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Food Glorious Food This week's Cognitive Stimulation Therapy session was themed around the pleasure we all get from food, eating out and watching our favourite TV cookery programmes. We started by letting members know that it was 'National Biscuit Day' on Tuesday 29th May. We asked people what their favourite biscuit was and checked it against this 'Top 20 UK Biscuits' list from 'The Metro'. For the one Canadian lady in our group we reminded that in many places across the world biscuits are known as 'Cookies'. 1. Chocolate Digestive 2. Chocolate Hobnob 3. Jammie Dodger 4. Custard Crème 5. Shortbread 6. Bourbon 7. Jaffa Cake 8. Ginger Nut 9. Digestive 10. Wagon Wheel 11. Kit Kat 12. Caramel Wafer 13. Double chocolate chip cookie 14. Rich Tea 15. Fig Roll 16. Milk chocolate chip cookie 17. Malted Milk 18. Chocolate Finger 19. Hob Nob 20. Chunky Cookie Favourites missing from this list included: - Oreo - Penguin - Club - Fruit shortbread - Garabaldi To bring this discussion to life we passed around different biscuits for people to dunk in their teas and coffees. Read more: Next, we moved on to the story last week about a 50 year old empty packet of 'Golden Wonder Crisps' washing up on Great Yarmouth beach. The bag cost 5d (5 old pence). We remembered old food brands that were no longer available (this list has not been checked!). - Mother's Pride - Vesta Curry - Nimble bread - Angel Delight - Butterscotch, Strawberry, Chocolate (we thought this was still available?) - SPAM (spiced preserved American meats) - Opal Fruits (now called Starburst) - Mojos - Spangles - Curly Wurly - Marathon (now called Snickers) Can anyone think of any more to add? We then tried to guess the Top 10 Favourite dishes in UK. (This was a 'She Knows' list.) 1. Fish and chips 2. Pizza 3. Chinese stir fry 4. Chicken tikka massala 5. Spaghetti bolognese 6. Thai green curry 7. Roast dinner 8. Bangers and mash 9. Sweet and sour chicken 10. Shepherd's pie We thought about missing dishes that we were surprised not to find on the list: - Steak and chips - Full English breakfast - Steak and kidney pie - Lasagne - Toad in the hole - Cullen skink (Scottish haddock soup) Also some puddings: - Bread and butter pudding - Apple crumble - Trifle At this point we went around the room and asked members what their favourite dishes were. If they were given a token for a free meal at a restaurant of their choice and any meal they liked, what would they have and where would they go? Next, we moved on to think about regional foods commonly found in the UK. We listed these as follows: Savoury - Cornish pasty - Melton Mowbray pork pie - Cheddar cheese - Caerphilly cheese - Wensleydale cheese - Haggis (served with neeps and tatties/swede and potatoes) - Welsh faggots - Welsh rarebit - Laver bread - Yorkshire pudding - Lincolnshire sausage - Cumberland sausage - Glamorgan sausage - Lancashire hotpot - Scotch egg - Stargazy pie (Cornish pie with mackerel heads sticking out of it!) Sweet - Devon/Cornish cream tea - Eccles cake - Bakewell tart - Sally Lynne bun (specific to Bath) - Kendall Mint Cake - Bakewell Tart - Welsh cakes - Pontefract Cake - English crumpet We couldn't let the discussion continue any further without mentioning our food dislikes. Members were quite vociferous about these! - Brawn - Tripe - Jellied Eel - Black pudding - Liver Next, we had a 'CELEBRITY CHEF' PICTURE QUIZ. Click on the image above to download the Powerpoint. Name the judges from the original 'Great British Bake Off' Mary .... BERRY Paul ..... HOLLYWOOD What about 'Master Chef'? John ... TERRODE Greg .... WALLACE Who presented 'Saturday Morning Kitchen' until recently? James .... MARTIN Who is the resident chef on ITV's 'This Morning'? Gino ... DECAMPO Phil Vickery, the celebrity chef is married to whom? Fern .... BRITTON Who was the black afro carribean chef who was one of the main presenters of the afternoon show 'Ready Steady Cook'? Ainsley ... HARRIOT Who is Nigella Lawson's politician father? Nigel ... LAWSON Chancellor Of The Exchequer in the Thatcher government What year (nearest guess) was Fanny Cradock first on TV with her Johnny? 1955 What was the proper name of 'The Galloping Gourmet'? Graham ... KERR What was the celebrity chef Keith Floyd's car? A red and white 2 CV (Which James Martin now owns) Rick Stein's 'Taste Of The Sea' was famous for promoting which Cornish port? PADSTOW Clement Freud's blood hound dog was called what? HUMPHRY Who were the 'Two Fat Ladies'? CLARISSA DICKSON WRIGHT AND JENNIFER PATTERSON Who are 'The Hairy Bikers'? DAVE MYERS AND SI KING Which Chinese chef 'Ken' had a 'Chinese Cookery Show' in the 1980s? Ken ... HOM What about the Indian chef 'Madhur' who had an 'Indian Cookery Show' in the 1980s? Madhur ... JAFFREY Who was known as 'The Naked Chef'? Jamie ... OLIVER Who had a hit TV series called 'Hells Kitchen'? (He swore rather a lot!) Gordon ... RAMSEY What would Raymond Blanc's surname be if he were English? WHITE Delia Smith is associated with which UK football club? NORWICH CITY Fred Sirieix is the French Maitre'd of which restaurant near St Paul's in London? 'FIRST DATES RESTAURANT' OTHER QUIZ QUESTIONS: Complete the following phrases... One potato, two potatoes ... THREE POTATOES, FOUR Four and twenty blackbirds ... BAKED IN A PIE Sing a song of sixpence ... A POCKET FULL OF RYE Pat a cake, pat a cake ... BAKER'S MAN Who stole the tarts ... THE KNAVE OF HEARTS Too many cooks ... SPOIL THE BROTH It tastes as ... GOOD AS IT LOOKS An apple a day ... KEEPS THE DOCTOR AWAY She's got a face that could ... TURN MILK SOUR For mash get ... SMASH Go to work on ... AN EGG Daddy or ... CHIPS I can't believe it's not ... BUTTER Just like mama used to make ... DOLMIO Chick chick chick chicken ... LAY A LITTLE EGG FOR ME Hot cross buns, hot cross buns ... ONE A PENNY TWO A PENNY Oh Simon Is A Funny One... HE'S GOT A FACE LIKE A PICKLED ONION, GOT A NOSE LIKE A SQUASHED TOMATO, AND FEET LIKE FLAT FISH Next we guessed at where there INTERNATIONAL DISHES came from... Paella - SPAIN Chilli Con Carne - MEXICO Pizza - ITALY Hamburger and fries - AMERICA Frankfurter - GERMANY Coq au vin - FRANCE Peking duck - CHINA Chicken tikka massala - ENGLAND Cawl - WALES Haggis - SCOTLAND (Irish) Stew - IRELAND Sauerkraut - POLAND Sushi - JAPAN Moussaka - GREECE Barbeque - AUSTRALIA Waffles - BELGIUM Fondue - SWITZERLAND Tagine - TURKEY Tandoori - INDIA


Spotify Playlist:

American Pie - Don McLean What is this song about? It refers to the plane crash in 1959 which killed Buddy Holly, The Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens Baker Street - Gerry Rafferty What number Baker Street did Sherlock Holmes live? 221b BAKER STREET Blueberry Hill - Fats Domino Listen carefully, What played 'loves sweet melody'? THE WIND IN THE WILLOW TREES Brown Sugar - The Doing Stones What is the proper name for Brown Sugar? DEMERARA The Candy Man - Sammy Davies Junior Which BBC Radio 2 show opens with this song? CHRIS EVANS BREAKFAST SHOW Food glorious food - Oliver What musical did this song come from? OLIVER What did Oliver ask for more of? PORRIDGE OR GRUEL How D'Ya Like Your Eggs In The Morning. - Helen O'Connell and Dean Martin Ask members to think of different ways of cooking eggs? BOILED (WITH SOLDIERS), POACHED, FRIED (SUNNY SIDE UP OR OVER-EASY), SCRAMBLED, OMLETTE If I Knew You Were Coming I'd Have Baked A Cake - Eileen Barton Go around the room and ask people what their favourite cake is? Life Is A Minestrone - 10cc Name the top 10 soups in the UK? In a 2011 survey, YouGov found which soup to be the most popular flavour in the UK? TOMATO SOUP 37%, FOLLOWED BY POTATO AND LEEK 17%, CHICKEN SOUP 16% AND CARROT AND CORIANDER 13% MacArthur Park - Donna Summer Who originally had a hit with this song in 1968? RICHARD HARRIS Mouldy Old Dough - Lieutenant Kitchen What makes dough rise? YEAST My Boy Lollipop - Millie Small Who previously sang 'On The Good Ship Lollipop'? SHIRLEY TEMPLE My Favourite Things - Julie Andrews Listen carefully, what food items are named in the song? CRISP APPLE STUDELS & SCHNIZEL (VEAL) WITH NOODLES A Nice Cup Of Tea - Gracie Fields Ask members to think of as many types of tea as they can? ASSAM, CEYLON, EARLY GREY, MINT, GREEN, CHAMOMILE, BUILDERS The Onion Song - Marvin Gaye Putting a teaspoon in your mouth to stop yourself from crying when chopping an onion is known as? AN OLD WIVES TALE Can you think of any others? FEED A COLD, STARVE A FEVER; HAIR OF THE DOG CURES A HANGOVER; CARROTS IMPROVE YOUR VISION; DONT SWIM UNTIL HALF AN HOUR AFTER EATING Pure Imagination - Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory Who is singing this song? GENE WILDER Ask members what their favourite chocolate bar is? Right Said Fred - Bernard Cribbins A 1980s group named themselves after this song. Who was their lead singer? RICHARD FAIRBRASS (Their big hit was, 'I'm Too Sexy ...') SPAM Song - Monty Python Sings Name the Monty Python films? AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (1971), THE HOLY GRAIL (1975), LIFE OF BRIAN (1979), THE MEANING OF LIFE (1983) Sugar And Spice - The Searchers If little girls are made of "sugar and spice and all things nice", what are little boys made of? FROGS (OR SNIPS) AND SNAILS AND PUPPY DOGS TAILS Sugar Baby Love - The Rubbettes Just for fun ask members to sing along with the falsetto at the start of this song. Then ask them to name something they would take sugar with? A CUP OF TEA OR COFFEE, A BOWL OF CEREAL, OVER STRAWBERRIES ETC Sweets For My Sweet - The Searchers Ask members to name their favourite sweet or desert?

ACTIVITIES For the final part of our CST session, members decorated ready made cup cakes with different icings and toppings and we judged whose was the most colourful/best effort. We also made and baked Chocolate Chip Cookies.

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