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This week's CST activities were based on the theme of 'Games And Game Shows'. Many members will have enjoyed playing some of the games mentioned in this activities page. Some will have enjoyed watching TV Game Shows. Promote recall and reminiscence with these prompts. Have some games on stand by to look at and try out. Print off the images linked below for the tables to help discussion along and aid visual recognition. Use the music playlist to help enliven the session. Perhaps link to You Tube clips to delve a bit deeper into the theme. As usual, the session aims to provide multi-sensory resources to stimulate cognitive function, but most importantly enable socialisation and enjoyment. Use as few or as many of the suggestions as necessary, but allow time and space for story telling and going off at tangents. Please share feedback at to whether this CST activities page is useful, what has worked best, what could be added and so forth. Best regards, Simon Photos Link

NEWS ROUND UP Prince Harry and Megan Markle welcomed their new son, Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor. He weighed 7 lbs 3 oz - the mothers in the room commented on giving birth to a baby this size. Archie is 7th in line to the throne, after ... - Charles - William - George - Charlotte - Louis - Harry. Sir David Attenborough celebrated his 93rd birthday. We remembered some of his best natural history programmes, including ... - Life On Earth - Blue Planet - Planet Earth. We read out and discussed this quote from him ... "The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?" A young David Attenborough as Controller of BBC2 in the mid-60s was determined to beat the Germans in the race to fully launch colour television, so he ambitiously promised a colour service starting with ... We asked members to guess the first ever programme broadcast in colour and on which date - WIMBLEDON ON 1ST JULY 1967. In other news this week ... A missing piece of Stonehenge had been returned from Florida 60 years after it went missing during an archaeological excavation. English Heritage explained that the ancient stone 'core' was taken from one of Stonehenge's huge sarsen stones in 1958. The Flying Scotsman embarked on a tour of the UK. We asked if anyone had travelled as a passenger on a steam train and noted the differences in the journey. The unique sounds and smells of a steam engine and the thrill of riding in old fashioned carriages. GAMES IDIOMS We asked members to complete these well know phrases, associated with game playing ... Fun and - GAMES The game is - UP Two can play at that - GAME The ball is in your - COURT Par for the - COURSE Out of your - LEAGUE Three strikes and you're - OUT Hit a home - RUN Knock it out of the - PARK Win something hands - DOWN One armed - BANDIT Poker - FACE Play your cards - RIGHT Winner takes - ALL Strike it - LUCKY Luck of the - DRAW Hop, skip and a - JUMP Sore - LOSER Finders keepers, losers - WEEPERS CHILDREN'S GAMES We asked members if they could remember each of the following games and tell us, or show us, how each of them was played ... HOPSCOTCH CATS CRADLE SKIPPING POGO STICK MARBLES JACKS CATCH CONKERS HIDE AND SEEK I SPY RAT TAT GINGER HULA HOOP LEAP FROG THREE LEGGED RACE EGG AND SPOON RACE SACK RACE WHEELBARROW RACE ONE POTATO SCISSORS, PAPER, STONE

QUIZ Next, we completed the following quiz questions about board games and TV games shows ... BOARD GAMES Noughts and crosses What is this game called in the USA? TIC TAC TOE Snakes and Ladders Which do you go up and slide down? UP LADDERS, DOWN SNAKES What is the largest snake in the world? PYTHON - CAN GROW UP TO 25FT What is the most dangerous snake in the UK? ADDER - BUT THEY ARE GENERALLY SHY AND NON AGGRESSIVE Anyone afraid of snakes? Dominoes What fast food does the food outlet Domino's specialise in? PIZZA Anyone have a favourite topping? Some pizzas - MARGARITA, HAWAIIAN, PEPPERONI, MARINARA, VEGETABLE FEAST Enjoyed by nearly two thirds of Brits (65%), mushrooms came out on top as the most favoured pizza topping ingredient in a recent survey, with onion (62%), ham (61%), peppers (60%), chicken (56%) and pepperoni (56%) close behind. Draughts What do Americans call this game? CHECKERS How many squares are on a board? 64 Battleships What are the ships? AIRCRAFT CARRIER (5 SQUARES), BATTLESHIP (4 SQUARES), CRUISER (3 SQUARES), SUBMARINE (3 SQUARES) & DESTROYER (2 SQUARES) Jigsaw Puzzle What is the biggest Jigsaw you can buy? DISNEY MAKES THE BIGGEST COMMERCIALLY AVAILABLE JIGSAW WITH 40,320 PIECES. WHEN COMPLETED IT IS 22FT LONG 6FT WIDE Etch A Sketch How do you wipe your drawing off the board? TURN UPSIDE DOWN AND SHAKE Spirograph First launched in the UK in which year? 1965 Play Dough What does Hasbro describe it's signature fragrance as? SWEET MUSKY VANILLA, OVERTONES OF CHERRY & THE NATURAL SMELL OF A WHEAT SALT DOUGH Cluedo Name the characters? MISS SCARLET, REVEREND GREEN, COLONEL MUSTARD, MRS WHITE, PROFESSOR PLUM & MRS PEACOCK And the weapons? DAGGER, LEAD PIPE, SPANNER, CANDLESTICK, REVOLVER & ROPE Monopoly Name the different (current) player pieces? BATTLESHIP, CAT, PENGUIN, RACING CAR, RUBBER DUCKY, SCOTTIE DOG, TOP HAT & T REX (Previously 'retired' pieces were - Boot, Cannon, Horse and rider, Iron, Lantern, Purse, Rocking horse, Sack of money, Thimble & Wheelbarrow) How much do you get for passing go? £200 Ludo What are the 4 colours? RED, GREEN, BLUE & YELLOW Kerplunk What was the aim of this game? TO HAVE THE FEWEST MARBLES DROP Mousetrap What happens at the very end of a game of Mouse Trap? THE MAN DIVES IN AND THE MOUSETRAP COMES DOWN Trivial Pursuit What were the colour segments of each category? ART & LITERATURE - BROWN ENTERTAINMENT - PINK GEOGRAPHY - BLUE HISTORY - YELLOW NATURE - GREEN SPORT & LEISURE - ORANGE Scrabble How many letter tiles does each player have on their rack? 7 What letters are the highest scoring? Q & Z BOTH WORTH 10 POINTS Mastermind How many guesses do you have to break the colour code? 12 Twister Where would you play this game? ON THE FLOOR What is the biggest manufacturer of Train Sets in the UK? HORNBY TV GAME SHOWS Crackerjack! What evening was it shown? FRIDAY NIGHT (From 1964 - 1984) Who was the first Friday night presenter? LESLEY CROWTHER (PLAY MUSIC) Blockbusters Who presented this show? Clue: "I'll have a P please Bob." BOB HOLNESS Which 'Wheel Of Fortune' host went on to present 'Long Lost Family'? NICKY CAMPBELL Who hosts 'The Chase'? BRADLEY WALSH Name the Chasers? ANNE HEGARTY AKA THE GOVERNESS MARK LABBETT AKA THE BEAST SHAUN WALLACE AKA THE DARK DESTROYER PAUL SINHA AKA THE SINNERMAN JENNY RYAN AKA THE VIXEN

(PLAY MUSIC) Treasure Hunt Who presented this show? KENNETH KENDALL - Used to be a NEWSREADER ANEKA RICE - Famous for wearing a JUMPSUIT Famous catchphrase "STOP THE CLOCK" Mode of transport - HELICOPTER The Crystal Maze Who hosted this show? RICHARD O'BRIEN Richard O'Brien wrote which horror musical? THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW Krypton Factor Who was this quiz show presented by? GORDON BURNS Which superhero was weakened by Kryptonite? SUPERMAN

(PLAY MUSIC) Who Wants To Be A Millionaire What were the bonus plays? PHONE A FRIEND, 50/50, ASK THE AUDIENCE Who was the original presenter? CHRIS TARRANT Which 2009 Indian located film was associated with this quiz show? SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE The Price Is Right Who was the original presenter? LESLEY CROWTHER What was the catchphrase associated with this show? "COME ON DOWN" The Generation Game Who originally presented this show? BRUCE FORSYTH WITH ANTHEA REDFERN The catchphrases included ... "GOOD GAME GOOD GAME" "NICE TO SEE YOU TO SEE YOU NICE" "HAVEN'T THEY DONE WELL" What prize was included every week on the conveyor belt? CUDDLY TOY

(PLAY MUSIC) Who was the original host of 'University Challenge'? BAMBER GASGOINE Each team used to have a what? MASCOT

(PLAY MUSIC) Blankety Blank Who was the quiz show originally presented by? TERRY WOGAN What did people win? BLANKETY BLANK CHEQUE BOOK AND PEN

(PLAY MUSIC) Countdown Who was this show originally presented by? RICHARD WHITELY Who was the resident mathematician? CAROL VORDERMAN What is NUTROAST an anagram of (to do with space)? ASTRONAUT The Weakest Link Who was the host? ANNE ROBINSON What was her catchphrase? YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK, GOODBYE

(PLAY MUSIC) Mastermind Who was the host of this quiz show? MAGNUS MAGNERSON What was his catchphrase? "I'VE STARTED, SO I'LL FINISH" 3,2,1 Who was this show hosted by? TED ROGERS What was the resident mascot? DUSTY BIN Can anyone do the 3,2,1 hand signal? Pointless Who are the resident hosts for this show? ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG & RICHARD OSMAN What is Alexander Armstrong's catchphrase? "IT'S BEEN GREAT HAVING YOU ON THE SHOW"

(PLAY MUSIC) Bullseye Who was the presenter? JIM BOWEN His catchphrase was? "LOOK AT WHAT YOU COULD HAVE WON" Which TV quiz show is based on an arcade coin drop game? TIPPING POINT Who hosts this show? BEN SHEPPARD

(PLAY MUSIC) Catchphrase Who was the original host of this TV animation based quiz show? ROY WALKER What was his catchphrase? "SAY WHAT YOU SEE"

MUSIC ROUND Spotify Playlist link here Name Of The Game - ABBA Go around the room and ask members to state their favourite game? Games Without Frontiers - Peter Gabriel The French lyric in this song (sung by none other than Kate Bush) "Jeux Sans Frontier" is associated with which UK game show where members of the public competed in the most ridiculous costumes? IT'S A KNOCKOUT (Presented by - STUART HALL & EDDIE WARING) Record Breakers - TV Theme Who presented this show? ROY CASTLE Who were the adjudicators? NORRIS & ROSS MCWHIRTER What book was associated with the show? GUINNESS BOOK OF RECORDS Rubix Cube Did anyone have one, or solve one? What is the record for solving it? 4.69 SECONDS (15 year old Patrick Ponce in September 2017) The Winner Takes It All - ABBA What was the biggest prize ever won on the UK National Lottery? £161.6 MILLION Christine and Colin Weir of Largs, Ayrshire, won the biggest prize in UK history when they landed the EuroMillions jackpot following a run of 14 rollovers in the summer of 2011. Money Money Money Go around the room and ask, what would members spend a lottery win on? Ace Of Spades - Motorhead How many cards are there in a deck of cards? 52 Name the suits? SPADES, CLUBS, DIAMONDS, HEARTS Solitaire - The Carpenters Name some card games? PATIENCE, GIN RUMMY, POKER, SNAP, PAIRS, WIST, PONTOON, BRIDGE The Gambler - Kenny Rogers What is the games master in a casino called? LES CROUPIERS Name some casino games? ONE ARMED BANDIT, POKER, ROULETTE, BLACK JACK Ask members if anyone has been to Las Vegas, the most popular casino resort destination? I Know Him So Well - Elaine Paige & Barbara Dickson What musical does this song come from? CHESS Name the pieces in a game of chess? PAWN, ROOK, KNIGHT, BISHOP, CASTLE, QUEEN & KING What is the final move? CHECK MATE Blind Date - TV Theme Who hosted this show? MISS CILLA BLACK What were her catchphrases? "HERE'S OUR GRAHAM WITH A QUICK REMINDER" "WE'VE HAD A LORRA LAFFS" Pinball Wizard - The Who Who is the lead singer with The Who? ROGER DALTRY Name some other arcade or funfair games? COCONUT SHY, HORSE RACE, SHOOT DUCKS, PAC MAN, SPACE INVADERS I Should Be So Lucky - Kylie Minogue Which soap did Kylie first appear in? NEIGHBOURS (CHARLENE) Where was it set? RAMSEY STREET, MELBOURNE Who did she marry? SCOTT, PLAYED BY JASON DONOVAN Everyone's A Winner - Hot Chocolate Ask members to say what are the best prizes they have won in life. It might be a win at a competition or in a lottery, or it could be something that they were gifted or blessed with. Celebrate everyone's contribution with this song. Perhaps ask members to give themselves a round of applause.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire - Frank Sinatra

Bonus song for a singalong.

ACTIVITIES Have a range of the above games on standby for members to have a go at playing. Or play a game of Skittles. Have prizes on hand for a Strike. Or play a game of Bingo. Have prizes on hand for a Line and a House. Diane Saralis, a subscriber to this website, has suggested this link to a great Bingo resource.

As Diane says, "Bingo cannot be thrown out with the bathwater!" It has a therapeutic value, especially for those who have enjoyed playing it throughout life. And for people new to it, it can be a fun way to promote short term memory and numerical recognition.

This resource is kindly shared with permission of Golden Carers

Click on the below link to be taken to a document which outlines the benefits of Bingo playing, the rules for the game and traditional bingo sayings.


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