This is not an advert or promotion. there are other examples available elsewhere.

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