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Simon's CST activities blog

"What an absolute treasure trove of ideas and materials for stimulating and enjoyable activities." (Facilitator) "My long-term memory is quite good and using it makes me feel great." (Member)

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (CST) is a non-pharmacological approach for people with mild to moderate dementia recommended by 'The National Institute For Clinical Excellence' (NICE, Dementia Guideline NG97) to promote and maintain cognition, well-being and independence, in addition to reducing social isolation. Usually, a short programme of fourteen CST sessions is offered, following the 'Making A Difference' programme (see 'Resources' page). However, many settings are now offering ongoing 'Maintenance CST' sessions and this blog aims to support and inform those activities.  


Simon's Dementia Cognitive Stimulation Therapy Activities Blog provides a free and open access library of themed activities resources to support maintenance CST approaches for people with mild to moderate dementia (and other forms of cognitive impairment). Over 250 'off the shelf' CST activities pages are available (see 'Contents' page), providing individuals & care partners and activities planners & group facilitators with a library of tried and tested materials to use in CST practice. 

Some key principles:

- Supports Fun & Friendship

- Age Appropriate
- Reminiscence Based Materials
- Focus On Music & Visual Media
- Themed Activities Pages To Aid Orientation

- Share Best Practice

- Free & Open Access 

The overall aim of Simon's CST Activities Blog is to enhance quality of life through extending CST approaches, via an on-line resource library that anyone can use (preferably after some training) to provide individuals and groups with enjoyable and uplifting activities, either via individual CST work, face to face groups or virtual sessions.


All of the materials provided here have been tried and tested in practice within a young onset service and refined after feedback over several years. Thus our creative effort is being shared with interested others to support and facilitate the wider implementation of CST approaches.

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